Nigerian man jailed for impregnating 14-year-old daughter

A Nigerian man, Jim Clifford Edward, has been sentenced to 10 years in jail in Ghana for impregnating his 14-year-old daughter.

Nigerian man jailed for impregnating 14-year-old daughter lailasnews

The ICT Technician impregnated his daughter at Santa maria in Accra, and defiled the victim at the age of nine until December 26, last year.

Edward’s wife is said to have abandoned her home after developing some mental ailment. Edward’s wife left home when their last child was two months old.

Charged with defilement and incest, Edward pleaded guilty.

The court presided over by Mrs Ruby Adjeley Quaison sentenced Edward to 10 years on the charge of defilement and five years on the charge of incest.

Handing the down the sentence, the trial judge stated that Edward should have been a father to the victim and not husband.

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According to Edward they were in a foreign land and he is the only one that his three kids have and sentencing him would bring to the children untold hardship.

He, therefore, pleaded with the court to tamper justice with mercy.

The Prosecution led by Sergeant Opoku Aniagyei, informed the court that the Police would be contacting the Nigerian Embassy in Ghana in order to reach out to a member of the connvict’s family.


  1. Not again child abuse in her own fathers house even wit pregnancy at d age of 14 God wat is dis world turning into and he knows dat he is d only person d children have yet he still took advantage of d child he is a disgrace and shud nt b granted bill he deserve to even die

  2. The man is a monster. He should be dealt with. Sometimes I wonder why these people rape young girls. It’s a pity

  3. What a world we leave in,why must people do things that are so disgusting to hear ;your own daughter. This not right he deserve the sentence but i guess more punishment should be give to him so that other who are thing to do so may look on matured lady and not kids

  4. Thank God for Ghana where the law is still being upheld, if it were to happen in Nigeria they would hv swept it under the carpet.

  5. His pleading for mercy saying temper justice with Mercy….. What about the injustice done to the poor little girl impregnating a 14yrs old girl God will surely punished him. He is not worthy of been a father. Thank God for the justice system in Ghana

  6. Heyi! I don hear another one again. His own daughter, why why why and why are people provoking God everyday. God please forgive what is happening in this world o. Government should please take care of the children while that man root in jail in order to learn his lesson. What a nonsense

  7. This man is an idiot .what kind of nonsense is going on in the world today,how can you be sexually attracted to your child for heavens sake.all these beasts calling themselves fathers should be hanged pls to save other girls from this fate

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