Nigerian Govt discovers properties in the US and UK linked to Deputy Senate President

The Federal government of Nigeria has discovered properties worth millions of Naira belonging to Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu in 3 different countries.

The government has swiftly written to the authorities of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), United Kingdom and the United States of America after discovering hidden assets owned in the three countries by Nigerian Deputy Senate President.

Nigerian Govt discovers properties in the US and UK linked to ex-Senator lailasnews 3

According to SaharaReporters, in the letters written to the UAE and USA, Mr. Fowler is relying on the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEoI), a multi-jurisdictional instrument for exposing hidden assets and incomes, to which Nigeria is a signatory. The AEoI, which kicked in Nigeria on January 1, was conceived to stop illicit financial flows.

Nigerian Govt discovers properties in the US and UK linked to ex-Senator lailasnews 2

Mr. Ekweremadu’s properties in the UAE were exposed by a whistleblower. In the country, the Deputy Senate President owns eight properties. Among these are Apartments EGG1/1/114 and EGG1/1/115 Emirates Garden, Apartment DFB/12/B 1204 Park Towers, Flat 3604, MAG214 and Villa No.148, MAEEN1 The Lakes, Emirate Hills. The others are Boulevard 3901, two flats of Burij Side Boulevard, The Signature; and Room 1903, Hotel Downtown.

In respect of Mr. Ekweremadu’s properties in the United Kingdom, President Muhammadu Buhari through one of the Special Assistants wrote to the Serious Fraud Office and is relying on the recently passed Unexplained Wealth Order (UWO) in the country. The order prescribes forfeiture of assets valued at 50,000 pounds and above for which the owner cannot adequately explain the source of income with which it was acquired.

 “The objective of this letter is to alert you of this development in view of the Voluntary Declaration of Assets and Income Scheme introduced by the Federal Government,” stated Fowler in the letter.

In the United Kingdom, Mr. Ekweremadu owns Flat 4 Varsity Court, Homer Street, WIH 4NW London and 52 Ayleston Avenue, NW6, London. In the United States, the Deputy Senate President has a three-property portfolio comprising 4507 Stella Street, Bellavida Estate, Kissimmee, Florida; 2747 Club Cortile Circle, Kissimmee, Florida and 2763 Club Cortile Circle, Kissimmee, Florida.

The letter to the US government was addressed to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) under the United States Justice Department.

A copy of the letter was also sent to Tunde Fowler, Executive Chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Service in Abuja.



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  1. I do not understand what you mean by “ex-Senator”, ” Former Deputy Senate President” when the man is still in office. Please proof read before posting.

  2. Laila how is Like Ekweremadu former deputy senate president? Please stop misleading your readers. See me searching me searching Google to know where I was when he was dethroned.

  3. The problem with Africa in general and Nigeria in particular is corruption, which directly and indirectly affects all aspects of our daily living.Corruption in Nigeria is top to bottom.Every Nigerian living in Nigeria has the potential to be corrupt when the opportunity presents itself. Iam based in the USA and I know how many times letters I sent home were opened and contents stolen or changed for fraudulent purposes.The Western governments go to Africa, seek out the hapless and corruption prone “elites” in the military,academic,business and politics,corrupt them with few million dollars and promise of unlimited visas, and have them serve their interests instead of the interests of their citizens.So in place of good governing, we have massive looting by these so-called government officials , whose allegiance is to the dollar rather than country. Every other Nigerian take their cues of corruption from these airheads.Nigerians are honestly the most unpatriotic people on earth.For Nigeria and Africa to make things right,we need as many Muretala mohammeds and Castros, those incorruptible and brilliant leaders who center their leadership on the wellbeing of their citizens and held hostage by foreign by dollars that do not give a damn about the ordinary citizens.

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