Nigerian man arrested in Australia over $400k scam

A Nigerian man identified as Kelechi Cosmos Emeh, was reportedly arrested in Australia for a $400k scam.

Nigerian man arrested in Australia over $400k scam lailasnews

The Nigerian man who lives Queensland, Australia, reportedly posed as a U.S soldier and initiated a romantic relationship with a woman who sent him $370,000. Kelechi who was accused of asking his victim to send him another $170,000, appeared in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Friday after he was arrested at his Durack home on Thursday.

The Nigerian man who has been in Australia for two years and lives in a rented apartment in Durak with his partner, a permanent citizen, since entering the country, allegedly received the money over the course of three months from the 34-year-old Brisbane woman, who later contacted police and sparked the investigation.

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KC who is in the country on a student visa, claimed to be a US soldier in Syria after meeting the woman on social media in October 2018.


  1. Scammers everywhere,the federal government should do something about this as our country is known to be notorious in that aspect….serves kelechi right

  2. Good for him that he was caught in the very act. Scammer. Nemesis has caught up with him. Let him reimburse the poor woman

  3. Nigerians will never repent, we Can’t bend down and get it slow and steady, Rather we want it fast, quick can kill

  4. Smart Ninja! There’s nothing in you people’s head other than 419. Do legit you go still make an. Shebi Dem don nab you nau?

  5. They are just tagging Nigeria with bad names everywhere they go in search of money. You don’t have to scam people in order to get rich. Let them punish him for such.

  6. Very good that he was apprehended he should be punished severely so that other of he’s caliber will see

  7. Nigerian can never change. They still showed this irrational attitude outside the country. Very bad.

  8. His brain worked for him, but greed over shadow it, Now that he has been caught, na to face the law be dat. Using falsehood to collect money from people.bad idea

  9. This yahoo boys are just spoiling our reputation abroad. They should be killed immediately they are found guilty of fraud

  10. Sorry my dear is just a game nigher u succeed or u fail n this one v fail u, u would v comeback with may cars n cash ur people will happy our brother v made it without know how come d cash,just face ur judgment over there sorry oh.

  11. Why are these Nigerians disgracing us, soon they will not allow any Nigerian into their country again

  12. That will serve him right. Scammer every where, this attitude is so alarming, he will serve as a escape goat to others.

  13. Wrong method struggle, why will a talented Nigerian use his talent wrongly? Scam is not easy but I wonder while such is giving for crime.

  14. Hmmmmmmmmm…..the guy think say he smart he no know say nah dere in foolishness begin. Imagin enter another country with student visa instead of him to finish wetting carry am go there and now he loose the the two and he his recieving punishment and tag with his name for the rest of his life.

  15. Nigerians are the must h as hardworking people on earth, but what I don’t understand is the scamming thing. Why will NigerIan’s like to scam people

  16. Scammers everywhere. They scam white people from Nigeria, he took his own to their own base.

  17. Hmm, everywhere there’s a crime, mostly Nigerians are the victims..
    Well the cops should investigate and handle the matter amicably.

  18. Good for him. They will go out there to dupe and sell hard drugs and come back to Nigeria to start intimidating those who work for their hard earn money.

  19. The re is no other name under heaven by which we must be saved. Jesus is the only man with super powers

  20. Some of these Nigerian guys when will they stop disgracing us out there? These guys should stop giving Nigeria bad names. Anyways, he should face his crime there.

  21. Some Nigerians should stop embarrassing Nigeria
    Now every other country sees Nigeria as a corrupt country
    That is why they deny Nigerians freedom to other various country


  23. This is our problem, we are fighting hard to save the countries name but others are spoiling it

  24. Why do some Nigerians like to disgrace us. Thank God he was apprehended. It would serve as a warning

  25. Why is some of the Nigerians in outside country,behaving like that naa,they are putting our country to shame if they no

  26. The way ladies fall in love is totally questionable. AFF has become the major source of income for Nigerian youths.

  27. Scammers every where. We plead on the federal government to provide more jobs for their citizens so as to reduce the rate of scams

  28. It’s known that scammers are all over the internet.. Before sending money to anyone, you must do some research and ask questions .. Most times people are scammed because of what they want to gain more .. Kc has just dragged Nigeria’s name to the gutter and closing chances of other Nigerians

  29. Scammers, see what you have done to yourself all in the quick money syndrome. We are expecting you back to Nigeria as soon as possible. But why will the woman even send him that kind of money is it to buy more weapons coz I don’t understand all these white people always sending money to men.

  30. Good for him that he was caught in the very act. Scammer. Nemesis has caught up with him. Let him reimburse the poor woman

  31. Good for him that he was caught in the very act. Scammer. Nemesis has caught up with him. Let him reimburse the poor woman…..

  32. Chai! It’s a pity he was arrested. If not when he returns this season what you will hear in town is Kc in Australia , Nwanne Di na mba

  33. Imagin enter another country with student visa instead of him to finish wetting carry am go there and now he loose the the two and he his recieving punishment and tag with his name for the rest of his life.

  34. Nigerians should stop disgracing their country. Let’s try and represent our country well naaa. There are decent jobs one can do other than scam. This is really bad.

  35. When are you guys gonna stop disgracing us.
    Bringing Nigeria’s name to mud all the time.
    When a white men see a Nigeria he see a bandit, scammer, e.t.c

  36. This yahoo boys I thought they were only Base in nigeria not knowing that they are every where even outside the country.

  37. why is it that when you are talking about scanners, they are all from Nigerians, Nigerians has turn scamming innocent people to work now, he should be sentenced to jail

  38. My opinion is that everyone of us is a scam, the difference between us an those who are caught is that our time is not up yet. So nobody should just him as if what he did is something new.

