Nigerian lady battered by boyfriend for attempting to leave him

A Nigerian lady has taken to Instagram to call out an ex boyfriend n who she claimed battered her for leaving him.

Posting photos of her battered face and injured body online, the lady revealed that despite inflicting serious pains across her body, the man still took her to the Police Station and forced her to sign some papers she was not aware of the content.

Nigerian lady battered by boyfriend for attempting to leave him

She wrote:

”Let me put it straight.. I think most of u don’t understand me, I wasn’t beaten up by any girl, and Perharps no girl can ever punch my eyes this way and won’t go to her early grave.

I posted some days ago that I was done with a nigga I was kissing, that his gf should come get him, which later he bought icecream and apologized to me, gave me good head and we had a nice fuck, but he feel Inlove with a bad bitch.

I told him let me spoil u, but I don’t do love, unfortunately he feel In love with the cruise I gave him, and nigga refused me to go have fun and he got addicted to me, when I finally made up my mind to go, he beat me up for breaking his heart,, like the fuck..

Y’all know am a badbitch, I don’t love, I only make u go crazy, put u on some estacy shit and fuck the hell outta u,, and I go, This nigga beat me up and took me to the police to sign.. with my two eyes closed with I don’t get.. is it by force to love? I didn’t even know what I signed for, maybe not to come after him for beating me.. but hey ..

I was beaten because Pussy too sweet that ur man wanted to keep me, but am a shameless hoe. I gave him cruise, he feel in love with it, now I gotta have a swollen eyes for having a sweet pussy??.

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