Nigerian man murdered for suspending wedding over fiancé’s infidelity

Olisemeka Egom, a Malaysian based Nigerian man who discovered that his fiancé was carrying a 3-month-old questionable pregnancy, was reportedly shot dead over the weekend for suspending wedding.

Nigerian man murdered for suspending wedding over fiancé’s infidelity lailasnews

The Nigerian man who was shot dead at his family house at Akugbe Street, Off Okunseri Street, Off Dumez road, Sapele road in the presence of his father, fiancé and their 3-year old boy, reportedly returned home to marry the girl who had a baby boy for him and has been leaving with his parents since he traveled out last year.

Father of the deceased who accused his son’s fiance of killing him for suspending wedding plans they made, alleged that Olisemeka had opened a well-stocked baby things shop for the lady.

“My son and the girlfriend Judith have not been quarreling before, but when my son arrived last August he accused the girl of carrying another man’s pregnancy. The girl agreed but said my son was responsible. .

My son said it is impossible because he has not been around, the last time he visited Nigeria was July 2017. He said he would not go ahead with the wedding. So this was the issue on ground. .

My son opened well-stocked baby things shop for her. He said it was because of his son” he said.

The incident has however been reported to the police, and the family of the deceased have been advised to come forth with information.

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  1. He made a choice when he discover that there we be a feature problem is not a bad thing.why most he be murder?

  2. I take no part in this story because I didn’t hear from the victim, it’s possible he wasn’t killed by the suspects as we assumed.

  3. That’s human being for you, wasting of innocent lives is nothing to them anymore. Now what’s your gain in killing him and Wetin you achieve.

  4. She might not be involved in his death.maybe someone else did wet in I know in peace

  5. Going to the extent of murder, that’s too much. Some people just take people’s lives when they can’t even make a robot

  6. I just hope this is not true! Why would the lady kill the father of her child?all these Malaysian guys and their drama,another life cut short too soon….sad!

  7. This is tragic for a man to be killed because he suspend a wedding. This is not good o and am very sure there’s more to this story.

  8. This is a very bad news who could have done this to this man, they would have allowed him till when she put to bed then they will run a DNA test on the baby. RIP

  9. i dont know if marriage is now by force, especially when one is trying to be careful not to get into a bad marriage

  10. from the whole statement above, i can coclude that the woman is responsible for his death. women can go far to achive their aim

  11. I think there should be more to these matter and not because he suspended wedding plans. Proper investigation should be made and the culprit should be brought to book.

  12. She cannot possibly kill d the man all bcuz he suspected her of cheating, some one else might have.

  13. It was suspended dosent mean it won’t still hold after reconciliation, who ever that killed him.will surely face kama

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