Nigerian lecturer arrested by DSS for converting Muslim girl to Christianity

For allegedly converting one Miss Nabila Umar Sanda Galadima,18-year-old Nabila, daughter of a traditional title holder in Biu, Borno State from Islam to Christianity on a flight from United Kingdom, a Nigerian lecturer identified as Engineer Simput Eagles Dafup was reportedly arrested by the Department of State Services, DSS after a raid on his home in Jos, Plateau state.

Nigerian lecturer arrested by DSS for converting teenage Muslim girl to Christianity lailasnews 4


Daily Trust gathered that Nabila was reported to have been abducted in Abuja on December 1, 2017. Her father was said to have reported to the DSS that his daughter was missing, and was then traced to the house of one Pastor Jerry Datim in Jos.

It was gathered that Nabila, a 200 Level student of Mass Communication at the Bingham University in Nasarawa State, had converted to Christianity while at the University and after she met Dafup, a lecturer, in Ghana four years ago on a flight to Dubai for the Christmas break, they reconnected and that was when she expressed her intentions to fully convert to Christianity.

Datim told Daily Trust on phone that Nabila had converted to Christianity while at Bingham University, and met the Nigerian lecturer in Ghana four years ago on a flight to Dubai.  Pastor Jerry further explained that though Nabila’s father was aware of her intention to convert, but said it was unacceptable by him.

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Nigerian lecturer arrested by DSS for converting teenage Muslim girl to Christianity lailasnews

Mother of the arrested Nigerian lecturer,  Mrs. Dafup, who spoke to newsmen said the DSS officials who stormed her son’s home heavily armed and with in 5 Hilux vans, brutalized and tortured her son before they whisked him away, adding that even passersby were assaulted in the process.

Nigerian lecturer arrested by DSS for converting teenage Muslim girl to Christianity lailasnews 2

“Nobody has contacted me or any member of my family as to the where about of my son. I, however, know as a fact that some of the people that were found in the premises with my son and who were also assaulted and brutalized with my son were taken to the Plateau state command of DSS.”

“While at the DSS office in Jos, they never met or saw my son there. The men suspected to have whisked my son put a mask on him and the others. The other people who were taken to DSS office in a mask are here with me to confirm my narration” she said.

Facebook user, Mfon Abel Ekene who shared the story of the arrest of the Nigerian lecturer, wrote


This is my friend Simput Eagles Dafup

He is from Jos.

He has been arrested by DSS.

I was shocked when I read about it in the news

He was arrested for preaching to a Muslim girl who later converted to Christianity on a flight from United Kingdom to Nigeria.

Simput was one of my first set of Facebook friends and we keep regularly in touch.

Simput is one of the best computer engineers Africa can boast of.

He lectures in Ghana and never stopped visiting his home very regularly.

SImput will always tell me he is sad what is going on in his community. The level of poverty and hopelessness.

He wanted the live of his people and the whole of Plateau to be better and he has contributed in his on little way.

He will chat me up about how things can be better in Plateu and Nigeria.

I remember asking him to relocate back and take up leadership position in his state and help make a difference. He was very willing.

He has an invention to his name which he told me last was on the stage of finalizing. An invention that will make the life of people better

But this young man, with his talent and dreams is at the edge of life.

His only crime is being a Christian and talking to someone about his faith. And the individual voluntarily converted to Christianity not immediately but at her own space.

Where is justice?


Nigerian lecturer arrested by DSS for converting teenage Muslim girl to Christianity lailasnews 3

Recall that in November 2017, Hauwa Dadi, a 13-year old girl in Yobe state was abducted and was reportedly kept at the palace of the Emir of Gashua, Alhaji Abubakar Suleman, who wanted to marry her off to an aide.

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However her release came, following the intervention of a civil rights group, Stefanos Foundation, as as well as the media.


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  1. Nonsense ……she wanted to cuz if she is not ready she won’t convert to Christianity. …and what about d Muslim forcing pipo to b Muslim and saying Allah is d only true God. …that means they too sld b arrested. ..

  2. If to say na Christian to muslim body go arrest am.. What is d essence of been entitled to a religious right,if one cant decide to switch his or her religion..No offence but dis muslims get pepper body oo…if una like make una arrest d gurl join, u are just motivating her to stick to her new found religion CHRISTIANITY. Pls God dont watch dis wickedness pass just like dat…yeye set of people

  3. So what is the big deal there converting to Christianity? aren’t they the ones shouting one Nigeria? I guess if it was the other way round no body will hear about it let alone arrest. They are all lunatics.

  4. What business does the Dss have with a Christian man converting a Muslim woman to Christianity or a Muslim woman converting a Christian man to Islam?anyway since the Dss has arrested the lecturer.the Dss has to prove to Nigerians the crime the man has committed and they also have to show us which section of the Nigeria’s constitution that prohibit a Nigerian from converting another Nigerian from Islam to Christianity or from Christianity to Islam.Dss I go advise yuna make yuna sufree leave that man jejeje.instead make yuna go look for the $44billion wey them leave for vault for inside yuna headquarters.nigerians dey wait to hear were that owo waka go.i beg make yuna nor use this one divert attention…..

  5. I don’t think is what happen DSS has no business with religion I have many sister who married Christian and no problem expect from the family you people should be sure before post

    • my friend..this is my in-law. Hes a lecturer. He met this girl years ago. she decided to come looking for him, he was not even around but she stayed at her friends place and waited for him because she wasn’t able to reach him on the phone since he was on transit. When he came she told him she had converted and he introduced her to a pastor who would help her. alot of people were picked up including himself, the driver the pastor and the girl. the girl has since been bundled to her father in Borno so why is he, the pastor and the cab guy still locked up. when you say things make sure you read the story well. the mother had to do a press conference to make the situation public before she was allowed to see her son.

  6. How many have the DSS arrested for converting the Christians to Muslims?? Why haven’t they gone to rescue the chibok girls if they are that powerful?? Corrupt n God forsaking country..

  7. Is Muslim truly a peaceful religion with this kind of act ? Was the girl forced to be a Christian ? She is of age at 18 too make her own choice.

  8. But the sultan of sokoto can convert a Christian to Muslim and nothing will happen……… Nigerian Christians are we sleeping or what is going on…… matter how we practice the bible we should know that we can not practice it more than the Israelites……. This is rubbish our pastor are not doing the right

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