Nigerian man who lost his house over rape accusation speaks out

A Nigerian man, Ozeal, who lost his house over a rape accusation by a Twitter user @MissAyom has taken to social media to speak.

MissAyom accused Ozeal of rape when she visited him and he lost his house following the call out tweet.

Nigerian man who lost his house after accused of rape speaks out lailasnews

Ozeal who has reacted to the rape accusation and says it is false wrote;

Few days after Christmas I decided to hang out with friends, so we drove to Kristal lounge. Getting there I saw this girl sitted with her friend. She was looking so good so I sent a waitress to help me call her, she responded and walked down to me. First of all I apologized for not going to her myself she told me her name and I asked her if I could take her home,she was okay with me taking her home but she made mentioned that I had to wait abit so her friend can get someone to go home with her too that she was new around.I agreed to wait and she went back to her friend.

After about 30mins my friend decide that we should leave Kristal lounge to Moscow so I called her back and exchanged numbers, that I was going to call her. I left wit my friends to Moscow getting there it was really dry we stayed there for about 1hr then we drove to sofa lounge walking down the stirs of sofa lounge I sighted this same set of girls already hooked up with 2 men wit big tommy,drinks lined up and they where all dancing. I couldn’t go close but I waved at her, after which we did not even stay for anoda 5mins before we all decided to return after then we kept chatting. I asked her what she does for living she told me she just finished service, she schooled at university of jos bla bla bla. I told her about my small hangout spot if she was interested in working with me and she said yes (I won’t lie that I do not have any intention of giving her a job.I only used that to make my parole easier)she picked up interest and I promised to show her the place whenever she comes around.

And that was all…on the 5th if January that was on a friday I chatted her up at around 4.30 asking if shes going to be free to come out and she replied saying her coming out will require making her hair(in my mind I was thinking what if she wants me to pay for the hair)so jokingly I told her to make her hair that I was going to pay for it. later she called me that she is already making her hair and I told her to keep me posted… Later she called me asking if I don’t mind her friend coming with I have anybody that I can hookup with her friend and I said she would have told me earlier, I would have talked to a friend buh next tym I promise I will hook her friend up.

Then she mentioned that she has sent her account number and that hope i don’t mind sending the money I intend to give before coming buh I told her not to wry that she is going to enjoy her stay. She also made mention that she would like to go clubbing and I told her not to wry anything she wants its fine. she can even change her clothes in my car. After a while she called me that she is at berger…I drove down to berger to pick her getting to berger I saw an old frnd of myn so I picked her up before picking I drove down to lugbe to drop my old friend.

We kept on gusting while we drove down to a sit out at maitama…she ordered for shisha and chapman she sat there for over an 1hr we decide to join my frnds at area 8 emirade garden. Getting there the place wasn’t conducive for us the weather was too cold we decided to leave for vanilla at maitama, We stayed at vanila for a while she had Smirnoff ice while I took nothing cox I don’t do alcohol. While we were there she left for the rest room leaving her purse I took 1k from her purse added it to the bill and wen she got back I told her I took her money and I was going to refund her and she agreed.

So at 1am we all decided to leave for Moscow..went into my car she pulled her clothes in my car changing into her club wear she was almost naked in my car remaining her paint and bra after changing we drove down to Moscow my friends drove in their own car also…we did not stay so long at Moscow at around 2.30pm we were exhausted already and decide to leave, so my friends left us outside the club then we agreed to lodge cox my house was messed we drove to gwarimpa looking for hotel to lodge we went into four different hotels but they were fully booked..finally we got an hotel they told us the price and I remembered that I did not have cash on me the only option was to make transfer. My battery was low I couldnt make transfers so stella agreed to transfer the money to her and I was going to refund her the next morning..

