Nigerian caterer raises alarm as dispatch rider ‘eats’ gizzard given to him to deliver

A Nigerian caterer took to Twitter to raise an alarm, after a dispatch rider ‘ate’ a gizzard given to him to deliver to her customer.

Nigerian caterer raises alarm as dispatch rider 'eats' gizzard given to him to deliver lailasnews

The Nigerian caterer who said she has reported the dispatch rider who ‘ate’ the gizzard to his company for poor customer service, said he claimed the small chops she packaged for a customer fell.

Read her tweets below;

Dispatch rider chop gizzard wey i put for customer. Which kain tin be dis. All 4 of them, 2 each in separate packs. Wetin person no go see for Lagos. If I say I want to shepe for him now, it will not catch because me sef be sinner.

But why? sigh

Nigerian caterer raises alarm as dispatch rider 'eats' gizzard given to him to deliver lailasnews 1 Nigerian caterer raises alarm as dispatch rider 'eats' gizzard given to him to deliver lailasnews 3 Nigerian caterer raises alarm as dispatch rider 'eats' gizzard given to him to deliver lailasnews 4 Nigerian caterer raises alarm as dispatch rider 'eats' gizzard given to him to deliver lailasnews 5


  1. How will he do such thing that’s stealing. Please forgive him I guessed he was hungry and want to taste the gizzard.

  2. I guess he was hungry….lol….but he should interrogated 0roperly to know his reasons behind his action

  3. Lolzzz, there’s nothing that you can’t see in Nigeria, particularly Lagos also, maybe hunger grabbed him while delivering the package

  4. Well am short of words the man must be hungry be that abeg don’t shepe for him who know what push him to do that man must survived

  5. This was highly unethical of him. No matter how hungry he was, he should have delivered the package to his client

  6. Hunger have so much dealt with people that the are doing obscene things ,where has it been heard that you will eat what you are supposed to supply?

  7. I dont know if she might have forgotten to put it by mistake,but if he really ate it then he can put something into peoples food too. She needs to find a seal.

  8. I think the dispatch rider was hungry, that’s why he ate the gizzard. But why the gizzard and not the snacks? He should a meat lover

  9. Thank God you said you also a sinner I guess he’s hungry you didn’t treat him well I see no of his fault

  10. How can this man kill himself for you.. I think you don’t treat this man well. .And he is very hungry.

  11. That is Nigeria man for you forgive him but warm him that next time he should ask instead of eating the one for customers

  12. The guy hungry too much naw.. A very funny story.. Don’t give your gizzard to okada riders

  13. From her write up, I think she also have a problem, probably the way she treat them, the rider wouldn’t have done such a thing if he was treated well.

  14. Hhahaha this is funny though…but come to think of it if you have been treating the dispatch guy well enough to each and enjoy some gizzard freely i dont think he will like to have a taste of that given to him to deliver to somebody…he is just hungry and wanted to have a taste of the special meal he was about to deliver…lol

  15. My dear this days the rate at which hunger increases in Nigeria is too much if care is not taken people will start complaining of there mixing pot of soup.

  16. that’s bad service. He shouldn’t have eaten it but delivered first and then ask for what to eat.

  17. Try to help others not bcus u are expecting help in return but bcus u are expecting blessings from God

    • Aunty it looks like you have never for once appreciated him like give him small to eat and the guy dey hungry so him kukuma chop the gizzard thinking say you no go no..

  18. I think it’s too much of hunger, don’t blame the Dispatch rider too much. Sister came and take the money I will psy for it

  19. Funny… The man wasn’t scared of poison… The case should be taken up by the police
    What nonsense

  20. Hmm he is surely hungry that can not tell he has eaten it just get another one for him to deliver

  21. There is hunger in town. Sister have mercy on him. Make you sef they dash am some to chop. May be the thing aroma wan kpai the guy wey him no fit resist again.

  22. This is so funny,what kind of thing is this na?maybe he was hungry ,he should have just taken one out of each pack sef..haha


  24. He should be dealt with ……. if he was hungry he would have told you, eaten something made for the customer isn’t cool at all

  25. This is utterly unfair what if is poisoned do he would eat it cos of hunger we all need to be careful..the delivery man was totally out placed

  26. That’s nonsense thing to do naw..buh he was paid for the job naw..she should av dealt with him

  27. Some people can’t control themselves when hungry. But madam, you should have been kind enough to give him a pack, I think that would have helped the situation

  28. He is hungry but it is not the right thing to do . Just ask biko , how hunger don kill for Nigeria make i buy one bag of rice go pay my condolences

  29. In Nigeria we don’t take things serious that’s why I don’t like buying online, maybe hunger grabbed him while delivering the package

  30. There is no justification for eating the gizzered made for customer, he should be punished so that he will cut his longer throat.

