Nigerian man blast Yahoo boys after losing $425k deal

A Nigerian man has hit out at Yahoo boys after losing $425k deal because of his nationality and the fraudsters in the country.

Nigerian man blast Yahoo boys after losing $425k deal lailasnews

Taking to his Twitter page, Abdul-Qawiyy wrote about how the internet fraudsters, popularly known as Yahoo boys are destroying the reputation of Nigerians into legit online business. He wrote;

Yahoo boys are really destroying the reputation of we Nigerians that are doing legit jobs online.

Imagine closing a deal for a company on content creation only to be discovered you’re Nigerian & the deal is called off 😠😤😣!

These idiots are ruining our businesses 🙅🏽😓 Haha 😥

Loosing a $425,000/3 months deal because of my nationality and some bad eggs amongst us 😥😢😓

EFCC release official statement concerning Naira Marley arraignment


  1. don’t blame them,they are also looking for a way to make money since the government don’t have plans for the youth

  2. No need to blame them. They re just looking for a way to earn money since the government won’t provide opportunities.

  3. Everyone want to make quick money without working…yahoo boys are really destroy the reputation of the hardworking Nigerian

  4. The rate of online theft in the country is really alarming, but the question is what are the cyber theft control people doing, or is that we don’t have such in the country?

  5. God can still open another way for you Sir…just bear and believe that one day this Nation would be delivered from all bad eggs….

  6. sorry bros, you are right but only you things were affecting, it affects many people in Nigeria, that is the country we found our selves.

  7. this yahoo boys issue was affecting many people, when you talk, they will said is it your fathers money.

  8. Yes ooo…even our online businesses are seen as fraud and scams all because of yahoo boys…please this thing should be looked upon…i beg the government ..

  9. We shouldn’t put the blame on them, men are looking for a way out of making money since the government fail to provide for us

  10. This has turned our reputation as a country upside down, we are now known as a country of scammers and can’t be trusted

  11. This is serious what a loss on your side all because of this useless yahoo guys and they keep increasing everyday

  12. Yahoo boy everywhere! Now they’ve even resorted to killing to make money. Why not engage in legit businesses like others do?

  13. Mr man u are absolutely right. U are not d only one affected. Dis yahoo boys have completely ruined dis country.

  14. U see? One man’s evil is used to judge another. Because of the bad position in which some of us have put us into, even to transact with a white man is a problem

  15. The thing is really affecting the country, I have experienced that, once you are chatting with a foreigner and he discovers that you are from Nigeria, he will assume that you are a scammer, which is not good for the image of the country

  16. And the stupid boys will na say it is hustle calling God to hive them grace for fraud…..mtcheeewwww

  17. Did you even need to bother yourself about Yahoo boys failure, the where born failure and there are failure in life

  18. I blame the government because if there are job opportunities the youths will not engage in such act.

  19. You are right brother, this is really effecting us but one thing is sure, the evil they do must surely cutup with them one day.

  20. Looking for a way to make money fast,i is not through Yahoo, because this have caused more harm than good, people who have too much money is believed to be into Yahoo business

  21. They failed to recognize the fact that they are destroying the image of this nation. Yet they hide under the saying of the economy is bad but internet fraud is worse

  22. don’t blame them,they are also looking for a way to make money since the government don’t have plans for the youth

  23. Thanks for the update. Yahoo boys are really destroying the reputation of we Nigerians that are doing legit jobs online

  24. GOD Will surely give you your own business. As for the bad eggs that have refused to repent, they will equally receive their judgement. Let’s keep trusting GOD for better Nigeria.

  25. We shouldn’t put the blame on them, men are looking for a way out of making money since the government fail to provide for us

  26. That’s really sad. The bad eggs are ruining the reputation of upright Nigerians. And the just suffers at the end.

  27. This is really sad and upsetting. These yahoo boys have really become a blight to our country that something drastic has to be done about. Family, friends and the society at large all have their role to play towards curbing this menace.

  28. I thought everybody was comfortable with Yahoo Yahoo before now. The truth is it’s not worth doing.

  29. God help us In Nigeria, so many set back factors, governments, religion, tribalism, now yahoo boys, sorry bro, let’s keep praying….