All of a sudden the receptionist said they only do cash no transfers, so I was trying to talk to the lady meanwhile stella had walked back to the car.I went back to the car to met stella asking her to make the transfer… I noticed a fowl play telling me she doesn’t have the application on her phone, I got angry and entered the car.After leaving the club on our way to the hotel I complained of having headache she gave me 500 to get drugs on my way she called me back to ask if I have condom and I said no and she told me to buy from the money which I did. I told her since hotel is not working out lets go to my house tank God I already told you that its scattered. I got into my apartment she went straight into my rest room undressed herself and she was already in my bed…we had 3 rounds of sex with protection we both slept off with out quarrel nor argument. She woke me up at about 7am in the morning that she has to leave she that sometin to do wit her mum at 7.30 and she would soon start calling.I stood up quickly and ran into my car.

then I drove her to berger that was where the whole trouble started..I told her not too worry that i was going to send sometin to her since I already had her accnt number, she refused and replied that a lot of guys have done the same thing to her claiming they will send her money and at the end they won’t send(truely I dd not intend to send her any money I only wanted her to leave and I will just lock up.)buh with the way she was angry about the money.I decided to send 10k to her account immediately I mention let me send 10thousand into ur account she shouted who do you want give 10 thansand naira my money is 50k, that was wen I got angry and I came down from my car I went round to the passenger side and I shouted at her to get down from my car she refused.I tried to pull her by her hand she quick held my shirt by the neck I held her also by the neck, we started struggling,I noticed we were causing a scene I left her and I ran back into my car.She also followed me back into the car and I drove off.

I told her I was going to take her to somewhere all those Hausa people will beat her and collect her phone hoping she was going to get scared. She did not even say a word, I drove to somewhere in gwarimpa. I parked and called one Hausa guy, I was speaking Hausa to the guy hoping she will just give up and go away but she still did not say a word.I left there and drove down to Jabi lake where I workout, I parked and started picking the necessary items I have in my car into the trunk.

After that I wore my canvas trying to workout.I just told her when she gets tired she will go.the next thing I noticed was she sighted someone she knows and she shouted her name. when the girl got closer she just started crying the friend asked what happened then she mentioned he raped me. I was speechless, I shouted wha da fuck is wrong with you!..I quickly dragged her friend to one corner and explain everything to her the friend instantly she blamed me that why didnt I give her the money now and I explained why.the friend walked back to stella and told her to stop playing with the word rape you know how sensitive rape case could be and told her to follow her.

She still refused that she won’t leave until I give her the money, the friend promise thats she was going to give her the money that was how she mange to get down from my car the guys around told me to leave before people start gathering. And that was how we departed that day…..the next morning I woke up to see my pictures on Instagram claiming I raped her,I was confused, I started receiving calls left and right, from family and friends. Later from anonymous numbers people insulting me and accusing me of raping the girl. I got so confused, I drove to the nearest police station and I explained everything to them, they asked if I knew her house and I said no but they gave me their number that anywhere I sight her I should just give them a call. I went back home waiting for someone to come knock at my door..what baffles me most is people testifying that I have done the same thing to them.

Almost 80girls accused me of rape That was Wen I said to myself that this not going to be easy.I was confused although I couldn’t even sleep at my house alone. The next day I was at work the trend kept going, my boss found out and told me to go back home. I went to my Anty and explained everything to her, she was mad at me and advised me not go to work. I tried to even search for this lady on her IG page I noticed she has deleted her account.I remembered she sent her account number to me, then I used the name to search for her on Facebook I was able to access her pictures and I saved few of them.

The next day I noticed she had also changed her name on Facebook, that was when I figuredout nobody knows this girl’s identity. She only did this to tarnish my image and left hers covered. I have her name, pictures and the school she graduated from but I won’t expose her because it wasn’t her fault, it was all mine i brought myself to the world. To cut the story short, I received a call from a lawyer that was on Wednesday regarding this issue. He told me that he would like to have a meeting with me and he promised me that I shouldn’t get scared that nothing was going to happen to me.

I went there with a clear mind.I got there and she wasn’t their yet.I meet with the lawyer and we but sitted and waiting for her she came with another friend and we all sat down. We both narrates our stories and the lawyer figured out money was the problem between us and I was ready to pay her the money she requested fr and she also agreed to collect the money, all of a sudden the frnd she came with just shouted “are u stupid you want to collect money so that he will go back on social media telling the whole world that u collected money from him shey?” that was how she changed her mind on collecting the money and started shouting she wants juctice raising her voice.

