Nigerian Man batters his wife for slamming the door (Video)

A Nigerian man reportedly battered his wife for slamming the door on him at their home in Abuja, today Saturday 17th November 2017.

Nigerian Man batters his wife for slamming the door lailasnews

It was gathered that abusive husband had warned his wife over the act on several occasions, however his wife refused to give up the act. An eyewitness who spoke to newsmen over the incident, said;

“I am so bitter this evening. I was sleeping when noise in the neighborhood woke me up, so I rushed out to see what was happening. .

Behold, a woman lying down on the ground with a lot of blood. I asked people what happened and I was told that the husband beat her to that extent. .

I looked and saw the husband still quarreling with people who came to know what the wife did. He spoke with no sign of remorse towards people and even attempted fighting people too. .

I was told he has been maltreating and assaulting his wife for 2years now, but the wife can’t summon courage to go because her parents are dead and she doesn’t know anywhere else to go. .

I asked about her relations, if any is Abuja, but they said they don’t know. I could see the wife’s pain. .

Even though she was bleeding people around didn’t really care about her state of health. No one offered to take her to hospital. All they were just doing was heaping curses on the husband but totally ignored the bleeding wife.

Police later came and took both to their station. This man will definitely kill that woman one day if he is not stopped. According to the husband, she banged the door against him, despite warning her not to do that.”

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  1. That man must be a foolish person, because he feels she doesn’t have anyone to defend her, no family or relatives, he can then treat her as he wishes, I hope the police deals with him appropriately

  2. Men, you people will not kill somebody, you people will not seems to amaze me always want to be on top or always want to ride a woman at any point in time

  3. Bcus she slammed the door against you doesn’t give u any right to beat her to that extent
    How can you be exercising ur powers on a lady,u must b a shameless man

  4. Why are some husband like this, it is really wrong to lay your hands on a woman no matter what, let us all so no to domestic violence

  5. People should please help that woman before the man kills her…. If she doesn’t have any where to go because her parents are late, let her report the assault to the women affairs or any human right activist. She really need help.

  6. I still wonder why a man would lay a finger on his wife that he said he truly loved before getting married to her. Marriage abuse everywhere, may God help us.

  7. The level of frustration in the land is too much. But he still gentle and nicely talk to her.I hope she walks away if need be.

  8. The man is quite irresponsible. Assault on women must stop . It doesn’t make sense . I wonder how some men even do it

  9. This is your wife not maid/slave you treated like this for what now no matter what it could be that is nonsense and you should be dealt with

  10. Domestic violence is bad.He has no right to beat her even with the way she banged the door.They should lock the man up until he sign never to lay his filthy hands on her again.

  11. How can someone treat someone else like this to talk of your own wife just for slamming a door. This lady needs help just because she had no family the husband that is supposed to her rock is now her worst nightmare.

  12. This man must really be insane but I can’t really know if he is at fault because his wife can be so annoying causing her husband to beat her up that way

  13. I wonder what men who beat their wives derive from doing that. Am not married but honestly I can’t do that even if I happen to be.

  14. I think deir shld be a form of punishment for men dat hit their wives…..but dat doesn’t also encourage women to be disrespectful towards deir husbands

  15. to be honest , to batter the door is a serious mark of disrespect to men but the man went too far nah ,,why beating up the woman like rhat

  16. I don’t think he was his real self when he did that,slammering door shouldn’t be the reason to beat his wife

  17. Our government must find a way of curbing Domestic violence in the country… What so ever the wife might have done it shouldn’t warrant this beating from her husband

  18. This is too bad ..he should be punished seriously for this and federal government should do something about this domestic violence it is getting more

  19. This is crazy,how can u beat your wife to a pulp,just because she bang the door on you, he is a but,what these abusive men did not realize,is that if they kill their wife is their kids that will suffercsufferc

  20. This is wickedness in high point Domestic violence is bad.He has no right to beat her even with the way she banged the door.They should lock the man up until he sign never to lay his filthy hands on her again.

  21. This is not good at all, I wonder why some men beat their wives at any slightest provocation. I think that man and woman come together to become one and by doing so they should settle their quarrels without even letting the third party in. Honestly this domestic violence should stop.

  22. Domestic harassment, any man who can beat his wife is really not a man, such a disgusting act, women’s right need to be taken into action

  23. I wish I was at the scene of this….. Let me teach him a lesson he will never forget in his life I won’t even mind what will happen since he’s an animal

  24. I saw this post on insta blog this morning.. I was so mad at the husband for not being patience and mad at the wife for being stubborn

  25. Well,let the police investigate the matter…there must be other hidden truth that has not been said by both couples. I pity the woman though

  26. Sometimes we are the cause of our trouble. How will a woman dis obey orders when she knows her husband don’t like her slamming doors. This husband on the other hand is very foolish, how will he brutalise someone’s daughter and monther he calls his wife. How will he feel if someone did that to him.

  27. is very wrong for a woman to disobey her husband. But what they man did was very wrong and his uncalled for he should be punished.

  28. There is no excus for a man to hit his wife but if we keep using excuses like frustration to justify this act, the perpetrators will continue in their act. Say no to domestic violence!

  29. Such a man should be ashamed of himself. None the less, the wife should learn to be more respectful so as not to provoke the man to anger further more.

  30. A man that beats his wife is a hypocrit, he wants to fight he should go and look for a man like him. Why beating her in such way? So sad

  31. How can a man beat his she a punch bag, it’s very wrong for a man to beat his wife… A woman you marry he should be arrested..

  32. She bang the door is that why she have to beat his wife to the extent of almost killing her they should let the man learnt lesson if not one day is coming that she will killed the wife.

  33. The man is drunk Walahi. What nonsense! I know you have side chick somewhere to have beat her this manner

  34. Many husband still find it difficult to tolerate there wife even after they are married, you know her behavior before now and beating her up doesn’t change anything at all

  35. While she should have stopped banging the door after being warned severally, it is no excuse to lay a hand on the woman. I hope she hatches an escape plan before she dies of battery

  36. Women are most times naturally annoying but what makes a man is how to live with their behavior and let peace reign

  37. This is not a husband at all. No true husband can raise his hand on his wife for anything talkless for banging a door. Its rather sad that some men are just animals to say d least

  38. That is not reason for u to beat her to the point of death she is ur wife for Christ sake not a slave or some kind of punch bag.

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