Nigerian man dumps baby mama for stabbing him

A Nigerian man took to Facebook to share his decision of dumping his baby mama for stabbing him, just a month after they became parents.

Nigerian man dumps baby mama for stabbing him lailasnews

According to the Nigerian man, Davis Hotish, he brought his baby from Nigeria to Tanzania, and her pregnancy days was hell for him. The Nigerian man who dumped his baby mama for stabbing him, wrote;

Today I call it quit with Osellar Igwe, all I have done is was to make her happy. I brought her from Nigeria to Tanzania just to make her happy, so I can take good care of her while she was pregnant, all through the pregnancy it was hell for me but I kept doing all I could cause people do say that pregnant women are always paranoid, So I kept doing my best to make her happy.

Nigerian man dumps baby mama for stabbing him lailasnews 1


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  1. It’s too early to quit. It is for better and for worse. If he truly love her as he claims then he wouldn’t just quit

  2. Haba,after all these that you claim you did for her,she must be out of her senses.Am sure she needs to go and learn how to be a woman and not street girl

  3. No matter what there is no reason for her to stab the man. For this act is better you let her go because she might kill you when the opportunity comes

  4. Baby mama, why not go and marry the proper way, maybe that’s what she is trying to pass across, though she went too far.

  5. One thing is that most are times people just go into relationship and child altogether while they are not in good terms if the man is speaking truth he better run for his life

  6. OMG paying Goodwill and care with wickedness.. please run for your life,she doesn’t want your happiness..flee before is too late and don’t forget your baby coz she might take it out on him o.

  7. This is what you get when you dont go for love in marriage but other obvious reasons. Don’t quit yet, That is what you bargained for.

  8. If it’s true she stabbed him, then that’s totally unacceptable, how could that happen, what did the man do wrong, so bad for her, wish them luck

  9. You must marry her when you both were dating and then got her pregnant she didnt stab you, its either there is more to this story or there is another lady


  11. Even if u did something bad must she stab him? girls do a lot when pissed off so back down for now… Am sure she needs to go and learn how to be a woman and not street girl.

  12. I don’t know why most women can’t respect themselves, after what he did for her she stil have the mind to stab him

  13. some women are ingrate the never appreciate good things from their man but when they loss the man they being to feel sorry for their self, too bad for a woman to stab a man that she is staying with.

  14. you help her but she betray you why do people have this mind of stabbing please haba people think twice that’s all I can do too to dump her

  15. It’s a shame that most ladies always bite the hand that feed them. What would make a list do such a thing to the father if her baby. What ever the reason it’s wrong and I don’t blame the guy for his reaction.

  16. I don’t believe u can do all that and she still do that hmmm lie dey inside this oo the guy has not said the truth he must b cheating or sometin may b d girl tinks he will marry her

  17. You didn’t tell the story well how can she stabbed you just because of this story you just narrated.Men can lie for Africa.

  18. Oga quitting is not what u should think of now, what will happen to your child? You can’t tell us she woke up one morning and stabbed you, there is something u are not telling us, u should thank God that u are still alive, in your nest world learn to get married to a single Lady and take responsibility of your home,forget baby Mama’s

  19. I know men can be very annoying but nothing will ever make me want to take a person’s life, if u are with a guy and not happy pls fine your square root rather than becoming a killer/stabber over someone who is not worth it

  20. So now that she has delivered she is not paranoid again abi, Hodnhelp uounguys. But how should she stab him, if she can domghis the she can kill

  21. She’s hot tempered and could do worst than that.
    I believe you are in better position to make decisions for your self.

  22. My dear, you have made a good step. You can’t please some women, no matter how you try. Not all pregnant women are paranoid,most of them are just drama queens. Thank God you are alive, please let her be and move on.

  23. If what you said here is true and you didn’t raise your hand on her before she stabbed you, then you have to move on with your life

  24. What did you do that made her stab you. You didn’t say. But she shouldn’t.. You really looked good when taking care of your baby. Sort it out OK. Make amends for the sake of the baby.

  25. I can not conclude on her now till i hear her side of the story. Mean while uts normal to bring her to your base so its not a big deal

  26. Whether you dump her or not is your problem but think about the baby what’s the child fault in all this you should have known her character before now don’t blame it on her

  27. Domestic violence is on the high rise nowadays because of lack of communication, understanding and impatience between couples. In this case only God can judge except we hear from the woman also. The first seems justified until the second comes to reveal the whole matter.

  28. what ever that lead to the stabbing does not worth it , at least the guy recognized her,took her to tanzania and tried to make her happy and treat her the end na stabbing she paid him back with it.

  29. You took the best decision if you are saying the truth o because she can actually kill you with time… Thank God you are still alive to make the decision for yourself. She became a babymama by her own doing and not yours

  30. This terrible
    I guess the guy provoke her that is what make her to stab his husband
    I pray they resolved the issue and come together

  31. We have not heared from her but no amount of offence is supposed to make her stab the guy, so u better call it a quite

  32. Guy if you really care for her as you have claimed she wouldn’t have stabbed you, she is not mad for to jst pick a knife and stabbed you,I feel you are maltreating her,we need to hear her own part of the story before you dump her

  33. Well bro you have quit the relationship between you guys and has explained what transpired between you guys but how sure are we that it is what actually happened or is there something that you didn’t include that you don’t want us to know about

  34. why would she do such , for taking care of her during the pregnancy . man you deserve a good life dont let anyone wey you down .

  35. You did well by dropping her, but the question is what did you do to her?? But wait o, no matter what she shouldn’t stab you for any reason, she is heartless by doing so, bro run for your life.

  36. Isn’t there a reason for the stabbing or has she gone crazy all of a sudden. If you are as sweet as you describe then you triggered something in her to get that starb

  37. Quite unfortunate she dint appreciate all the kind gestures, thank God she dint stab u in d neck, move on guy, life goes on

  38. Thank God the dude ran for his life, woman that are jealous or have hot tempers can do and undo just stick to yourself for now

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