Nigerian man narrates how being connected saved him from SARS officers

A Nigerian man on twitter has taken to the platform to narrate on how he escaped being harassed by SARS operatives after they found out he could be highly connected.

Nigerian man narrates how being connected saved him from SARS officers lailasnews 2

In his narration, he explained that he was flagged down by the officers while driving in an UBER and they began to interrogate him about his source of  livelihood, unknown to them the UBER driver was an Army officer.

Read his full narration below:

This unplated Toyota Corolla car just drove off now, it’s filled with at least 4 #SARS operatives who stopped me in an Uber on my way from Lagos island just before Boni Camp. They flagged down the Uber, I didn’t even notice until he parked cause I was on my phone.

One of them asked me to identify myself, I did and presented my National Driver’s license. He then asked for what I do, told him in a Software Engineer. He then asks that I present an ID to verify that I’m a Software Engineer.

At this point I’m like I’m coming from the market on a Saturday, why do you think I’ll have my company ID card on me? I then ask if I’m being suspected of a crime, and that if that’s true I should’ve been called to the station to provide this sort of identification.

You won’t expect me to validate my entire work history on the streets of Lagos. The Uber driver then engages them, unknown to them he’s an off duty Army officer doing Uber part-time. He reveals that and starts to call the base at Boni Camp…

because apparently they’ve heard of these guys before and have been looking for them. At the same time I got on the phone with one of my highly placed friends in government because I had told them I wasn’t going anywhere with them.

After she introduced herself the guy mounted a false defence saying after they stopped me I agitated them by shouting at them questioning their stop. Immediately he got off the phone he beckons the other guy to leave being scared of the sort of people I might know.

Remember my Uber driver is an Army officer, at this point he’s super pissed and is trying to detain them while calling the military base at Boni Camp for people to come out. They hurriedly got into their car and zoomed off.

What becomes of the average Nigerian hustler youth who has no connections and whose Uber driver isn’t an Army officer? He’d probably have been taken to black site to be beaten up and extorted. #EndSARS #EndSARSNow!!!


  1. SARS fleece & Rob the common man on the road that they should be protecting…. While the government that should mitigate against such & protect the common man is busy looting & killing the whole economy on a grand scale

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