Nigerian DJ XGee commits suicide after leaving note on Instagram

Lagos-based DJ XGee commits suicide just moments after leaving a suicide note on Instagram.
Nigerian DJ XGee commits suicide after leaving note on Instagram lailasnews

Nigerian DJ XGee commits suicide after leaving note on InstagramAccording to an inside source, DJ XGee drank “Sniper,” an insecticide.

He wrote on his Instagram page before taking his life:

Okay there is a twist to this last respect ppl give to their loved ones when gone ….. Black as signs of sadness ..but in my case please Rock WHITE Cos i love this colour so much . to all have made smiled and to those i have pissed off trust me im only being Human.

Enikorewa i love u so much , Eriayo u name sums it all up u are truly d reason for my Joy . Omobolanle ajoke u know i care ..

Moradeke my mum may my God heal u and to my in-Laws Stay Blessed Always ❤

It is not clear yet why DJ XGee has chosen to commit suicide, but friends and family are already trooping to his page to pay tributes.

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  1. What on earth could have made him do this horrible thing?Suicide is never an option no matter what you are passing through.May his soul rest in peace and my condolences to his family.

  2. Committing sucide is not an option to solve your problems.people who commit suicide born in hell.God should help us from depression.

  3. The right to take away lives is solely God’s. Well, the reason for his action is best known to him

  4. It is a very sad story. God will forgive him his sins and may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace

  5. So so sad, what is happening to our youth? May his soul rest in peace and may God comfort the family

  6. This is becoming too much ooooo, what is really happening why all the suicide na, people are begging God to be alive and others are killing themselves, Why

  7. Hmmmm…..this is getting too much ,why would a young man with a good career take his own life,hmmm only God knows

  8. Can people really find time to discuss their problem with anyone that can help, I understand something things since unbearable but killing oneself is totally wrong but a sin to Our Creator. It is well

  9. Hmmmmm, I can say it any day that those who commit suicide are cowards. What are you afraid of, what is it that borders you that people has not been and still pull through? Learn to speak up it out. It is never an option. Do you consider the pains and agony your loved ones will face and the truma you put them through? Do you think that that is the end to the challenges of life? #saynotosuicide.

  10. What a world wonder shall never end why would he have to drink insecticide medicine I don’t think he did it intentionally

  11. I really don’t get it. Do they think suici is a way out of this hell hole. U ll only regret it when u kill urself.

  12. There shld be something dat led to him killing himself, maybe bcos of fame. Rest in peace da grin d second

  13. What can make DJ xgee to kill him self , is it hardship in the country or is there any baba in the village with remote

  14. Taking your own life can not make you reach heaven, suicide can never be an option never,God can still reverse things. Goodnight.

  15. Na wa oooo….. this life slf, no matter what the problem must have been taking his life will never have solved it.

  16. What would have warranted him to take is own life ,mehn this is sad,may is soul rest in peace.

  17. Most persons now have kept the mentality that taking their life is the favourable option..what a God forsaken mentality!!!

  18. This is truly the work of the devil. Such a young promising man committing suicide. It is not ordinary.

  19. God have mercy, so where is your soul going to now, why is the devil be clouding the mind of people.

  20. That is a very bad way to die. Whatever happens taking once life is not the solution.

  21. There isn’t a reason for suicide in the note he left behind. Just wondering what might be the cause.

  22. Suicide is caused by the spirit of depression. He must have been going through a lot that lead to what happened.

  23. Committing suicide has never been a noble act. I wish people will understand that no trouble is worth ones life. RIP

  24. Taken ur life is the worst decision anyone should ever make or think off because u just pass ur problems to others to continue with and ur sin is there waiting for u.

  25. This is so disheartening and painful. What could have made him commit suicide if not Depression ” guys. Many people are dying in silent and covering up with smiles not minding there statues in the society. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor. This is becoming epidemic into the society now. We should try to look out for one another always. Whatever the situation anyone is passing through in life, it doesn’t worth taking your own life please. We need prayers for one another because depression is so strong that it can overwhelm anyone but with prayers and grace of God, we can overcome it. Such a vibrant young man gone so soon and with so much bright future. My condolence to his family and loved ones. So sad!!!

  26. Jesus! Depression is real and bad. Opening up to loved ones can provide a solution. I wonder if he’s now at rest.

  27. He didnt think of the family he will be leaving behind wen he took that stupid decison. I cant imagine the agony the family will be going through now

  28. This suicide thing is just getting out of hand. No matter how bad your situation is, speak out, reach out to people. Some pple are in worse situations than you. Don’t cause pple who genuinely love u unnecessary pain.

