Nigerian lady shocked with content of her piggy bank savings of two years

A Nigerian lady who tried saving up with her piggy bank for two years, was shocked with contents of the box after she broke it.

Nigerian lady shocked with content of her piggy bank savings of two years lailasnews

The Nigerian lady who stated that she was expecting to see about 400K, developed ‘chest pain’ after she saw the content of her piggy bank. She wrote;

I decided to open my piggybank after reading another story of money missing from the box this morning of which I even commented. This is what I found after over 2 years of putting money in the box. I was expecting to see nothing less than 400k.I remember I got d box from a carpenter down d street February 2016 and ever since I’ve been putting money,dia were days I put 30k at once the least I put is 5k. As a matter of fact I like putting new notes and I jokingly told my husband I will use the money to buy land one day.. some said it’s diabolical while some said it’s an inside job, but right now all I know is my chest is paining me ☹️

Nigerian lady shocked with content of her piggy bank savings of two years lailasnews 1

This follows up report of a Nigerian couple who broke their piggy bank only to find nothing. Since the month of January, Iheaka Michael and his wife had been saving up money for an important cause in a piggy bank. Recently, they broke the little chest with the hope that their nest egg would have yielded quite a lot. Upon looking into the box, they found nothing except for some trifle naira notes that did not amount to anything!

Of course, their discovery made them really surprised but more than that, it aroused their suspicion. The Nigerian couple could not understand how money had disappeared from the piggy bank without it being broken into. To get a grasp of the situation, they took to Rant HQ, a Facebook group that encouraged people to voice out any such issue on the border of their minds, in order to share their experience. Michael narrated how they had decided to unlock their piggy bank or what in the Lagos parlance is called “kolo” which they had been saving up in since January. Upon opening it, all they could find were a few #20 and #100 notes.

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