Nigerian dad reveals how he got kids to stop bullying his daughter in school

A Nigerian dad, who works as a cinematographer in the United States, has taken to Twitter to reveal how he got kids to stop bullying his daughter in school.

Nigerian dad reveals how he got kids to stop bullying his daughter in school lailasnews
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Among young ones in school, it is very common to find some bullies, this is why teachers and administrators need to be vigilant so as to protect students.

This wasn’t the case in the school of the daughter of a Nigerian dad, as the teacher turned a blind eye to multiple reports of classmates hitting his daughter.

After multiple attempts to get the teacher to act, the dad simply identified as, @IamEtubo, on Twitter asked his kid to retaliate if she ever gets hit again. His narrated below;

At a point I told my daughter “Never hit anyone. Report them to your teacher”. I would go pick her up in school and get reports that she got hit by one of her classmates. I made their teachers understand it needed to stop. But it never stopped.

She came home with the same gists. I got tired, and sat her down one day, and said “Hey, if anyone hits you. You have to hit them back”, she asked “I’m not gonna get in trouble?” I said “only if you hit them first. Dont go around hitting people first. But if anyone hits you. Hit them back!”.

She said “okay daddy”. About a week later, I went to pick her up in school and her teacher told me she got into a fight. I asked Amiyah what happened, she said a boy hit her and she hit him back, so he started crying. Oshey Omo ologo!!.

I asked the teacher what the problem was She didn’t utter a word. You are a clown, If you think I’m gonna make my daughter go apologize because she defended herself or got hit first. I asked her “do you know how many times I came to you my daughter said she got hit by some kid?” The teacher said everything would be – Taken care of. So, I asked if she was hurt, and how she was feeling on our way home.

She replied “I’m not hurt daddy, I’m fine. Can we go eat?” I asked her what happened with the kid.. “he pushed me and I told him to stop, then he hit me on my chest” okay 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ “then I hit him..On his belly. He started to cry😭😭😭” nice……😘😘 Ifase nko? 🤣🤣.

I’m not gonna let my daughter be a victim of bad parenting. We dont BULLY here. This is how kids develop low self esteem. Things have changed sha, it’s like those kids now know Amiyah is IKA! DRAG THEM SISSS!

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