Nigerian lady blasts woman who said she’s too young to give life advice

A Nigerian lady and writer Ada Nwoke has taken to twitter to totally blast a woman who called her out for being too young to give people life advice.

The woman argued that Ada was in secondary school in 2012 and she is not qualified to advise adults on the platform.

Nigerian lady blasts woman who said she’s too young to give life advice

Well, in a retaliatory post, Ada showed her the stuff she is made of gave her detailed facts on why she should be respected despite her young age.

The lady identified as @aunty_les had written:

Lmao that okem gini gini handle was in secondary school in 2012 ? And she dey give una life advice steady

Then Ada wrote in her response:

Yes I was in sec sch in ‘12, carrying my school through countless competitions & winning huge awards for myself. I also left uni last yr, rounded off my NYSC in March, now work w one of Nigeria’s top magazines & have been featured on CNN. You should take advice from smart people.

If at your big age you think that younger people should suppress their voice and opinions in order to indulge your dead ego, you only added a new definition to stupid.

Imagine coming at me and of all things it has to be my age. Yes, I am 24. I was in secondary school in 2012. Go to FGGC Ibusa and ask of me. Tell them to show you all my records. I was popular for being smart and outspoken. I was never a cow. Put some respect on my name, stupid.

President, Literary and Debating Society.✅Secretary, Press Club.✅The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition✅Presidential Debates✅Arts student but still represented my school in American Mathematics Competitions.✅Annual Best in Literature-In-English Award x2✅

Handpicked by the Ministry of Education alongside five other students from the whole of Delta State to give a speech at the House of Assembly on the Day of the African Child.✅HIV/AIDS peer educator, recognised by the First Lady for my exceptional dedication to the cause.✅

Never missed the “Top 5” list in my class. Out of the 257 students in my set, I was easily the most decorated. I was 15 and receiving the governor’s handshake like it was nothing.

Here I am, wishing I were as smart and vibrant as I was before adulthood came and ruined me, and you’re using the best years of my life as a subject of ridicule. Seriously? 2012 was a year of glory. Don’t play with me, sis.

Dear @Aunty_Les, let it be known that in addition to your filthy reputation of senseless ageism, you will always be remembered as the ancient of days who was dragged on the internet by a girl who graduated secondary school in 2012.


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