  29. Madness dahs wah I call dah not depression……u think God made a terrible mistake bringing you to dx world….am dissappointed in you

  30. What must have caused him comitting suicide. From his tweet it shows that he has people that love him.

  31. Committing suicide is that the new way of going to heil now their own is better o God have mercy on his people

  32. Hmm… The cause has to be ascertained. He might have been saying it without anybody taking cognizance. May God have mercy.

  33. I don’t understand why someone would take his life I think this must be Satan in action because this man did not give any reason for killing himself Lord have mercy on us

  34. Why resort to suicide where you could’ve just let someone in on your problems. May God accept your soul and give you eternal rest, Amen.

  35. No matter the trouble, suicide is not the answer because its simply means you are telling God that he can not help you and you don’t appreciate his breath of life

  36. Something must have been bothering him for a while without Antony noticing… They say those that commit suicide always show signs of depression at one point or the other. May his soul rest in peace

  37. The suicide rates in our country is becoming alarming. How do we get over these? May the Lord comfort those he left behind.
    I respective of what you are going through, speaking out is the best and suicide isn’t an option

  38. Suicide is not the best solution, you don’t have right to take your life whatever it may be.

  39. The life u have isn’t yours or by ur power,so why take ur life by ur self,, No matter the situation,, condition or frustration in life, its never advisable to commit suicide,, ONE THERE IS LIFE,THERE IS HOPE, oh no. Its a pity, what a life what a world and what a foolishness of ignorance

  40. But no matter how hard the situation, turn to your God and your problem will be solved because He is the best problem solver. This guy failed to do that, may his soul rest in peace

  41. Hw can someone just take his life like that na wa ooooooo father lord change the mind set of some people

  42. Jesus Christ aw will someone just decide to take his life…he should av at least thought of his family he is leaving behind if he rily loves them…hmm,rest in peace

  43. People are committing suicide as if they are traveling go abroad, I pray may God stop this evil act that’s becoming rampant in our society

  44. He shouldn’t have have done that when their is life hope still await to come. God will be his family

  45. What is going on in this country, am wondering what could have caused him to commite suicide. Please everyone should be watchful amongst family members and friends so we can nitice this suicidal traits or parttern on time.

  46. Nawao….person go just take him life wey e no fit create.
    I pray to God to forgive u and accept ur soul in His paradise.
    Rest on DJ

  47. I wonder what’s on the other side that motivates a sane person to use his hands and take his own life. What more, RIP if really you finds peace there.

  48. Committing suicide is never the right option no matter what. How will his family fill the void he has left?

  49. Depression is real. Maybe he has been battling it but suddenly lost. May God console those he left behind

  50. I can never feel sorry for anyone that commit suicide because no matter the reasons it is just crazy.

  51. Committing suicide is never the best option no matter what the problem is
    God always have a solution to our problems

  52. Suicide is never a solution to any problem and to sum it up you will be going to gel because the bible which is the word of God condemns it.Rest in Peace

  53. This is shocking, why would one want to think of suicide? I know life ain’t easy and it can be complicated but suicide ain’t the best option

  54. Was there not someone around to have stopped him from comminting suicide , i don’t see any reason why he should kill himself

  55. Hmm these is strange oo
    Their is something fishing somewhere
    Cuz this is not ordinary at all
    I guess he put is hands in something he suppose not too and it has backfired

  56. What is even going on oin the world recent times suicide everywhere…now in this case am speechless because i dont know what will possibly be his problem because from looks he is doing well not hungry at all…anyway God accept your soul with mercy for taking your life you cant creat….RIP BRO REST ON

  57. Brave people do not commit suicide, they face challenges of life headlong
    To anyone who has decided suicide then it is a pitiable damage
    But life will also continue
    The bigger thing u will achieve is
    Rip on ur fine photo

  58. When you get there please tell my dad that am doing great then tell my mum that i miss her a lot. you dont have the right to take the life that God has given to you.

  59. insecticide!!! what a terrible was to commit suicide! he should have confided in friends his problems instead of the hardest way. too bad.

  60. why will such a man commit suicide no matter what the case may be commit suicide is wrong only if he is forced unwillingly to do so. May God help us

  61. Oh my God! Why is it that more and more people are taking their life. What is really happening? What is going on in this country? People now see sucide as a solution or a way out. May DJ XGee soul rest in peace. Sucide is never the solution to any problem. God take control

  62. What must have pushed him to commit such abominable act?may God grant his family and friends the fortitude to bear the loss.

