Nigerian feminist reveals why men hate runz girls

A Nigerian feminist, Ozzy Etomi has revealed why men hate runz girls, a debate which was ignited by Falz new track, Talk.

Nigerian feminist reveals why men hate runz girls lailasnews

Nigerian rapper Falz started a huge conversation and debate on social media about ‘transactional sex’, after the released of his latest works.

The rapper has been criticised for trying to be a judge on how anyone chooses to do use their body. However, the rapper has hit back saying the opinion is his and that is his stand.

Well in a long Twitter post, Ozzy Etomi, says men only dislike runs girl because they think sex is freely owed to them.

She noted that men feel very deeply insecure “when it comes to their financial standing, and knowing that most runs babes would never glance twice at their parched pockets makes them build a deep resentment to these women.”

"Some of my tweet are extremely dumb" - Elon Musk

Read what she wrote below;

The only reason men dislike runs girls is because men think sex is freely owed to them. They resent that women can place a premium on their vaginas because they hate women & associate their sexual autonomy to worthlessness & think only a man can legitimize her sexual agency

Men are deeply insecure when it comes to their financial standing, and knowing that most runs babes would never glance twice at their parched pockets makes them build a deep resentment to these women that have deemed them unworthy to f*ck.

Though most relationships are transactional (taking out on dates, buying gifts, etc) men HATE to date at their “level”. Therefore they develop a deep stan like admiration/jealousy for rich men while developing hatred for women who let them know they’re out of their league.

Men like this also resent the ease at which women can access these powerful and rich men that they jerk off to daily, and think they are more worthy to be in the presence of their idols and benefit from their generosity. You can imagine the annoyance, dears.

Men like this do not believe women have value. Therefore the thought of a woman placing any type of value on herself is deeply offensive to them. Yet, watch this man get his money up and think he deserves to upgrade to “premium” as fast as his legs can carry him.

I’ve forgotten what its called, but this complex has a name. It’s the reason when a man gets money, instead of dating the women that have always liked him, he desires to date the type of women that have previously rejected him. Look at athlete & entertainers wives. Shikena.


  1. Men thinks the rule the world and it is their world ,they can do what ever they want and wish forgoting that some one trully loves from the heart

  2. I will say that most of the runs girls are not just doing it because they want to catch fun, they are doing it because they wanted to help their family member

  3. Runs is not good work, they shall stop it, and find better things to do, they shall repent from selling their body.

  4. Men hate runs girls, because the prone to even have sexual transmitted diseases and runs girls are not safe

  5. Runs babe aren’t the best I even hate them personally cause all they could deliver as a woman is just sex! And that’s all.

  6. I personally think that men rejects runs girls because of the fear of sexually transmitted diseases.

  7. Madam, what u said is your stand and what Falz said is his stand. Someone must not agree with u to be right. If I don’t like how u live your life because I know someone will marry u at the expense of the kids you will raise tomorrow, you can’t say the person is wrong because you feel your silly self is right

  8. They hate runz Gil’s for nothing most of them are out of the love they show and they decided to go for the one that rejected them before is to show them that nothing is permanent in this world if you didn’t someone do

  9. Man heats runs girls because that is their formula of getting money well let me just say is their business.

  10. I feel some men thinks women are so insignificant therefore they are not expected to place any value on themselves

  11. Not surprised with comments of ewatomi.. She too is a runz girl so its proper for her to defend her likes.. No reasonable person will give excuse for not liking a runz girl. No sane human being would like a runz girl. This is not nollywood

  12. Of course most men dislike runs girl. Mostly because there’s is no emotional attachment. And they want to get money out of u by all means.

  13. It’s not advisable for a woman to sell her body for money, that’s immorality, men naturally don’t love them no matter how pleasurable they look, they just don’t fall in love with them, may God have mercy on this generation

  14. Me i dont even understand the bases of her argument, why do people like announcing their depressed self outside, instead of asking for God’s forgiveness and keeping that temple clean for God

  15. We really need God’s mercy and intervention in this our generation. People doing whatever they like not caring about their souls

  16. All men knows the bests for them and they always go for it.
    Even an average minded man can move with a runs girl but will never go in with the intention of getting married to her..
    No man will want to have a runz girl as a soul mate, it is too appalling.
    But once they find the better one for them, definetly they are going for it

  17. Men do know what is best for them and definitely, they will go for the best.
    No one will want to have a runz girl as wife, they can move with them though, but not to give in for marriage.
    They go for the best

  18. One man’s food is another man’s poison. Not all men dislike runs girls. It depends how they carry themselves. For a fact, Runs Girls get level if you don’t know. Thanks Falz

  19. Also girls like to be with men that have money ,not knowing that god pane my be that,the that you going to marry men poor of just of a menin time ,,,,,god pane is the best

  20. Life is albut techings ,,,and we boys and girls ,we have be good to our sifes ,,and to do good ,men god help us

  21. Of girls the love wean men have the money ,the well foget that what u do well is the things that come back to you later ,wegether good or bad ,so do good ,oo

  22. Of dose girls that reject me na ,,the are not my future wife so i well get my sife on tham to marry or any order thing if life ,

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