Nigerian man hacks sister-in-law’s Facebook to dupe her friends

A Nigerian man has been busted after he allegedly hacked his sister-in-law’s Facebook account so he could dupe her friends with her identity.

The unnamed man reportedly used his sister-in-law’s phone to reset her Facebook account, then forwarded the details to one Adewale John, who happens to be an accomplice.

Once they took over the account, they began to send DMs to her friends asking them to come invest in one peer-to-peer program where they would get 100% of their investment within 24 hours.

The alleged hacker had unknowingly chatted up one of the owner’s friend who happens to know her so well. So instead of transferring the amount requested, the friend send them a fake alert.

The account dropped was that of the accomplice Adewale John.

It was later discovered that the said Adewale John is a friend to the man who hacked his sister-in-law’s Facebook.

See screenshots:



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