Nigerian lady fights with husband in US over cheating allegation

A Nigerian lady identified as Oluwaseun was captured in a viral video, fighting with her husband, one Rasheed Akinsowon from Ondo state who she accused him of cheating.

Nigerian lady clashes with husband in US over cheating allegation lailasnews

The Nigerian lady who accused her husband of maltreating her and even kicked her out of the house so he could bring his baby mama in, was spotted holding her husband’s cloth and further stopped him from going out as he recorded the fight on camera which he threatened to post online so people could see how his wife treats him.

The couple got married in 2015 in Ondo state, before they relocated to the United States. It was gathered that shortly after Nigerian lady arrived US, she found out that her husband has a daughter and baby mama.

The lady who accused her husband of cheating on her with the baby mama and never sleeping at home, got into the fight with her husband after she came back from work and was locked out. Here is the video below;


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  1. Some Mennn eehh, can’t they do without cheating? Fighting ay not be the answer rather reasoning together, I guest might do better for them

  2. When marriage gets to some certain level just like holding shirts and maltreatment .. that kind of marriage better be dissolved

  3. What man are doing to ladies is unbelievable, and is good to the man that the laddy dealed with him next time ,he will no not to deal with ladies.

  4. Since you knew he has a baby mama before he married you don’t need to come to tell us what is not jor find all means to settle your home if you still need the marriage

  5. I guess they have no child together, but the man should treat her with respect, I just hate women being maltreated. All is well

  6. Its time women realized that men are cheats by nature, and stop killing themselves over any man, look after yourselves women.

  7. Marriage doesn’t last long if the foundation is built with lies and deceit.The best thing is for them to divorce since it’s not working for them.

  8. Sometimes I wonder why this men don’t marry their baby mamas but will go ahead and marry another woman yet still have illicit affairs with the baby mama.

  9. Men and cheating. But i advice you to accept it in good faith. He love u thats why he came to marry you. Ypu too be a good and clean woman.

  10. I apologize for talking like this, but why are Nigerian men like this. always allowing the animalistic (don’t know if this word exists) tendencies that all humans have (including women) to get the better part of them. It is sad.

  11. Hmmm. So many bad experience of failed marriage. It’s scary how marriage talks scare me so much these days. Why can’t married people be faithful especially men?

  12. Disgraceful!on the part of the husband,for cheating,on the part of the wife for washing their dirty linen in public…may God help this marriage.

  13. Her husband had a baby before he got married to her. In this case, the husband’s baby mama should be the one displaying grief and anger, but she endured. The wife in like manner should also endure and not fight.

  14. Why will this man bring his wife to the US when he knows that she will find out his fishy attitude? Worse of all he carried his nija attitude abroad by sending his wife outta his house. God help men.

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