Nigerian man in the US reveals what an Atlanta church does with offering

A Nigerian man in the US identified as Kelvin has shared his experience in an Atlanta Church, where he worships.

In his narration, the man tried to make comparison with activities in the church with that of Nigerian churches.

Nigerian man in the US reveals what a US church does with their offering lailasnews
Nigerian man in the US reveals what a US church does with their offering

He mentioned that he was overwhelmed at the level of transparency in that church, despite being headed by a Nigerian.

He wrote:

So I have recently been attending a church out here in Atlanta called ‘Impact’ and I must say the way things are done at the church is quite unique and different. From the level of organization to the teachings, everything is so well put together.

But there is something even more intriguing about this church and that’s the level of accountability and transparency.

They tell you how much offerings the members gave and tell you how every single penny from the offerings and tithe were spent. With all the drama happening in the Nigeria media and press when it comes to churches, it taught it wise to share a bit of the head pastor giving an account to the members of how much offering was made and how it was being spent.

Understand that this is something he does regularly. And just so you know; The Head pastor (@pastorolubrown) is also Nigerian. #foodforthought.



  1. That is great,that can not happened in Nigeria more strength. As your share the monetry aspect of the church do not for get to share spiritual aspect too.

  2. In as much as there is nothing wrong with been transparent, i believe there should be balance in every area of the church, our churches of today has failed to balance it, its one-sided.

  3. That is Atlanta here is Nigeria you want them to give account of how things are done?let can’t happen here in Nigeria.

  4. When in Rome, you behave like the Roman’s. That’s what that pastor is doing. I guess many churches over there are that transparent. That’s why he is. When he reaches Nigeria, the story might be different. It also depends on his personality though.

  5. That’s good to hear the level of accountability in the house of God is well addressed and other issues too. May he continue to be transparent in all his doing God will reward him.

  6. The church is not accountable to anyone but God.All those public show of ‘transparency’ does not matter before God.He sees every secret

  7. That’s accountability and transparency. I hope our churches in Nigeria can learn from this. Though some Churches in Nigeria actually do same but may have different ways of going about it. It’s ok, as long as it is done the right way.

  8. good experience for you in Atlanta.. also good to you know how your Nigerian churches behave during offering time

  9. I hope some Pastors/Imams are reading or have read the above . Nothing is sweeter than making God happy and also showing honesty to the members.

  10. If every pastor is accountable for whatever they earn in church services, life will be more easier for congregation/ members

  11. It is not about Nigeria. It is about individuals. Some pastors fear God. Some do not. In all, God knows His own

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