Nigerian male models call out Solomon for alleged s3xual molestation – See details

Male models call out Solomon for alleged s3xual molestation - See details

Two Nigerian male models have publicly accused one of their colleagues, Solomon of allegedly molesting them s3xually.

The two male models, Nnamdi and Daeves took to their social media pages to call out Solomon who they claim s3xually molested them at different times in 2019.

Nnamdi wrote;

Everybody is posting “NO MEANS NO” and you’re also posting it? Are you not the same guy who molests and assaults people? Especially (“BOYS”) Woozy faceOmo nobody should allow me talk abeg, fucking hypocrite.

I was sexually molested by
_ A THREAD,, Around October last year i had an encounter with him (we used to be really good friends I went to see him a few days after i got back from SA,, we laughed and he asked me how my trip went and i told him about everything, we even made jokes about the girls i hooked up with over there, now shit took a rather strange turn when he told me he wanted to speak to me about something, He then proceeded to ask me to sleep with him

i thought it was a joke because i Mean he knows I’m straight as my friend he should know I love women , I refused to adhere to his request and he got pissed off and started giving some kind of vibes, trying to guilt trip in every way

I mean I’m saying this neega offered to give me money (10k) to think about it and that was where i got pissed off, he went into his kitchen (still upset) and started banging on the door, refrigerator, he was basically showing his aggression and in my mind I was like if he

Tries anything funny imma beat him tf up and He won’t survive it, instead of putting myself in that situation I left and he texted me after asking me why i left and why I was being a “KID” lol after everything we saw like twice and after the whole saga our relationship became

Rocky and we stopped being friends ever since,, There has been similar complaints from allot of people with similar experiences and I mean because they’re boys they wouldn’t want to come out and say things like this because of what people would say or how people would react to it

I’m honestly trying to save someone from trying to go through the same thing because he’s a manipulative and a smart ass person, this isn’t even about me anymore, it’s about the next person he tries it with, would he be able to overcome?

Daeves after seeing Nnamdi’s revelation, decided to share his encounter with Solomon. He wrote;

it’s finally time to come out and share.

Sometime in September last year, I was also sexually assaulted by my friend
on two different occasions and it’s been a long time since then. But I think now is the time to put this out with all that’s going on.

I never came out with this because it was difficult, I already had to worry about the fact people assume I’m gay, and also he told me it was his first time and I was the first person he’d tried it with, and I believed him. And we managed to kinda move past it as he said he was curious and wanted to know what it felt like to kissed a boy even after telling him repeatedly I couldn’t help him with that because I wasn’t like that, he got really persuasive and talked about it all the time, I kept telling him no thinking it was all just jokes

Until one night, we were alone and just having normal convos and he begins the whole kiss talk again and plead and coerce me telling me I deserve to help him as a friend and he’s never asked me of anything before, even after say no no no, out of nowhere he jumps and kisses me

I pushed him off and he begins to plead to let me let him and I was going to like it and all, ignoring the fact that I was saying no, it was late, I couldn’t go home because I was sleeping over and I held myself from getting physical. He got mad and didn’t talk to me

Till I let the next morning. We moved past it and began talking after a while after he kinda apologized and o sincerely thought it was because of his curiosity. Then another night at his house, after a late night swim, I was in his room getting ready to go to the bathroom

When he came in and hugged me from behind and I felt his growing penis on my bum as we were still both in the swim shorts, I pushed him off and almost beat him, but I respectfully left him because I was in his house and the rest of the boys were downstairs.

I couldn’t sleep that night, I was trigggered, had a lot on my mind and I couldn’t tell anyone because I was new to the group and his bestfriends didn’t trust me… when it happened I only told Susan and Rebecca after I couldn’t hold it in anymore.

Myself and him didn’t talk for a long time after that, even after I confronted him about it he made me feel bad about not giving in and castigated me. Then we both felt like we could move on because again friends make mistake right? and I still thought it was just me.

And we tried to continue being friends and all again. Only for me to find out I haven’t been the only one he has tried it with, there had been boys before me and after me and I had been double minded about it since then. He’d not only assaulted but lied and manipulated me.

A couple of days before during the online protest and all, him posting and advocating against rape and abuse triggered nnamdi, and he came to me, then I decided to go to Solomon and although he apologized to me, he still lied to me that they weren’t other people

It wasn’t until after I had convinced him that I knew that he admitted there were other people and he lied to me, then Nnamdi talked to me about coming out and it was the right thing to do and I shouldn’t be scared to because he’d also assaulted a friend’s 11 yo cousin

And we can’t stay silent about it anymore, we had to come out with it. There are other boys but in due time they’ll come out with their own stories and experiences. This isn’t about clout or hate, this is someone i care so much about and it hurts me so much I have to do this.

A lot more boys that I didn’t expect and know about ever are calling and texting now to tell me that they’ve had the same experiences with him also

Solomon is yet to react to the allegations.

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