  31. May be the dispatch rider was very hungry and decided to eat the gizzard. He would have just said the truth instead of saying that the gizzard fell down. The company needs to punish that dispatch rider so that others can learn.

  32. Even if he was hungry he wouldn’t have eaten what was placed under his custody. In any business we do we must have self control, truth and trust . Our integrity should not be wiped away for a mere food.

  33. Eeyah the guy must have been hungry but still an integrity issue on his part.sorry .maybe next time you give him his own share so that the food packages won’t “fall”…Lol

  34. This is actually funny but he should be reported he’s not handling his job well. What kind of temptation is that

  35. God have mercy ,may be she packed it in his front and he was very hungry that is why he ate it but he could have asked her

  36. The dispatch officer is also human. He just needed a taste. But he should have asked for it than eating from customer’s package.

  37. This is funny. But you would have given him little so that he will not try to taste the one he was ask to dispatch. But people and long throat

  38. Lolzzzzz…so funny..please you people should not blame this man..may be gizard they hungry my guy or maybe he dey hungry…hahahaha

  39. Why eating it when the owner was not permitted her to do so. This is very bad and disgusting.

  40. If it’s not covetousness then am sure it’s hunger that led him to do that, the caterer should please forgive the dispatcher rider

  41. This is a very bad attitude,because his action will affect or stain his company’s name. Even if he is hungry, can’t he request for honourably?

  42. I think the story should be investigated and the dispatch rider should be punished for what he did is really bad

  43. Well these things happen since you’ve taken it up with the dispatch company, you’ll be alright.

  44. This one funny ooo…the guy can’t resist the garnish temptation he say mk he too enjoy what other people are enjoying….he has to pay for it sha

  45. Maybe he was hungry..he should have askd her madam for som to eat b4 going on delivery..he should be forgiven…plsssss..

  46. Its may not be his fault but the fault of hunger. You know some people tends to loose their sense when hunger shows up. At least he should have beg for it but may be if he beg the cateral may not give him.

  47. That is very unprofessional on the part of the dispatch rider not to mention annoying. His company should penalize him.

  48. This must be hunger in action. Is he not paid his full salary. Just be careful of those you employ.

  49. The dispatch driver is probably hungry too. But eating from a delivery is a bad habit . The driver needs to be penalized

  50. Am glad you know you are a sinner too. But that was wrong of the rider. It shows he is not professional and can’t be trusted with goods.

  51. I think the driver needs to be penalized for doing such a bad habit . Eating a dispatched item meant to be delivered is a bad habit no matter if the driver is hungry or not

  52. He has his reason of eating it, because maybe you didn’t settled him well. So you should learn to treat them well.

  53. The dispatch rider guy could have been hungry or did it because he’s been paid and wanted to use it to get back at the company. I hope the company will tell us the reason the despatch rider did what he did

  54. Kpele my sister, what do you expect there is hunger in the country. But that’s so unprofessional if you ask me.

  55. Unbelievable,how can he eat a gizzard given to him for delivery…is it dat he isn’t paid well or he was hungry or wat!,

  56. Madam no vex him dey hungry, call customer explain to am, maybe you go just call the raider collect your money from am.. Nawa o

  57. People is starving, madam kindly don’t be angry, change him instantly and get another dispatcher

  58. It looks as if the dispatched driver was hungry and had no money, he was wrong but she has to forgive.

  59. Very wrong of the guy to have done that. Attitudes like this can make the owner go bankrupt

  60. Hmmmm so many things are happening here in lagos each day that passes by. But come to think of it is the man hungry or what that made him to do such is she not paying the man.before some one do that there something wrong some were.

  61. Thiat is not right, it’s unprofessional. Even if he was hungry, he shouldn’t have ate the gizzard.

  62. Lol. This is so funny. He must have felt very hungry that he had to help himself with the gizzard. Lol. Poor customer service indeed.