When the lawyer notice it wasn’t going well, he told us to leave and come back on Monday by then maybe her mind would have settled. As I was leaving she was shouting and making calls. I tried to get a cab but she won’t allow me shouting thief thief on the street, I tried to walk faster she won’t let me be. I started jugging so I saw one unkept place, cars are parked there. I tot it was a mechanic workshop not knowing it an EFCC surrounding .I crossed over the fence then all of a sudden I was surrounded by police officers I told them that I’m not a thief and I explained what happened to them. They took me to the police station then stella came to met me there, they took us before the DPO and she narrated her story to them and I also did. None of them believed me with the scars on her neck, I wrote my statement and she also did……

There was man that came with her, a connel I do not have his name, he is a friend to stella. He came like a gentle man and started advising me to just admit that I raped her and he will beg her to let it go. I turned and look into his eyes and I told him boldly, I did not do it and I won’t lie against myself. He threatened to slap me people there held him and that was how he took me to the cell. I slept in the cell, the next day I was called out out that stella was already around. It was on a Friday she said she wants the case to be taken to the court, I was given my phone to call anyone. Immediately I called home, they contacted a lawyer and they gave me his number. We spoke at length with the lawyer, Later stella’s friend walked up to me that have I paid the lawyer and I said no. she requested that I should tell them at home not to pay the lawyer, instead I should give stella the money because its seems stella prefers the money. I happily called home and I told them the update.

Then they said okay, but stella insisted that before she does anything she has to wait for her conel friend to be a witness. I was taken back to the cell while she waited for her friend to come. After two hours I was brought out of the cell I tot everything was ova..I never knew the game just got started, I was given my properties at the police station, I tot everything had been solved and I was going home. I just overheard her talking on the fone that she doesn’t want the money but justice.

Tears just rolled out of my eyes.I was transfered to utako police station, I later found out that was the police station that was supposed to handle the case…we got there a female inspector was the one handling the case, I was surrounded by female police I was the only man among them. She explained and I did not leaving anything covered. I told them we had sex 3 times that night with protection, after so much investigation they noticed she was not saying the truth. They told her this not a rape case and that it was an assault. She started shouting Nigeria police and injustice, they later called three other police professional to listen to our stories. And they all conclude with the same answer

its not a rape but assault. She was confused regretting that she would have collected the money earlier, she kept calling all the people that have been pushing her. I spent the whole weekend at the police station. I got bailed out on Sunday evening and I was told to come back on Monday so we can go to court. I was at the police station on Monday by 8am, she was no where to be found…

I was there till 1pm stella did not show up, so I left for work only to find out that I’ve bn sacked because of all those. I kept crying I have 4000 request on my Instagram.. People waiting for me to accept so they will rain curse on me. So later the reschedule at the police was that I should show up at the police station at 10am on Tuesday I was already there by 9am I waited for stella until .12.58pm before she later showed up that she was no longer interested in the case, that she wants to withdraw the case, reasons best know to her. I cried out my life.I went back to my apartment, the lawyer incharge of my house called me on phone that he has heard what happened and I was given from Tuesday till Saturday to packout of the house.

I should look for another place to stay. I DID NOT RAPE HER, I AM NOT A RAPIST! Well, like I said earlier I’m not writing this to prove innocent, I’m sharing this story to world, for men like me out there because I just learnt the hard way. I’ve lost everything, my childhood, my youth and even my future.I wonder if I can become anything in life with all these. Buh I have learnt to forgive my self and retrace my steps. For those that I owe by God’s grace I will paybck just send me a reminder, I’m so sorry. For the girls that I have treated badly while dating, please find a place in your heart to forgive me, little did I know that the world is a small place.

Nigerian man who lost his house after accused of rape speaks out lailasnews 1


Recall that on January 9, 2018, a Nigerian lady out of grief took to Twitter to narrate her near rape experience in the hands of a UNIABUJA graduate, whose name she gave as “Ozeal”.

According to her, she decided to make the rape act known so that no lady will have to go through what she went through in the hands of Ozeal. She also shared photos of scars and injuries she sustained from her rape struggle with him.


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