Nigerian man allegedly stabs wheelchair-bound woman 116 times

A Nigerian man allegedly stabbed a 62-year-old wheelchair-bound woman more than 100 times, leaving her partially disemboweled.

The incident occurred in the US, near 5th Avenue and Clark Avenue in South Milwaukee.

Nigerian man allegedly stabs wheelchair-bound woman 116 times lailasnews

31-year-old Kehinde Afolayan, was on Tuesday charged with one count of first-degree intentional homicide in connection with the Friday attack. If convicted of the felony charge, he faces up to life in prison.

The charging document says a witness peered through a window of the apartment on Clarke Avenue after being alerted by his sister to a commotion inside and saw Afolayan stab Deborah Lynch as she sat in her wheelchair.

Responding officers found Lynch sitting motionless in her wheelchair, breathing but unresponsive. A Flight for Life helicopter was called but Lynch passed away before being loaded onto the aircraft, the complaint said.

Officers arrested Afolayan at the apartment after finding him holding a blood-covered undershirt. Investigators said they found three bloody knives in and near the building, one of which was missing the blade.

Police said they were unable to interview Afolayan because he was not communicative, not even providing his name. He was, however, uttering statements such as, “Jesus forgives me.”

Lynch’s son, who also lived in the apartment, told officers that Afolayan had been living with them since October. A medical examiner said Lynch received 116 stabs wounds, most of which were to the chest and abdomen.


  1. What kind of demonic influence is this. Good help us. He must be brought to justice. He musnt go Scot free.

  2. I know white ladies can be annoying, but Nigerian please should be ambassadors any country they go to

  3. I don’t think what happened was natural. They should check the boy very well may be he has mentally disorder. Rest in peace for the dead.

  4. I don’t just know why human beings will be behaving like a monster, he must be seriously dealt with.

  5. This is so scary. Nigerians cannot even rep us well outside there. Well, life imprisonment awaits you.

  6. What on earth would have prompted such barbaric action from a young man like that… Hmmm.. If he wasn’t remoted, then he must be devil himself..

  7. He is a devil imagine stabbing someone up to 116 times without a stopping abd without even thinking twice. He must not go Scot free.

  8. This is not ordinary, they must have used African Science on him from home. He will definitely face the law and be punished for it.

  9. See his ugly face. What even gave him the right . No matter what the offence is too huge. He should spend the rest of his life in prison

  10. He is a killer and must be treated as one,how can a normal human do such a thing, Thank God is not here but over there he will never go free

  11. What kind of statement is that one that he is saying,you stabbed an innocent woman without cause and you are saying Jesus forgive you.Police should not allow him to deceive them he should face the law

  12. don’t think what happened was natural. They should check the boy very well may be he has mentally disorder. Rest in peace for the dead.

  13. This probably a sad end to his freedom when he goes to jail. What sort of demonic thoughts were going through his head though. i hope that lady survives.

  14. This wicked man should be sent to life imprisonment, he is heartless and has no conscience for doing that, he would enjoy the rest of his life in jail

  15. Jesus forgives you when you ended another person’s life? Don’t be stupid young man. Go and rot in jail you wicked soul.

  16. I don’t understand how human of these days behaves, well the wages of sin is death. Let him face judgment

  17. That is very devilish of him to stab a physically challenge for 116 times, he has to be punish appropriately.

  18. What kind of demonic influence is this. Good help us. He must be brought to justice. He musnt go Scot free.

  19. He is not physically normal.He should be taking to physiatrists to find out what is wrong.Perhaps he is under the influence of Drug

  20. Am very sure he did not ask Jesus before stabbing the woman, why asking Jesus to forgive him now, he should burn in hell.

  21. This is an heartless Nigerian. He should also be killed by firing squad. He is a disgrace to Nigeria

  22. Jesus… 116times stab on a fellow handicap lady. There is no justification what so ever for him to do so. Anger, iwe oku… Nigerian also put anger aside it can spoil things o. God will forgive you as your saying. Butbe punished first

  23. God have mercy on the person that did that and also give him the punishment he desrves
    How can people be heartless like this, its just not good at all.
    He should be punished severly

  24. Stab him 250 times also, don’t jail him, stab him 5 times daily,et him feel the pains.

  25. Why will he commit such crime. No matter what the mother did he shouldn’t have stabbed her

  26. What could have made this Man to stab this woman for this number of times.Some Men are heartless.To think that the man has been living with the Woman and her family is even confusing

  27. What? Someone that is disabled, maybe the man has a mental problem cause this can’t be normal. He should be punished accordingly

  28. which one is Jesus forgives, he should just die you kill another and want to stay alive mtcheeww

  29. The guy was very heartless. Imagine stabbing someone 116 times. He should face the law and jailed. He’s action is a disgrace to Nigeria been a Nigerian.

  30. It’s an height of wickedness, stabbing her not once not twice. It’s very possible that man is mentally derailed, he should be checked and face the law accordingly.

  31. which one is Jesus forgives, he should just die, you kill another and want to stay alive. Is not possible.

  32. Sounds like he is under some sort of spell, haba!! What could av prompted such a devilish act? Stab a wheelchair risen woman 116 times?

  33. OMG, what could have been the issue I believe he cannot do that on a normal circumstances. May God see him through and have mercy on him

  34. That man is mentally sick or he is possessed. How can a normal person do that to a disabled woman. So heartless of him.

  35. Ahhhh so wicked and hard hearted
    Why telling Jesus to forgive?
    Why didnt he remember jesus when he wanted to even start stabing the woman
    Hhhmmmm this world with their wicked

    He should be dealt with

  36. What kind of wickedness is that. He stabbed her for 116 times and he’s calling Jesus. Anyway you don’t mess with the white man in their country and go scot free.

  37. Afolayan, what is the stability of the man? What can the woman do to him to.make him stab him? He must be examined well. If found wanting, he should face the law

  38. Oh my God. That was too wicked of him. A defenceless woman on wheel chair. The man should be punished appropriately

  39. Problem of nowadays is confusing more and more… I didn’t see any reason while he kill the woman..

  40. And they’ll blame the devil for this. Let him be convicted and also receive the judgement that he deserves.

  41. All this foolish act we Nigerians go there to do that is why we not be welcomed there no matter who u are

  42. What was his motive?
    Why did he stabbed her and seeking for forgiveness from God?
    They should please interrogate him to know his aim, before he will be punished.

  43. The guy is a beast. He should be punished according to the law and he should never escape the punishment.

  44. We are in end time many things are happening the report of killing all over the world we save by the blood of Jesus.

  45. May be his one of those Nigerian guys that live with old women just to survive in foreign countries. Perhaps their arrangement had gone bad. Quite pathetic. What a waste of life

  46. Am sure he will call the devil. Critically looking at the whole thing this is a premitated move, probably he needs the woman’s money, besides he is not her husband

  47. How can a human being do this to his fellow human being. The world is weaked indeed. May God show mercy.

  48. Hmm I don’t think that man used his brain o,something is fishy how can you commit sin and say “Jesus forgives me” for how long?

  49. What kind of demonic influence is this. God help us. He must be brought to justice. He musnt go Scot free.

  50. Whatever be the reason or the cause, he’s not supposed to do that. He should therefore face the wrath of the law

  51. what has the devil done to the people from the west? This one is bad . We should listen and obey the word of God… The commandments of God should always be in our hearts… It’s so obvious that he’s guilty

  52. He deserved to be killed too that is how the go and block other Nigerians from receiving help abroad.


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