  39. Nigeria go always show themselves everywhere.that is good him the first one he received was not enough come demand for another money again…

  40. Thank God he was arrested, scammers everywhere scamming people of their hard earned money, Nigerian lazy youth, he should face the music

  41. Even in other people’s country Nigeria man want to scammed the lady her money God help my country Nigeria from this type of people,pet him serve God punishment

  42. That’s a huge amount the foreign countries police are very smart he thinks he GM can escape that well that’s good for him

  43. This is how they’ll be destroying the image of the country and native……. Instead of working for the money they’ll be scaming others

  44. I must blow,legally or illegally,i will not blame you sha, i just blame the bongalo you intend to built in Nigeria

  45. So you you still carry your scam go that side ehn. You’re caught now. Why can’t some people live a crime free life and work with their bare hands like other good youths

  46. That is what greed brings, he got some money and went for more. He should be left to suffer the consequences of his actions. Others should learn from this experience too.

  47. I think it’s high time the government do something about this scammers tarnishing our country’s image

  48. What I will just say is,you know you are a scam and you still have guts to do it in Australia,do you think is Nigerian that is full of corruption,now they have caught you face your punishment and learn

  49. This isn’t good for the countries image , now we ranked number in the world for theft, wire wire and all sorts of criminality, its a big shame

  50. Let others scammer be ware of his story and repent or else yours is the next in line.I de my house come beat me .

  51. Our Name as a country is just flying every where now. mostly for bad.may God just help us as a country let this stigma come to end some day.

  52. This is not right. These scammers know that they’re killing the name of our country. Nigeria is bad, we know, but that should not be enough reason to mess it up the more. We can fix it. Its only a matter of time, patriotism, dedication and sincerity. Oga Kelechi hand aff touch u….

  53. All these white people will never learn despite how they read and hear about scammers online. Some will still go ahead and be a victim all in the name of love

  54. Scammers and sinners will never go unpunished.He must be dealt with to serve as lesson to others planning such evil things.

  55. Nigerians with their bad character every where, love for money has become the order of the day, arrest and prosecuted him, if he is found guilty jail him.

  56. Most of Nigeria citizens are known for scamming people abroad. I hope some people like yhu will desist using yhu as an example and hope he learnt his lessons

  57. Don’t know why people can’t live a straight life. Nigerias have no good reputation because of this kind of people.

  58. Lol this man does not have sense at all you are in a country with that money instead of going legit. you are still doing the same thing when they have records on your face in the system

  59. Between October and now he has collected $370,000 still asking for additional $170,000 Oke, 419, Yahoo-Yahoo boy.

  60. All these fraudster they like easy he is going to taste roude of the law by serving jail term. Like cheap and easy success and money

  61. C dis one u tink say na Kano where u go do 419 go Scott free,u never c anything na God don punish u

  62. Big thanks to the investigation depth….thank God is not NPF or any other nigerian officer….i think he should face the punishment

  63. All this Nigerian men be spoiling their names all around they keep scamming people he should face the law

  64. When will this Nigerian scammer’s stop disgracing this country,he should be arrested and judge according to the law

  65. That’s why its hard for the white people to trust Nigeria we’re to greedy and selfish see what your smartness has gotten you now

  66. I really don’t understand why people can’t live a straight life, Nigeria have no good reputation because of this kind of people.

  67. That’s very unfortunate for you guy, you should have perfected your details well, may God set you free from this mess

  68. Nigerians have used scam to destroy this country’s image abroad. Anyways, as he has been caught, let him face the music. Period.

  69. Nigerians ! All these brain that we have, we can’t use them for the betterment of our country but for fraudulent act. Thank God he is caught, let him face the law

  70. This Scamming saga is really getting out of hand especially on the part of Nigerians both in and outside of Nigeria.
    Let him face the law squarely so to serve as a deterrent to other like-minded people out there

  71. Why is it that whenever Nigeria name is mention out side countries is either scam or corruption, that is a huge sum but he was caught out of greed

  72. Its so unfortunate that young people no longer wants to work hard to make money . they now engage in the easy way out . People fraud is not the key to wealth

  73. So many of them in outside countries tarnishing the image of Nigeria, and the government is yet to have a solution for all this joblessness in the country. Well kelechi, your cup has full. It’s time for judgement!

  74. These yahoo boys are now scattered and operating from all corners of the earth
    Good investigative work
    Leading to his arrest
    I must commend

  75. Some People with their Quick way of making money, scamming people Anyhow, i think his cup has full.

  76. These yahoo boys are really disgracing this country,,, I wish the Nigeria police is as good as the Australian police

  77. One things with we Nigerians is that we do ours pass the people that teaches us scams is everywhere even at home trust have gone because of scams

  78. Wow I think that 1 of the picker yahoo yahoo boy where using I pity this guy because he will not go scoot free in Australia

  79. Every country one goes to,as a Nigerian you’ll be receiving embarrassment because of people like kelechi, I wonder why our own talent is in papetrating evil, imagine scamming someone of their hard earned money

  80. What unemployment and bad governance cause. Ruining the already tarnished image of Nigeria. I wonder how people fall for such cheap tricks.

  81. Scammers are every where. No jobs. Go to school Asuu and FG no go let you graduate on time. Scamming isn’t the way out though!

  82. I don’t know what’s wrong with our youth of nowadays they are not ready to work, they want to cut corner to get rich.


  84. Imagin enter another country with student visa instead of him to finish wetting carry am go there and now he loose the the two and he his recieving punishment and tag with his name for the rest of his life.

  85. Everyday for thief one day for the owner. Its a pity for you Mr. Kel, next time you will learn to be contented.

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