Nigerian lady goes off on a rant over ex-husband’s new marriage

A Nigerian lady, who seems to be displeased with the way her ex-husband handled things before remarrying, has gone off on a rant on Facebook.

Nigerian lady goes off on a rant over ex-husband's new marriage lailasnews

According to Ndukwe Nkechi, her ex-husband who she addressed as a ‘damn coward’ abandoned their three kids with accumulated bills. Her Facebook post reads;

So I just found out that my ex hubby who I had 3 kids with got married last Saturday. It doesn’t hurt me, because he moved on, but because I’ve been caring for our kids alone thinking he’s got nothing.

Which man abandons his kids this way please. I’m pained, Not happy at all. I’m sad. I too deserve to save some cash and fix my life up. I too have personal needs to meet. I too deserve to think about myself even if for just a minute and not worry about accumulated bills. Life’s a fucking asshole, maybe he’s here, who knows?? In case you’re seeing this ‘you’re a damn coward’ just so you know Mr. N.D

Ohhh men!
One minute dey mk u wanna scream ‘Love issa byutifu tin!’ and d next minute u wanna tell d whole world “Don’t ever fall in love! It is bad! Very bad!”
Hmmm… Wen pastors pray n bind #confusion_spirits, i tink dey r talking abt men o

Nigerian lady goes off on a rant over ex-husband's new marriage lailasnews 1

We also reported yesterday, that a Nigerian man identified as Mr. Pius Edobor from Uromi in Edo State, reportedly absconded from home since his wife Mrs. Ugonma Edobor gave birth to triplets on December 29th, 2017.

In a viral post on social media, the Nigerian man was accused of abandoning his jobless poor wife to take care of the triplets and their other two children. One of such posts reads;

Mrs. Ugonma Edobor gave birth to set of triplet December 29th, 2017. It is sad to note that her husband Mr. Pius Edobor from Uromi absconded to unknown destination leaving the jobless poor woman to take care of the triplet and her other two children in the midst of economic hardship conspicuous.

You can reach her on 07052992285.

Let’s show the innocent children love.



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