Nigerian man in India arrested for duping people on Facebook

A Nigerian man in India alongside an accomplice, have been arrested by police in Prayagraj, for scamming women on Facebook.
Nigerian man in India arrested for duping people on Facebook lailasnews 4
Nigerian man in India arrested for duping people on Facebook

The accused used to befriend people and dupe them of their money via the social media platform, said Naveen Tiwari, Senior Superintendent of Police.
“We have received a diary from them in which it is written that they have taken Rs 15 lakh, Rs 3 lakh and Rs 5 lakh from different people,” Tiwari added.
Besides that, the police have also recovered 10 mobile phones, foreign currency, and debit cards from the two people arrested.
Investigation is currently ongoing to know if they have more people that they work with and they will be charged to court upon conclusion of our investigation, the Police chief said.
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  1. Too bad..they dnt know they will be caught somday…others should repent are going to pay for all the money you have been stealing online…

  2. This is really bad, Nigerian man in India but still does illegal business, doping people that’s so bad of him but thank God as an adage always say 99days for a the if one day for the owner, must we Nigerian people always showcase our identity with illegal business hmmmm

  3. All this nigerian lazy youths would tainting our our country’s image. I just wonder what the indian police would do to them .

  4. why is it that anywhere we Nigeria found ourselves, we will let them know that we have come, my fellow Nigerians let’s change our attitude in abroad and home, because of our child.

  5. This is too bad ,tarnishing Nigeria image everywhere with all this fraud of a thing ,he should go and face the judgement

  6. When you meet people on social media and your relationship is gearing to money you need to be smart and and try to investigate so you do not fall victim.

  7. Good for them because they want to be victim of such act ,how can you befriend somebody through facebook and trust that person to the extent of duping your money.

  8. This are people’s that make foreign countries look down on Nigerians, why must he go their and start misbehaving… Too bad

  9. Instead of looking for a legitimate job and start working you said that is scamming that you want, see the problem you have landed your self into

  10. Is quite unfirtunate that you learnt ur lesson the hard way…experience sometimes is not the best teacher…now u will expetience been locked behind bars….
    Others in same game like u are should be warned

  11. All this Nigerian men and their cunning ways of duping people its increasing,he must not go unpunished so as to serve as a lesson for others who inculcate such act

  12. These young Nigerians never seize to disgrace us out there, all the time.
    Duping has become a lucrative business to young people these days, God help us all

  13. Well he is not the only Nigerian in India is just bad news travel fast than good news. So many wants to make money by all means .

  14. That’s how they keep embarrassing us outside . Instead of you to look for something better to do you decided to fraud people it’s okay you have to suffer it

  15. This guy really has strong liver and audacity to do that kind of business in india despite the nature of the country. He would be sorry for himself by now behind bars

  16. Naija, aah aah, you dupe somebody and you think you wil runaway with the money, justice prevails, now you will spend your days in prison

  17. This what uog get when you have a country like Nigeria that doesn’t care for his own. That is why everyone is running away.from the country.

  18. These are people that taint the name of the nation. Rubbing the name of the country in the mud. Nemesis has caught up with you.

  19. Nigerians dominate everywhere to scam people. Facebook is a medium of communicating with friends and family, but now it’s a medium of scamming other people. Thank God he was caught

  20. All the way from Nigeria, even most youth and young adults today tarnishes the reputation and legacy that the country as laid.This is too bad

  21. One needs to be careful and smart but sometimes, those people that do this kind of job seems smarter . I think that one shouldn’t engage his or her self in illegal business before becoming somebody in this life

  22. Outside the country we are treated like goat for our misconduct and white man go still enter our country still treat us like say we no be human being.
    My fellow Nigeria it’s high time we get sens. No be trying to raise shoulder by all means.

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