Nigerian lady says Igbo women are the most romantic set of Nigerian women

A Nigerian lady on Twitter has sparked a controversial debate, as she states the tribe in Nigeria has the most romantic women.

According to the lady, with username @cocoh_mma, Igbo women are top on the list when it comes to rating the most romantic women in Nigeria.

Her statement has attracted mixed views, as social media users agreed with her, some objected, and others said it not a tribe thing but ones personality.

@cocoh_mma wrote; “Igbo women are top tier and the most romantic set of naija women tbh.”

See reactions from social media users;

@PrisciliaAmadi; “All the haters will come here to spew hate on this thread to trend.

Yet, they are begging one Chidinma or Chinenye to be their wife.

Double standards and we are here for it. Igbo girl fi life”

@thegreatola; “Igbo women, lies”

@Swae_mantis; “I’ve never been with an Igbo girl before and I’m a lil surprised both men & women are agreeing they aren’t romantic in the comments.”

@notoriousidiot1; “I’m a Yoruba guy and i concur with you…you’re damn right! Highly romantic sets of people”

@effizzzyy; “igbo women know nothing about romance abeg”

@MarkOsuchukwu; “My own igbo woman is romantic. I don’t know where yall meet those who aren’t’

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