Nigerian lady punishes her dog for chewing her iPhone

A Nigerian lady, identified as Estelle de Souza has shared some bizarre images of how she punished her dog for chewing her iPhone.

Nigerian lady punishes her dog for chewing her iPhone lailasnews

Sharing the images, the lady wrote about how her dog chewed her iPhone when she went to the toilet.

The pinishement she actually meted out on the dog was a bit bizarre, as she tied it to a stake and claimed to have flogged the dog. See what she wrote while sharing the photos;

Nigerian lady punishes her dog for chewing her iPhone lailasnews 1

Just went to the toilet and came back to see what this dog has done to my phone 😨😨😨

Amadioha can not save your nyash today. I will flog your future teeth out.


See photos below;

Nigerian lady punishes her dog for chewing her iPhone lailasnews 2

Nigerian lady punishes her dog for chewing her iPhone lailasnews 3


  1. The dog sef wicked. How could a dog do this to a phone? He deserves punishment but please let it not be too much. I can’t laugh

  2. Damn, I wouldn’t be happy if it was to be my phone, is really annoying but woman you have to endure because you kept it where it can get to it and it is your dog

  3. I don’t see it as the dog’s fault because she has to put it where the dog can’t get it before going to use the restroom…sorry for the inconvenience

  4. Hahaha this is hilarious can you imagine the punishment? Why will you even be so careless about the phone

  5. Thank God you are not in America o, they for don charge you for animal cruelty and mismanagement..Lol

  6. You should have kept it where your dog won’t get to it but this kind of punishment is too bad for an animal… Cruelty against animal is an offence

  7. The story is quite as funny as it is ridiculous. How on earth did the dog do that? Well the punishment sounds it right.

  8. Would have done same too o. But the fact is that probably the dog has been hungry for days. Are you really feeding the dog well? A hungry dog is an angry dog.

  9. Thats a bull dog that’s love chewing things up.. Even owners shoes. All she needs to do is buy dogs toys for of to play when is needs to exercise it teeth’s,

  10. Most likely you didn’t give the dog food to eat, probably it’s hungry and your phone came handy.

  11. This one na savage punishment. lol. The woman no get joy at all. The dog deserve the punishment any way.

  12. Why did you put the phone where the dog will eat it, punishing an animal will not change anything. Animals don’t have a soul.

  13. The dog lacks home training. She should have place the phone out of the reach of the dog. Flogging the dog is a bit cruel.

  14. Just playing with the phone and enjoy it with teeth. Wicked world. But a warning is needed not this punishment

  15. Probably you didn’t give the dog food when you ought to and the dog just reminded you that it is hungry.

  16. Ma’am maybe you didnt feed the dog&it tried to get back at you in its own way by biting @what you loved most……Your Mobile device.
    I’m of the thought that if you stepped up your game,The Animał wont feel so lonely

  17. She never even see anything… See as The dog just dey observe dey plan Wetin he want do the fone again.

  18. Why keep your phone careless at the reach of your pet. Abeg let go the poor’s just playing around

  19. This news in particular just made my day, the dog will still eat more if she keeps it careless again

  20. It’s not the dog fault , you have to be very careful , he’s just a cute animal who ha no idea what he’s playing with.

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