Seems Nigerian man who married wife in 7 days, was dating her before the stunt

Few days ago, there was a viral report of a Nigerian man, Chidimma Obodoechina Amedu, who reportedly married his wife Sophy Ijeoma, 7 days after she indicated interest in a post he made about looking for a wife.

Seems Nigerian man who married wife in 7 days, was dating her before the stunt lailasnews 4

Amedu’s marriage post on 30th December read;

Am of age to and I am ready to say I do and am wasting no time. Send in your applications. The most qualified will be married on January 6,2018. Application closes 12mid night, 31/12/2017. Am serious about this oh and don’t say you did not see it on time. Goodluck.

Sophy Ijeoma then commented ; Am interested, just DM me, lols

Days later, Amedu took to his Facebook wall to share photos of their marraige;

Others thought I was joking when I made the post that I needed to get married to any girl I would meet in few days from that day. Jokingly posted vacancy advert. She jokingly commented saying she was interested and on 6/1/18 I got married by Igbo tradition to my one in town egg.congrts ij-Obodo. UDI gave me and I paid. Hahaahha

However some Facebook users are claiming that the couple had known each and dating for over a year, before marriage. According to some, the stunt was pulled for attention.

Here’s what Obiageli Agbodike wrote about the Nigerian man and his wife;

Do you know the six days marriage thing that has been trending lately is a scam and lies from the pit of hell?

Well, here are the pics they took on the 3rd December probably on a date, remember they said they have never met before.

Though they met on Facebook but they have been dating for more than a year now.

This is for those that might have dumped their boo because of this cheap lies.

Seems Nigerian man who married wife in 7 days, was dating her before the stunt lailasnews 1

Seems Nigerian man who married wife in 7 days, was dating her before the stunt lailasnews 2

Seems Nigerian man who married wife in 7 days, was dating her before the stunt lailasnews 3




  1. Blood of Moses! so that was a scam, that man na real bomb dey him head. I trust Nigerians to always go for facts finding.

  2. Lol lailas una fit see person destiny sef which one be remember they said they’ve never met? Omo see gossip o abeg i just wan mind my business dis year o,,,

  3. Publicity stunt.
    Everywhere………..but she did not start bleaching after d date so he cannot claim to not recognize her.
    Everybody doing like Lai Mohammed

  4. Hahhahahahahha nawaooo na guys don dey use the strategy dey chop kpomo from baes !!!naa they will be like don’t u know I can marry u in five days not knowing the couples lied !is high time they stop deceiving people with fake stories

  5. I can’t believe people will go this low for attention.gosh .dear uncle Satan please come and learn from his your grandchildren.. I can’t believe I was even praying for them .and the lady had the mind to come and support his lies . please what’s the end game of this cooked up cheap lies?

  6. U said it nnam Prince Nwodo Chukwudi my major concern was how they were able to buy the materials and sew that cloth under 7 days and organise such a big event,people do alot of things just for fame.

  7. I knew it ooooo! see for Nigeria person go gree marry in 7days? lie lie, if them no court like medical students term for school, five years and above mehn marriage never start ooooo

    Ooooops I said it!

  8. Gan gan!
    This is why I love bloggers, you can lie to them, they can make u trend but surely they must dig out the truth. And when they do,am sorry for ur ars.

    Laughing in Bangladesh!

  9. Maybe she was a side chicken, he said another woman he was meant to marry that December dissapointed him.

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