Nigerian lady, Kara blasts Miss Vimbai over her ‘fake lifestyle’ post

Days ago, OAP Miss Vimbai slammed female celebrities who take to social media to flaunt the lifestyle that they are actually not living.

According to her, most of the wealth female celebrities flaunt on social media are either gotten as gifts or even borrowed. Nigerian lady, Kara blasts Miss Vimbai over her ‘fake lifestyle’ post lailasnews 2

After the post went viral, a lot of social media users claimed she was referring to Laura Ikeji, but Laura in her reaction, claims she wasn’t on the table Vimbai was shaking.

Remember Vimbai had mentioned that anyone that is not making N20million annually is not certified to teach other people about success, but Laura however claimed she makes even more than that.

Well, it seems Vimbai has gotten another response from a management consultant identified as Kara

Kara in her reaction to the viral post, asked women to support one another and not feel bad when they see others excelling in their various careers.

She wrote;

Why do ladies like to tear one another down instead of showing each other support? The world is already hostile to us without us being our own enemies. No matter what the hustle is or how odd it may seem, she is only trying to survive and improve her self-worth. For whatever it is worth I am for uplifting the feminine pride and clapping when i see a win or the semblance of a win… I would rather not focus on shaking any tables. I make more than 20 million a year but i certainly do not see that as a criterion or benchmark for being inspirational or a motivational figure. Do you and let others do them… and just focus on the positives. Focus on your own table

In case you missed Vimbai’s post:

If your expensive handbag is a gift, that’s ok. If your first luxury car was a gift from hubby that’s great. If you travel in luxury courtesy of bae that’s cool too. If your talent is social media, embrace it and earn off it. BUT please stop lying to young girls about how hard you have worked, and giving terrible advice about how to build this or that and how to be successful in business or have a high flying career.

STOP IT!! If your business hasn’t made at least N20m turnover per annum, please just book a seat in the audience and pay attention to those who have done it. There is no shame in it and it doesn’t make you any less of a respectable woman. Making it in life begins with harnessing your truth 👌🏾#TableShaker#MondayMotivation#MoreProfitsLessPackaging


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