Nigerian company adds skin complexion as part of recruitment criteria

A Nigerian company which seeks to employ new staff, added skin complexion as part of its recruitment criteria.

Nigerian company adds skin complexion as part of recruitment criteria lailasnews


The Nigerian company ‘Pamper Glow’ who dropped a notice for OND graduates and female corps members, stated that being fair-skinned is an added advantage to get the employment. Instagram user who shared a screenshot of the recruitment criteria, wrote;

Dear @pamperglow !
This is very appalling and an outright knockout blow to our skin color.. what could your reasons be? On a paltry 30k job? .. And we blame the existence of racism. When we ourselves are the cause of our problems… .
When did the color of one’s skin become an advantage to securing the role of a customer service representative?! … .
See why the bleaching gang will always prevail… Damn

Nigerian company adds skin complexion as part of recruitment criteria lailasnews 1


  1. The ig user is so on point. That’s purely racism
    The company should revoke that criteria with immediate effect

  2. Unbelievable, whucant we appreciate what we have for once, this is how bleaching is encouraged

  3. When did being fair-skinned becomes an added advantage to humans? Please maintain your skin and thank God for how he created you

  4. This is annoying and outrageous, skin color as a criteria is bad , Nigeria no longer have say chaii

  5. For a 30k job and being fair skinned is an added advantage in a? In Nigeria where we are mostly dark skinned? And we will be shouting ‘racism’? This company should be closed down as it is not ready to operate in Nigeria.

  6. When there is a high level of unemployment in the country, the employers takes advantage of it, imagine adding skin complexion in employment criteria because there is too many unemployed youths in the country l don’t blame them.

  7. Ladies be careful. Hope they are not into prostitution because I don’t see the relevance of skin colour with job opportunities

  8. I think the company if they are sincere,want the complexion on the ladies to align with advertising the product.

  9. Does their company make or partner with company making bleaching cream? They are indirectly encouraging bleaching.

  10. This is a serious one, I only guess this is needed to market their products, but nevertheless this shouldn’t be a major reason to secure a job in their organization.

  11. Oya all the oyibo both d ones wey bleach congrats on ur new job…..i mean why will girls not bleach.does ur products change skin colour dt u r lookinh for fair skinned girls….make una shine una eyes o

  12. That one is their own policy let another company start up their own for the dark or chocolate skin

  13. These are some of the reasons most Nigerian ladies are bent on bleaching their skin. Are they now saying those with dark complexion can’t get a job with them

  14. You can imagine their criteria for selecting an employee…lol funy world and after they will e talking about racism when you alone dont like your skin…now people will go start bleaching just to get your tiny 30k job….who blame una our politicians has reduced us to where we are today thats why you can do whatever

  15. Its their choice to pick whatever they way for the applicants you don’t have to blame them for what they want that’s all

  16. This is quite funny. Maybe they have their reason for saying fair skinned is advantageous. can’t say anything more than this

  17. I don’t know excatly how to think but this is very funny, what is the skin colour for. Was it a mistake

  18. They are using skin complexion as criteria with 30000 much is the cream that 30000 can maintain. Abeg they should find another means or increase their salary

  19. Are they for real? Skin colour as added advantage what could it be, is it for advertisement or their is something else, ladies beware ooo

  20. I’m sure this should be one of the company producing bleaching cream. Having a fair complexion should attract huge amount and not ordinary 30k

  21. Too bad of the company,, What does one skin Color got to do with work, so it’s now skin colour racism..

  22. Mass unemployment and explosion of job seekers, has made labour so cheap that employer of labour are creating all kinds of selection hurdles.

  23. Are they real? Pls Nigeria girls be careful. If they are real, the government should look into it b4 racism starts. God bless Nigeria

  24. This is another ploy not to engage those with dark colour in their company, what does colour has to do with securing job? The company should be sanctioned by Nigeria agency that’s saddled that responsibilities. That’s racism

  25. Don’t even know what to say, this world is really turning to something else, so black people like us no hope for us.

  26. When we start appreciating our skin colour, our self esteem will keep growing. If this had been a White company, we would have shouted racism.
    This will push some ladies into bleaching which has its own side effects.

  27. My advice is to the girls they must be very careful I don’t know when skin completion attracted to work

  28. How dose the skin colour aids an effective or expertise ability to do the job.
    promoting racism, There is God

  29. I f this is the current criteria for recruiting workers, tell me why everyone should not be robbing hydroquinone?

  30. Wonders shall never end, but it not proper to put Skin colour as a criteria
    ., what if the person that really suits the job Is Dark Skinned

  31. We are saying that we are going to do something about the bleaching creaM and these people are still bringing in another one…. Foolish country

  32. That’s Niger for you. Every thing is possible, even the unthinkable is thinkable here in Niger

  33. The person in charge of employment in that company needs to be checked out, how does the colour of a person skin become among the criteria’s for getting a job, that employer needs to be sued for such act

  34. Too bad of the company,, What does one skin Color got to do with work, so it’s now skin colour racism..

  35. Racism in any form should never be condoled and so every form or act should be absolutely eradicated, I certainly do not agree with this new criteria

  36. Stupidity in the highest order, so we that are dark skinned should go and bleach okwaya? There is God oooo

  37. Is this owner of this establishment light skinned. This is racist and should not be encouraged especially not among our country nigeria

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