Nigerian man cancels his wedding due to outrageous list of bride price

A man has recounted how his friend cancelled his wedding plans due to the outrageous list of bride price he was given.

A man was given an outrageous bride price list from the family of his wife-to-be which he refused and led to the wedding being cancelled, his friend reveals. He was given a first list of 850k which he gave a deposit of 700k for before another new list was introduced and it amounted to 1.3 million which he rejected.

Man cancels his wedding due to outrageous list of bride price

According to the friend, the wedding has now been cancelled and the man is demanding his 700k deposit which he made in June but the family are yet to produce it.

Read the story he shared with SDZ below.

Yo! this case might hit the net soon. I just said i should share this, as i am driving to work under this rain at the moment. Permit my typos o! Na one hand i dey use dey type. I’m just leaving the family house of my friend’s firl’s father, but they said he wasn’t around. The cheque should be a 700k refund of the items my guy was meant to pay for the bride price of the girl. They gave him a first list totalling more 850k or thereabout, he dropped 799k to them, after a week or two, they sent second list to him, which was about 1.2 million, inside this list bro, there was a part payment of car and some unnecessary things which i can’ even remember right now, my guy rejected it and said the should delete some of those stuff that he can’t afford the amount, theu took it back and readjusted to 1 million, my guy said No! Still..

The old man vex and said he cant go lesser than that and its not by force to marry his daughter. This issue have been going on for the past 6 months. i tell you. All ways to resolve it have been null and void. The old man and his brothers that is the girls uncles insisted that the list must stand. While my friend and his people refused. wedding was cancelled, now my guy asked for refund of the 700k he sent to them, since june, thet man has been playing him like a toy. I believe he has squandered the money and cant raise it back, the girl is the one stopping my guy from getting police. I was there today to pick up the cheque as promised by them, because my guy no dey around. They shifted it to weekend again. sigh.. i wonder why parents do this. did i mention that umunna list was like 500k untouched? lol

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