Nigerian man arrested in Italy after attempted rape of a woman at railway station (video)

A 31-year-old Nigerian man who attempted to rape a lady at Milan’s Garibaldi station few days ago, has been arrested by the Police in Italy.

Nigerian man arrested in Italy after attempted rape of a woman at railway station (video) lailasnews

It was gathered that the Nigerian man who is an undocumented migrant who made a request to Italian authorities for international protection, had previously been reported for alleged sexual violence against a woman on a train in November 2017.

Though the near-rape 25-year-old victim managed to repel the attack using pepper spray, sources disclosed that the suspect has a criminal record for drug offences that is “six-pages long”.

Matteo Salvini, Italy’s interior Minister who confirmed the arrest of the Nigerian man wrote;

“25-year-old girl attacked some days ago in Milan station, she saved herself from RAPE using pepper spray,” Salvini said.

“Rapist arrested today. P.S. I cannot say that he’s a illegal Nigerian immigrant with a criminal record or they will accuse me of racism”.

Here is a video of the near rape attack below;

Two friends arrested for allegedly gangraping 17-year-old girl in Jigawa state

Recall that few months ago, the Italian Ambassador to Nigeria, Stefanou Pontesilli, disclosed that no fewer than 1500 Nigerians are serving jail terms for various offences in Italy. Mr Pontesilli who made the disclosure in an interview with journalists in Abuja, said the number was huge.

“In Italy we have about 1500 Nigerians in jail for various offences. It is a big number.

“We sometimes send them back to Nigeria once they finished their terms because they have not behaved well,” he said.

He however denied reports that Italy sometimes send Nigerian migrants from Italy to Libya.

“Never, we never sent anyone not even one single person to Libya.

“Some Nigerians are stuck in Libya because they were never able to cross over to Italy, but all those who went to Italy no one, not even one was ever sent back.

“All Nigerians who have reached Italy and are behaving well have no problem.

“Not one of them not even one has heard of being sent back to Libya,” he said.

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