Nigeria will always be ahead of Ghana in music – Ghanaian singer Palago Mufasa

Ghanaian musician and actor, Palago Mufasa has decried the rate at which Ghanaian singers beef one another, saying Nigeria will always be ahead of Ghana for this reason.

This is coming following a viral tweet from a Ghanaian who trolled Ghanaian musicians after Davido announced his next collaboration with American rapper, Nicki Minaj.

Palago in a series of tweets, reacted to the development and said Nigerians will always be ahead of Ghanaians if the artistes don’t stop hating on each other and instead be happy for another man’s success.

He wrote:

Nigerians has always been ahead of us! If it wasn’t for Aki and Popo there wouldn’t be no Agya Akoo in movies or nothing like comedy movie in Ghana!

Comparing Ghanaian music to Nigeria music will make Ghana music always dey slack!!!.. We should focus on what we have and show the world what we got not comparisons!!!


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