  63. Once you said you are a sinner, who knows if that’s your own judgement in the line of the business

  64. There must be a reason for his action….he might be hungry and decided to take some or may be the company is not taken care of him

  65. Very funny, I initially thought I was a joke. She needs to take it up with the dispatch company.

  66. Well i can’t really blame the rider because he may be really hungry maybe that is why. But he should not have done so he should have ask or tell that he is feeling hungry

  67. Hahahahahahaahaha. Then u think it s only the government that is corrupt. Imagine what a dispatch rider is doing.

  68. So funny, but madam if u had given him a pack , I bet he wouldn’t be tried that. He probably was hungry

  69. Hahahaha, obviously he is hungry you for feed him before sending him out,sorry for the inconveniences

  70. The guy really craved for the gizzards, he shouldn’t have eaten them though bearing in mind that they belonged to someone else.

  71. Gizzards must be irresistibly tasty for the young man, besides he must have eaten them while advertising for her

  72. Our problem is we don’t take good care of those that are doing hard work for us, if we continue like that we can’t get what exactly we want from those people

  73. Since he was paid. He should have bought from that money that he was paid or simply ask the caterer to give him some.

  74. He should be punished for the act because it is act of stealing. All should condemn the act

  75. man must be hungry be that abeg don’t shape for him who know what push him to do that man must survived.everything is for good interest

  76. This is too bad for the dispatch rider. As the gizzard enter him eye why him no ask the caterer for some na instead wey hin go steal two from each parcel?

  77. Maybe the gizzard is so sweet that he can’t resist the aroma, lol Abi what will I say

  78. If the guy was really hungry and needed some of the gizzard, then he should have told the woman, why eat from the one he was asked to deliver

  79. Too funny. Well this portrays the level of moral decadence ravaging our society. It is obvious that he is very hungry but that is when self control is needed. lolz

  80. I think the caterer need to be investigated on his/her behavior towards the dispatch rider. Something is involve.

  81. Apart from him being hungry maybe the scent that was coming out was too much for him that he cannot resist

  82. Hungry may be the cause but he shouldn’t have don’t it that way or it might be that something happened to it not actually eaten but she refuse to believe the story

  83. Hilarious! Please take it with the company and let the money be deducted shikena. The gizzard sweet na, so he was tempted

  84. Please dont shepe for him.he must be hungry for him to have eaten everything.just forgive, may God replenish your purse in folds

  85. but if he really ate it then he can put something into peoples food too. She needs to find a seal.

  86. I have not heard of this type of thing before. How can a dispatch rider eat 4 gizzards that was meant for a customer. He should be punished for this.

  87. Haha… Maybe he was really hungry… You don’t have any other option but to find a new dispatch rider

  88. Hahahahahahahahahahaha this is really funny, some people will not make heaven i swear but who knows the dispatch rider may have had an accident that resulted in the gizzard to fall off from the package… Lmao, but her caption really hit me no be small, if she say make she shepe for him now it will not catch him because she sef is a sinner.. Thank you my sister for that honesty.. Don’t mind that dispatch rider na long throat dey worry am.. Lol

  89. Chai is because of hungry sha
    But he supposed to ask for food not taking the one that belongs to customers

  90. This is really serious if he wants to eat gizzard he can buy it and eat or is there a reason behind his action?

  91. Lol
    No need asking why
    It’s simple
    You sent your dispatch man on a job hungry and unfed

  92. If that guy had asked for that gizzard no body would have gotten it for him so he chosed the hard way lol

  93. The man is just hungry as he clearly have nothing to eat. But only that she should have asked for permission.

  94. That guy is a thief.He does not have any right whatsoever to do that.If truly he was hungry,he would have told her.

  95. Even if he is tempted to eat it, can’t he resist himself knowing that is not for him? Now he told lies that he fell from him. This man is a born thief and must be punished.

  96. It’s hunger at work. At least you know we all are sinners so please do well to forgive him OK.

  97. Hunger is a bastard.. I believe he ate the stuff because he was very hungry, though im not making excuses for him.

  98. Hmmm,please dont cause him.let God judge him and forgive him in your heart.No one knows what went wrong for him to have eaten everything,I guess it must be hunger…

  99. The guy was only hungry. So i think he should be forgiven. The thing is the company should improve on packaging, so as to prevent breaking until it gets to customers

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