Nigerian Lady narrates how a cab man saved her from getting beaten to death by her boyfriend

A Nigerian lady who was badly battered by her boyfriend, has narrated how a cab man saved her from getting beaten to death.

Nigerian Lady narrates how a cab man saved her from getting beaten to death by her boyfriend lailasnews

The Nigerian lady who recounted the incident which happened in Lagos on Twitter, disclosed that it all started after her drunk boyfriend demanded for food. Read her tweets about the incident below;

I was offline for a day or two came online & saw messages from u guys. I couldn’t hold back my tears..I really appreciate you guys for noticing I was away and caring..I went to d hospital yesterday for emergency treatment.. This is my story.. I survived

This is really hard for me to type but I know it is the right thing to do, to share my story so someone out there can learn a thing or two and stay safe.. We should really appreciate life and not take it for granted.. Domestic violence can happen to anyone

And I am a victim but I survived what some people don’t survive.. Yesterday was the worst day of my life, I thought he was going to kill me.. I was in a relationship, very fresh and new though.. everything was going fine, I was so into him and was true to him

I thought being with him was going to be my last bus stop and I had hoped for a future with him.. He had too much to drink yesterday and I paid for the consequences of that action dearly. He got too drunk and I became the target practice. It was like a joke

Next thing he started calling me names, unprintable names..he screamed my name to come &give him food,I microwaved something for him,next thing he said, ” who do u think u r, I will slap u,” I was like “what did I do” that question was d trigger of my beating

Before I could say Jack, the slap came from no where and started crying, before I knew it he grabbed my throat and started squeezing it, I was still struggling to fight..the more I struggled the tighter his hands got around my throat..

How do u fight of a 6’1, 90kg man who has his hands tight around ur throat? I could feel the life leaving my body, my eyes felt like they will pop out of my socket soon..I started pouring out spit from my mouth later felt like I was foaming from my mouth ..

I stared into his eyes &he was staring back but his eyes were stone cold, no emotions at all..I knew I had to fight back..I thought about my family &people who cared about me & would have wanted me to fight hard to survive.. Immediately I prayed for strength

I got the strength and kicked him in his private area and when he let go of my neck, I made a run for it, he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me back but I twisted and break free..but he caught me before I could run for the door or lock my sef somewhere

I started begging for him not to hurt me anymore.. he tod me to knee down and raise my hand I gladly obeyed I knelt down and raised my hands crying, he sat down and started eating and later tod me to come sit beside him..I did , he started feeding me ..

It was like the horrors u see in Hollywood movies where your attacker becomes violent and the next minute is showing u care and feeding u.Everytime I try to beg comes with a slap..I later realized I was allergic to the food cos it had garlic and I am allergic

My eyes started to burn, my throat started to close up..I was begging him to stop feeding me but he refused cos he knows I am allergic and he wanted me to keep eating it to watch me in pain..I started to choke then he allowed me go vomit the food

Thinking he will leave me, I tod him I needed to sleep, it was slap that was coming so I stood up.. next thing he said I should follow him to the balcony in his kitchen..I did getting to the kitchen door he was behind me, next thing he locked my hands in his

From behind and said he was going to throw me down from his balcony, three floors down.. he dragged me to the balcony and I started struggling with him.. next thing I accidentally closed the door of the balcony now I am trapped with him on hi balcony

It’s a security door and can’t be opened from outside once it’s shut. I knew he could get angrier and it got get worse.. he eventually broke the burglary iron . Before he got a hammer to break it more and I was happy to see my escape through the window

I begged him to let me go through the window cos I was smaller than him and he agreed I went through, I was about to run and then I realized he wouldn’t get far cos he was already trying to follow the window so I opened the door and next thing it was slap

That was looking at me.. I ran for the main it open and tried to run out but he pulled me by the hair and dragged me back.. I knelt down and started begging. Since no one is hearing me scream and my throat was injured, couldn’t scream beyond that

He dragged me to the room &I tried hugging him thinking it would calm him down and that will make him come back to himself but it was abara “body slap” that I chopped.he started saying I should say I am his whore, I am his bitch, dirty bitch..I said it all

Anything just to escape and have the beating stop, I was already having difficulty breathing.. then God just touched his heart and he said he wants to go out and I should follow him..I said yes cos I know he couldn’t hurt me wen we got outside..

Since his car was still under repair we took a cab service..I requested and he tod me to drop my bag cos he said we were still coming back to the if he knew my plans I had no choice but to drop my bag the cab came and we started the journey

I was trying to make efforts to signal d driver that I was in danger.I thought he didn’t see all my signs but the driver was smart and saw it but was not sure wat I was saying..We got to his destination &he started drinking again.I knew it was finished for me

I immediately begged him to let me use the bathroom obviously I was his prisoner..I got to the bathroom and he kept knocking so I came out.. I knew I needed medical treatment immediately.. fortunately a colleague called me and I begged him to let me pick

Cos he was with my phone..he later agreed and i tod him I needed to get to the office..he refused but I begged and he agreed and tod the cab man to take me to the office wait for me and bring me back to him.wen I got into the cab the man asked me wat is wrong

” u were trying to get my attention but I needed to play it cool, I saw u were not comfortable” then I begged him not to take me back to him and tod him everything.. the cab man was in shock .. he took me to the nearest place I could get a vehicle

Guess what. He tod me not to bother about the first trip and tod me not to pay him for the second that he was going to help me.. and I had no cash on me cos my money was in the bag. I pray for his man that God will continue to bless him for wat he did for me

Eventually I got to the hospital and was treated for my allergies and other throat was also attended to.. called a friend who came to help me and gave me cash .. Typing this is so heartbreaking for me.. To know I was almost beaten and strangled

To death is so scary..not everyone survives it..If u r in a relationship, if u see signs of abuse even before it gets physical, run, don’t wait till it gets physical, u might not survive it..many families have lost their loved ones to domestic violence

Say no to Domestic violence, no body deserves to be abused irrespective of their gender.. Domestic violence is wrong no matter the gender.. I am still crying and shocked.. I am grateful to be alive and with my family..

Nigerian Lady narrates how a cab man saved her from getting beaten to death by her boyfriend lailasnews


Nigerian Lady narrates how a cab man saved her from getting beaten to death by her boyfriend lailasnews 2


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