Nigerian cinematographer Ademola Ariyo is dead

Nigerian cinematographer, Ademola Ariyo, who shot evergreen movies like Osuofia in London, Blood money, Igodo, Goje Africa and more, has died after battling kidney disease.

Big Brother Naija Bisola’s baby daddy, Olanrewaju Malcolm who has been sharing photos of him on his hospital bed, soliciting for help on social media for him shared the sad news on his Instagram page last night.

Malcolm revealed two weeks ago, that Ademola goes about his neigbourhood in Surulere, begging for food and money. He wrote;

“How sad is this, this guy is Ademola Ariyo a one time best camera man in nigeria. This man shot movies like (osofia in london) and Goje africa. A brilliant camera man that fell sick and was left to suffer. This man now goes about in the neighborhood (surulere) begging for money for food he is suffering. Pls let people in the industry stand up and help this man…”

Malcolm shared news of his death yesterday writing;

“Its so sad to say this at this point, but ppl Ademola Ariyo eventually gave up life today!!!!! For those that supported him, we pray God almighty wil bless u all abundantly. And for those that wanted to help and couldnt, we pray God all mighty bless u as well. May his soul rest in peace!!!!!!!”

Ademola Ariyo was down with stage 5 kidney failure, and needed 12 million for a transplant, but unfortunately, the money wasn’t realized.


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      • Abeg go and die Mira,still a big fool I see. Do you know when you will die? Goat! You are so nasty that even when u die,nobody will type rip on your wall or pic. Such a Nasty vermin you are.

  1. When someone need 12 million and no one can help….ummmm is diz same country we go dey hear pipo spending huge amount of money on rubbish. …..Wiskid is a perfect example

  2. Omg,dis is so heartbreaking & sickening just don’t knw y our celebs can’t help each other during trying times but they spend there money on drinks, prostitutes ,gadgets ,clubs ,stripers Lounge etc hmm.RIP

  3. This is the main reason why i do not celebrate some so called celebrities and business men, does it mean that none of them could come out in group to help him with 12Million Naira, but they can waste money clubbing, buying expensive things and also spending money for some good for nothing curvy slay queens, anyways people with blood money don”t help those who need to survive.
    May ins soul rest in perfect peace.

  4. I am reading all these comments and just, as usual, no one is ascribing responsibility to the man. One question no one is asking, how did he go from being Nigeria’s ace cameraman to begging for food? How come with all his work, he couldn’t find someone to help him when he needed help? where were all those who could have helped gone to? what did he do with his money?

    He isn’t the first person that needed help that was brought to the attention of Nigerians. We just had Sadiq Daba. Nigerians have responded greatly always. What happened with this guy? Who did he help in the past?

    As regarding people spending their money as they like. One thing to realize is that it is their money. Someone is working hard and saving money while someone is boozing his money away. You get what you choose my brother. While yes, I must be responsible for my fellows, to what extent should I be responsible? Do you know how many people whiz kid and all these other people have helped?

    So because I want to help people, I should completely give up everything?

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