Nigerian lady narrates how friend of 20 years dumped her because fiancé said she had a pierced tongue

A Nigerian lady took to Twitter to narrate how her friend of 20 years dumped her, because her fiancé said she had a pierced tongue.

Nigerian lady narrates how friend of 20 years dumped her because fiancé said she had a pierced tongue lailasnews

According to the Nigerian lady, her friend of 20 years who dumped her went from being beautiful lady to a shadow of herself. They reconciled recently and that was when she told her that her fiancé who proposed after 4 months of dating, became a beast after marriage.

Read the tweets from @TolaBrown below;

My friend of 20 years broke up with me 3years ago because her fiancé then told her he didnt like me because i have Tongue pierce …. I met with her over the weekend and the marriage has been hell … Issa Thread …

….. absurd and so frigging annoying but then we both were dealing with family pressure to get married and apparently it was getting to her … • she was a size 18 as at then and i was a size 14, so talks of you know you’re big- age ‘ Ile obinrin ko kin pe suuuu ‘

Well… they dated for 4months then gbam the bros proposed .. i wasnt at the proposal kini because i wasnt invited for obvious reasons but i mean i called her happy for her and congratulated on process told her babe this guy na Abuja based do you feel you know him enough ??

She then hit me with the ‘ Err babe , we can’t be friends no more cuz ( Lets call the bros Femi n my friend Mide ) …becuz Femi doesnt like you tha much ‘ you have a wild look – your have tongue piercing blah blah But babe you know me better how na – biko talk to him

M – Brown jor ma binuuu – na condition wey hin gimme before hin go propose B – Mide you never too sabi this bobo naa to me sef e too early M – Abeg abeg Brown ‘ this guy love mi die and me sef gbadun ham no kon dey sound like bad belle o and you know wassup with Mumc n all

B – Ok! No wahala atleast i go still be bestlady bah ?? M – No ! Femi say you no fit come our wedding sef – abeg no vex you know its for the greater good .. ..I remember how i cried so much and too much that day – Mide is my babe – Padi – she’s one of the realest friend i had

Dec 2015 – hashtag was trending – aso ebi flying up and down , everyone tha knew us kept asking wassup n all i just couldnt say .. The Marriage was ghen ghen i was so helpless and sad how our friendship ended – it got to me so bad but i had to be understanding and stay Far away

Fast forward to December 17th 2018 , i got a call from Mide Oh .. M – Hello B – Hello … who’s this M – don’t tell me you can’t recognize this voice B – screameddddd Mide !!! Mide glitters Cheiiii Wish soap i use baff today !! Babe !! Baby !!

M – exhales deeply …. Brown where you dey , i dey Lagos – i wan see you – i don dey craze Brown – come meet me abeg abi make i come Mumc house ?? B – abeg no go Iya house o – i don move tey tey … Wetin happen ? How your hubby ? You don born ? How far ? M – Come meet me ..

Me … rushes as hell – order taxify enroute Ikeja ( in an hotel ) i kept calling her she just said i should just come .. ….. Get to hotel …. B – how far i dey down M – go reception na – will call them now B – enter and gets to her room *Now this is the real gist *

Back then MideGlitters was a black beauty – her black na shine shine own hence the MideGlitters – she loves anything silver most especially with glitter.. We both were Coke and Fanta I was the Fanta she was the Coke( infact Zobo then) …. but on getting to the hotel…

She loved her black beauty but Mide … my Mide was Half Caste – she was 10shades lighter than me – i almost couldnt recognize her – i mean i agree , life drama and hustle has made me darker but she was way way lighter than me … Dis nuh make sense but ok!

**Long hugssss +kisses ** M – how far babe ? B – i dey o baby M – wetin do you see as you black finish ? B – na stress jawe ,see as you yellow like oyinbo M – see ehn na long story-how far how marriage? Hustle ? B – me i still dey single o ! Infact na Celibacy i dey do

M – you !! Laughs B – Abeg oh!! Lemme M – Brown , i regret ever saying yes ! I wish had taken more time to know him , make my finding , research before jumping into this thing called marriage… B – how na ! Talk to me * off my gown to feel relax

Mide – its been hell , our wedding night Femi says he wants me to Quit working , and sell out my business here in Lagos , i was like no na , i ll put people on it come down twice a month or so .. he says no no … He’s the Man here and whatever he wants is the FINAL !!!

…. i would ve argued n disagreed but marriage counseling still fresh for my head – as per respect my husband- submissive ish – i said okay we ll sort it out .. Brokes into tears … a month into our Marriage Femi changed from a perfect gentle loving man to a beast

Tola !! Femi na oloriburuku.. na small small i begin notice – i was feeling very weak and sick – he got back and wanted sex i told him i need to see a doctor sef say am burning up n all .. He slapped me – punched me then forcefully had his way with me – I honestly don’t know

… how to tag it as per he’s my husband is it supposed to be called rape ? B – no !! Mide wait !! No !! I started crying M – you never hear anything o .. i couldnt move a limb i was so sacred for my life – i mean is this whom am married to ?? I told him i was gon’ report ..

Nigerian lady narrates how friend of 20 years dumped her because fiancé said she had a pierced tongue lailasnews 1


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