Nigerian lady laments poor ICT training in public schools

A Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to lament the poor level of ICT training in public schools in the country.

Nigerian lady laments poor ICT training in public schools lailasnews

According to the social media user identified as, @Ennyraquel, she invigilated a JAMB exam hall, and just 50 out of the 1,000 candidates, could properly use the computers provided for the exams.

She blamed the poor performance of the low funding of public schools in the country. See what she wrote below;

Okay so I just finished invilgilating JAMB exams and all I can say is we have a very big problem that we are not aware of.

In a hall of about 250 JAMB candidates, only 10 can successfully use a computer system. The rest cannot just understand how the computer works, the are terrified at the sight of a mouse

They cannot left click, they cannot pick their answers using the mouse or the keyboard, they cannot scroll, they cannot delete when they make a mistake, they cannot locate letters on the keyboard

And JAMB has tried cos the candidates have the opportunity of doing mock exams, the purpose of mock is to expose them to computers and let them know what to expect in the day of their exams.

Before they start the exam, JAMB has provided a short video for them, the video shows them how their questions will look like, how to answer questions, how to use the mouse etc but some of them will call you and insist their pictures and reg numbers are not on the videos. How???

The front page of their rough sheets also has instructions on how to use the computer. You can successfully write JAMB exam without using the keyboard, their are letters you can use and it is explicitly stated on the front page of their rough sheets but noooo

They still don’t understand how to go about it. One of the candidates called me and told me he wanted to submit, I looked at the screen and realised he hasn’t answered any question, apparently he has been double clicking

On the letters of the options, n then it highlights and he thinks he has picked the answers. He hasn’t answered any questions and at that time they had just 10mins to go, now tell me, how does he want to pass the exam?

Meanwhile on the rough sheet and in the video it is clearly stated, press A if the answer is option A, press B if the answer is option B etc, press S to submit, press N for previous and so but these candidates cannot just do it

Some submit without answering any questions, a candidate left after answering about 40 questions out of 180. If the computer hibernates all they just need to do is shake the mouse some would raise it up in the air…please how?????? Some would start saying prayers in Yoruba!!!!!!

Some cannot type in their reg number, they don’t know how to. At the front page of their rough sheets, JAMB explained the use of nine keys, a candidate called me to tell me he has ticked the nine keys on the rough sheet. I was like what the?????

Most cannot construct a simple sentence in English, you will start hearing ‘ I aff submit’ , ‘i aff write it’, ‘ezzz not press’ . Some will turn it to pidgin ‘ I no fit do am’ . My Yoruba people will say ‘edakun ko te’, ‘mi o ri se’. Guys, it is bad.

That means students that go to private schools are in the minority cos at the end of the day over 1000 candidates did their jamb in my center and about 50 can use the computer well. The rest??? Nahhhh

I asked 1 of em and he told me they have only abacus in their school, ABACUS!!!! Some secondary schools use abacus??? He said he has never seen a computer in his life. Of cos we had this conversation in Yoruba cos we were struggling with English.

They cannot comprehend, cos if you ask them to explain the instructions at the front page of their rough sheet they cannot that means they don’t understand what is written there, how then do they want to follow instructions if they can’t comprehend.

Most of them struggle to communicate with you in English, they can’t make the words. They just can’t. And these candidates will enter universities and come out as graduates?

Honestly we are not expecting too much from public schools in Nigeria, don’t buy ACs, you don’t have to produce the best waec results but at the very very very least, provide Computers for God sake, Computers. How will they survive without knowing how to use computers?

How will they survive if they don’t know how to effectively communicate? How will they survive if they cannot comprehend simple English? It’s sad

This experience is not just in my centre, it is a problem in ilorin centres. I do not know about other states. But in ilorin, it’s a mess. It’s a huge mess.

Some will fail, not because they don’t know(even though they don’t know, cos some easy questions were missed but It might be easy for me and difficult for them but that’s not the point) but because they do not know how to use a computer. The thing is like magic to them.

I know we do GoFundMe for the health problems of people, but should we start gofundme for the educational system? We honestly cannot crowdfund our way out of our problems/incompetence/corruption in this country.

At some point, something has to be done to these public schools especially. I know most people are not aware if these problems cos we all went to ‘tush’ schools where we had cybe cafes in schools but this is a problem and it most be addressed.

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