Nigerian man bags 15yrs in jail for rape in UK

A Nigerian man has bagged 15 years in jail for blackmailing and raping a young lady in UK. The convict was identified as 24 year old Rhys Miller Offiong.

Nigerian man bags 15yrs in jail for rape in UK lailasnews

Rhys Miller Offiong used fake social media profiles to convince young women to send compromising images of themselves before blackmailing and raping one of them.

He has now been jailed for 15 years with a four-year extended licence at Woolwich Crown Court on Thursday, 6 December.

On his release, he will be made to sign the Sex Offenders Register for an indefinite period and will be subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

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Offiong had pleaded guilty to one count of rape, one count of blackmail, four counts of distributing indecent images of a child, three counts of disclosing private sexual photographs and films with intent to cause distress, and one count of committing an offence with intent to commit a sexual offence.

An investigation was launched after he raped a 19-year-old woman at an address in Catford on 24 August 2017. He had met the woman online using a fake profile.

He had initially persuaded her to send intimate images to him and then set up a meeting with her. When the victim attended and realised Offiong was not the person she thought she had been engaging with online, he threatened to send the images to her friends and family if she refused to go with him.

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Under duress, the woman went with him to an address in Catford where she was raped. Further investigations established two other young women who had been snared online by the convict and tricked into sending compromising images and videos of themselves to him.

Detective Constable Paul Harakis of the Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Command said: “Miller-Offiong is a predatory sex offender who has drawn unsuspecting girls into his sexual trap via social media.”


  1. Everyday the church and mosque preach to us to stop evil act but still some will see it as fun.good for you bro

  2. Why given him just 15years , you suppose to be jailed for life , he is an animal , they think say na naija here

  3. He deserved more severe punishment. Cases of rape would have subsided appreciably if more severe punishment is served to perpetrators of such criminal act.

  4. That’s exactly what he deserve. Even his stay in the jail should be extended because this issue of rape is getting out of hands on earth

  5. His cup is now full that is why he was caught. This guy is really a wicked guy. He should be released from jail when he is 50 years old. They should extend his jail term by 11 years so that he will learn his lessons in a hard way.

  6. Evil doers,it serves him right.when you look at there face they appear so innocent but very wicked at heart

  7. Nigerian won’t seize to be Nigerians, you rape somebody, just to satisfy ur urge re you OK now?fool rot in Jail.

  8. Y did u people like to rape u cannot enjoy it rubbish u jut spoil peoples life u think u.k is like Nigeria right u will surely rot in jail say no to rape

  9. This attitude dents the image of the country. Just 1min10sec is granting you 15yrs of your youthful age, what is left of you then

  10. What a shame he has brought on himself and he family. His people will be happy that there son is doing well outside the country.

  11. Rubbish cross rivers are know for too much sex, the spirit of list possessed them a lots, look at what he is doing in a foreign land were others ate buzy making money

  12. He think he’s in Nigeria where there is no law, he will rot in jail, until he learn to respect women.

  13. That serves him right. We Nigerians carry our bad character everywhere we go. There at so may ladies out there begging men to use their bodies. Why always the underaged self?

  14. You really disappoint Nigeria. That’s really good for him, let him go and learn the lesson of his life.

  15. The one he raped in Nigeria was not enough for him. Let him serve the punishment, good for him so that others can learn too

  16. That is good, the wicked ones shall never go unpunished, after the 15 years he will learn his lesson.

  17. That serves him right. He should be severely punished and should serve as a lesson to others. This act of rape needs to be stopped because it is seriously getting out of hand

  18. Nigerians always show themselves anyway rape is not identified with a single country, but God will judge you 16 years for ruining someone’s life

  19. What is wrong with all this men ,sex is not by force, if u can’t control ur self there are people are ready to offer just for a little amount just go there and discharge and save ur self

  20. shameless boy he want to text and it has landed him in jail noncense . that is God for him to len his lesson

  21. This dude is full of bad deeds. See all the charges levelled against him. He’ll learn a bitter lesson when he comes out of jail.

  22. This dude is full of bad deeds. See all the charges levelled against him. He’ll learn a bitter lesson when he comes out of jail. Too bad of him.

  23. This is the exact punishment that should be serve to all the pedophile we have here in Nigeria maybe it would have reduce because its increasing here in Nigeria, i love that judgement

  24. Good for you, if you have the opportunity to come out of jail, if you see any girl, you will be running as if you have seen a ghost,

  25. The ladies are at fault
    Aren’t they socialized, send there scandal pic
    It’s too bad, u should be blackmailed
    They re uncultured

  26. Nigerians will just go and be disgracing is abroad
    Pls give me one opportunity
    I swear i wont waste it….lol

  27. While some Nigerians are making us proud abroad, you decided to bring shame upon your ancestors and future generations, you should just die in that prison, bastard

  28. He deserves it. That is his punishment and this should also create awearness in those planning to do the same thing.

  29. that really bad….. they can’t jail him because he is not up to 18yrs……anyway what he did was bad……

  30. That serves him right but they should have just hanged him, evil minded human being moving around like good people.

  31. Good for him Nigerians should learn from this if is in Nigeria now he will go without judgement or facing the law but this is exactly how it is being done in USA.

  32. The punishment given to him serves him right,wish other countries will emulate london,the rate of blackmail and rape will reduce.

  33. He thought its what he can do and escape, that serves him right, they just keep cooling our country’s image

  34. Why are most nigerians disgracing this country the more sef….it was not so long that they arrested one 50 year old man for rapingredients a 12 year old now this one again ….God help nigerians

  35. Dat serves him right. By d time he will come out of prison he will come he will learn his lesson and never to rape again

  36. Stupid boy he thought he is in Nigeria where you can do anything and go Scot free… His village people follow well.

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