  30. It is really a painful realization that is as bad as corruption in the country.The boys are no longer ready to work honestly but to rob people of their hard earned money and debar others that are into legit online business

  31. First those that let you go are bunch of racists . I hope you get another deal soon . And for the yahoo boys , very soon all of you will go hungry

  32. hahahhahahaahhahahha bro you fuck up o. you are not smart please wake up as a man and be smart in thinking. that is Niger for you

  33. You are correct, these so called yahoo boys are spoiling the reputation of Nigeria,in other counties they regard every Nigerian as a fraudster and they will not have anything to do with them,efcc should do something about this cankerworms, that is eating deeply into the fabric of this country

  34. Its not fair…look at how he lost a good business deal just bcos of his country’s reputation for online business

  35. Sorry bro…. Nigeria is full of a lot of corruption not only the Yahoo boys are destroying the reputation of the country even the government

  36. Omg, how can we be in support of crime like this. I see some of the comments here and is shameful that we support such evil act. We should be here condemning such crime and not support it. Because you guys are in Nigeria and you don’t know the kind of damage this yahoo boys have cause to our nationality. When you experience such , you will understand. See how a good prospect passed this our brother because of this. Just feel sorry for him. Loosing so much million is unfair and I hope more strict laws must be passed to punish and jail this boys for life. So absurd!!!

  37. The thing has turned to something else oh, you say am from Nigeria on the internet and get response back again

  38. Seriously, every online biz is now considered yahoo biz, the genuine ones are not been recognized anymore, they’re ruining biz

  39. Sorry for your loss! May God help our imagine as Nigerians….it is sad to loose a great business deal bcs of nationality.

  40. They are wicked and giving us the good citizens a bad name…it shall never be well with them except they change.

  41. That’s it, yahoo boys has destroyed the image of every one based on nationality, the trust a foreigner has with any guy drops immediately he observed you’re a Nigerian

  42. In Nigeria nowadays, Na soso Yahoo Boy full outside. That money is too much for him to make in a month… I think is Yahoo ➕ (Plus)

  43. These fraudsters that are spoiling the Image of Nigerians calling themselves yahoo boys will never go unpunished because their judgement books will be opened, God bless the genuine people in Nigeria in Jesus name Amen

  44. Did yahoo boys now luk at Wot u have coursed is not fair na now u guys have given our country Nigeria bad reputation

  45. Very sad one. This problem requires urgent attention. It is getting out of hands. We must all rise up to fight againsttl this deadly disease that is gradually eating up our system.

  46. This has become a problem in this country and is really destroying the reputation of this country… Very soon nigerians will be known as 419er and is not good for this country

  47. What can we do … when the government don’t do their part….The youths will create illegal work for themselves.

  48. I feel your frustration bro, just don’t give up. I believe the company will still come back to you one of these days

  49. Bad behaviour and illegitimate deals has eaten up our economy and our nation’s reputation within and outside Africa. Shame!

  50. They are really disturbing legit business online
    They will surely end up reaping the evil seed they are sowing

  51. This is really bad, the reputation of Nigeria in the international society is badly on the mud.

  52. I like the blast, because the yahoo boys have destroyed the reputation of Nigeria and has spoiled internet with their fetish deeds

  53. Walahi those guys are really spoiling our reputation and it’s quit frustrating,imagine how they make that poor guy lost that hug amount of so annoying.

  54. Those guys are really spoiling our name and spoil businesses for those that are legal only God can intervene. Sorry bro.

  55. This is very unfortunate, they are ruining things for the good ones in the country. God please disgrace and expose every yahoo boy

  56. You and I have the duty of convincing people from other part of the globe that there are still some legitimate business men. Their days are numbered.

  57. although the country is hard but it doesn’t mean one should do evil to earn money, only god will change this yahoo boys.

  58. Of course, you shouldn’t expect something positive from clients after telling them you’re African and a Nigerian. Yahoo boys are so damaging the image and reputation of the good ones and Nigerians.

  59. We all are government, we can join hands to eradicate these issues by creating job opportunities for the youths.

  60. very unfortunate,these fraudsters dat are using the name of Nigeria calling themselves yahoo will never go unpunished.

  61. Hmmm this has really cost our Nigerians their good name,nobody want to deal with any Niger person on line,Yahoo boys na waoh.

  62. This is so bad… Goverment should pls find something to do with does people’s call dem self yahoo boys

  63. As sin is a sin, no matter which way you paint it… It pains me whenever I see elderly people in the society supporting this internet atrocity, “claiming that the government didn’t provide jobs, so let the young ones hustle which ever way they can”…if this keep continuing, then it implies that this country should just forget anything about online business. Na only God go deliver this country

  64. Seriously they are causing damages to our dear country, the government are not helping that is why they want to make quick money.

  65. Seriously….this really saddening…paying for what you don’t know.
    ..couldn’t get paid through PayPal all because of this too…

  66. Too bad…honestly it hurts paying for what you don’t know too couldn’t get paid through PayPal because of this too

  67. These Yahoo boys should stop this nonsense they are doing so as not to hinder those that are doing or wants to do legitimate business online.

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