Nigerian lady shares experience with a ‘London’ scammer

A Nigerian lady took to twitter to share an experience she had with a scammer who claimed he was in London and acted so rich that she believed him.

He professed his love for her and made everything look so real and then **booomm* – he asked her to take a N400,000 loan for him with her GTBank account.

Nigerian lady shares experience with ‘London’ scammer

Read the full gist below:

I met a guy on the TL in December. From one funny comment, he requested a follow back and I obliged him. In seconds, he was in my DM. He introduced himself, said he works in a bank in London, he was quite forward, asking a lot of questions.

As usual, I was put off, but it was Christmas and I was happy, I obliged him with some answers. (he basically wanted to ‘know more about me’). He asked for my number and I gave him. He called immediately with a Nigerian number. He said he was in Lagos for Christmas and I was in PH.

He ‘fell in love with my voice’, my pictures, he was literally everywhere. I could not be bothered cos from his pictures, he was not my kinda guy and from the way he typed, my patience with him was thin. I however, indulged him cos he liked to talk a lot about his family and I Liked to get angry at his pride. He said a whole lot, always sent pictures.

I didn’t rate him and we fought always cos he always sounded like a spoilt brat, from a blinded spot of privilege. Within 5 days, he started saying he loved me. Me wey ‘I love you’ no de move.

I sha could not be bothered and the fact that he was in the UK did not make any difference.The fights continued and the longest was one month cos he spoke out of turn to me and I gave it to him hot hot…When we started talking again, it seemed like he had gotten better.

I decided he’ld just be a friend. He continued with the love talk and as usual, I was not bulging. We had more conversations about him & I learnt he was from a royal family, very rich & stuff. So I told him I understood why he talked like a child who was not in tune with reality.

He liked to show off his stuff, shoes, clothes, cars and all that. I was taking mental notes. Soon, we had another fight because he asked a silly question about my culinary skills. I went off on him and insulted him. Immediately, I realized I was wrong and started apologizing.

He would not forgive and kept malice for two weeks. I felt really bad, so bad, I thought I actually liked him. So I kept asking for forgiveness. I missed our banters, bullying him and all that. He finally let go and we started talking again. This was already by the 6th month.

I told him I liked him and would want to understand him, be patient with him. I told him I didn’t want to fight anymore. He was sha behaving somehow, but well, I just liked him and na him sabi. It was not long after I told him I liked him that he came up with this issue.

He had told me he got a house in Chicago, through his brother who was a US citizen and he was furnishing the house. He also said he changed his car. He said he would be relocating to d US by September.

So he said he wanted to take a loan from Ren Money to send to the contractor to finish the furnishing. He said he needed 400k, that if he does not come up with the money, the contractor would leave site and getting another would be hard and the person would have to start from the beginning

I laughed. It didn’t add up. Why would the new contractor start afresh? What about the things already put in the house? Anyway, please don’t take any loan to finish a house. Wait till salary is paid. This was early June and he said salary would be paid by 28th of June.

I told him to be patient. He was in so much of a presssure and said I should help him ask around for ways to get better loans. My colleagues advised GTB. So, I told him GT. Next thing, baba asked if I had a GT account. I told him yes (I knew where this was headed).

I knew he would suggest that I use my account to take a loan and that would not happen. I can’t even stand as shorty for any family member for bail, or stand as guarantor. So, I told him that I just started using the account 3months ago and I was not eligible for a loan.

He said I should ask. While he called, I asked the Finance officer in my office and he said I had to be using the account for 6months. He said what about Ren Money, I told him same thing. I asked if money goes to his Nigerian account every month and he said 400k.

So I told him to use his Nigerian account. Ren Money refused and said the person had to be in Nigeria and use a salary account. I thought at that point he would rest. This nigga actually wanted me to use my god given account to take a loan of 400k. wawu! leemau!

He came again to say that he has a friend who can help me get the loan from ‘Pen Money’, that all I needed was to be using the account for 3months, and present a guarantor, that in one day, this can be done, that if I don’t have a guarantor, he can get me one. I said, if u have a guarantor, better still,

take the money from the guarantor. I rebuked him and told him I WOULD NOT TAKE A LOAN ON HIS BEHALF’. I don’t know the confdence he had that I would, maybe cos I told him I liked him, maybe cos he had said he loved me. Yunno, love = stupidity. lol!

He retreated and I did not hear about it again. I browsed about Pen Money and the first thing I saw about it was that it was a scam. I didn’t want to put it to him, I mean, I have been talking with this guiy for a while and he actually sounded nice to me.



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