Nigerian businesswoman, Glory Osei, kicks against dating guys with potentials

A Nigerian business woman has used her own experience to explain while dating guys with potentials is dangerous.

The woman, Glory by name explained how she was in love with a guy wkith enough potentials for many years,

TThe guy, despite stayingwith him didn’t become successful for 3 years which is the resdon she can’t tecommed such men again.

He explained how the man moved from one business to another and still didn’t become succesful that she had to lie to collect money from her father o feed him.

She wrote:

1. One time I dated a guy with potential (100% would not recommend). For 3 years this guy did not hammer. He moved from one business to another. I had to share my pocket money and even lied to my dad to collect money for non existent school projects.

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