  63. Can’t still figure out y he would take his own life,may his soul rest in peace.Letz always keep in contact with our love ones always

  64. Suicidal cases is on the high side in Nigeria. Is it bcos of d economy n d way d country is been governed? God pls come yo our aid…..

  65. May his soul rest in peace,Why would he commit suicide i thought everything was okay but no.There are alot of people going through depression. God help us all from the conditions in this country.

  66. There is more to this.. This kind of stuff does not just happen on a daily basis okay.. All the same rip bro

  67. What comes into people head nowadays committing suicide! This is too much a person most be thankful for the blessing of this life.
    Sort for the lost to all family and friends of DJ

  68. God help us in this country, the way people are killing themselves is so alarming oo. Haaaaa

  69. This is so sad and tragic.May be the guy has been having depression . It’s a pity he has to die.

  70. What could be reason for this act, I’m just surprised and shocked that a full flesh man will take his life just like that, maybe the devil did over time in his head

  71. May his soul rest in peace. I think he was depressed about something. Because it doesn’t seem right.

  72. Oh-ooooh!
    What such self suicide is this?
    No matter what, there should be hope, killing self is not the best option for solution. I hope your soul rest in perfect peace.

  73. What a pity . I hate seeing things like dis u should a grown made kill himself for unknown reason ….rest in peace

  74. This guy has done a very wrong thing, you have killed a soul you can not create. God will still punish you for that.

  75. What people dont know that suicide is never a solution to any problem.. Instead it worsen it..cos its a sin to take a life u never created… Rip

  76. Committing suicide is not the best, neither is it the solution, what ever the reason or the problem he should have taken it to the Lord in prayer, too bad.

  77. Hmmm something is really wrong in this country I think Nigerian has done something wrong yes how could one feel good to end his own life this is something else

  78. There’s nothing that should make one to take his own life as there’s no forgiveness on that in heaven. Rest in peace.

  79. Suicide is not the way, no matter the challenges of life, frustration or depression. May God forgive him and may his soul rest in peace.

  80. This is so strange, African. Don’t normally commit suicide. Its unusual in Africa, only God knows best.

  81. This suicide in not normal…. Hw will a handsome guy like this take his own life….something is still not right.. .

  82. This issue of suicide is becoming too rampant. How can a full fledged roboust guy like that take his life . Think there is more to it

  83. He doesn’t look poor as to say he lacks money. Why should he take sniper for God’s sake? Imagine the number of people he has put in a mourning condition and grief

  84. This is what happens when everyone around you are quick to judge you and shout on you about stuff and they don’t care to look at it from another angle… They just bring in their Nigerian mentality into everything and people die everyday by commiting sucide… Let’s be quick to notice a depressed person and help them…. To everyone thinking of sucide as the answer, trust me it’s not the answer and you’re still gonna sin against God…. Try to talk to someone about it, give yourself positive vibes and stay with the right kind of people… RIP DJ

  85. I don’t know why people sometimes will want to come up with the idea of taking their lives . May he continue to rest on.

  86. I don’t know why and don’t want to knw why ppl commit suicide, that’s not the best option

  87. No matter the situation one maybe going through suicide is not the way out, as long as there is life there is hope

  88. Suicide should never be an option, you’re only adding more sorrow to your loved one. Rest in peace DJ

  89. This is good news,so sad of him to commit suicide, I hope his family will be ok,this is good news

  90. Holy shit what could have cause this action of this amiable DJ culpable homicide is not the best solution to any problem its pathetic may his soul rest in peace

  91. This is painful. Please Nigerian, lets learn to tell people sweet words like …Jesus loves you …Jesus cares…I care…I love youy. THese words will go a long way healling the wounds nyou cant see cos they are in the heart

  92. Y is it dat people think that commiting suicide will end their problems it’s the beginning of more problems rest in peace

  93. This so sad, family and friends should pay lot of attention to members
    Depression is real and only love and care can help

  94. God take control of your children
    The devil has planted evil seeds in their hearts making them feel they can’t make it, they are failures
    But this isn’t true

  95. whe kill yourself, no matter what the problem is definitely there must something to be done, my his soul rest in peace

  96. We just entered 2019 instead of celebrating the gift of lives some are still dieing.God please save your children.Amen

  97. What ever the case maybe suicide is not the answer. Imagine this fine, chubby good looking well known dj committing suicide. I guess you are receiving the pay for taking your life in hell now.

  98. People are committing suicide this days, May God help us and deliver us, suicide should be stopped.

  99. What can separate me from the love of God? Absolutely nothing. Suicide is never and should never be considered a choice to settling problems

  100. only God know’s why he decided to commit suicide …..And it becoming alarming the way people think of sucide nowadays

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