Nigeria set to charge 5% on every online purchase with bank cards from next year

Nigeria is preparing to deduct 5% VAT for every online purchase via bank cards starting from next year.

Chairman of Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), Tunde Fowler, confirmed this in an exclusive interview with a media company in the country.

Fowler declared the country is currently working on a solution for taxing the digital economy.

“We will address the issue of the digitalised economy very soon. There is no global solution to a digitalised economy.

“Different countries have taken different solutions to address the problem. Nigeria has not taken a position yet. But, we are meeting to see if we can come up with a global solution that we can all adapt to,”he said.

The FIRS chairman said the tax agency will make use of Nigerian banks as an instrument in achieving the 5% value-added tax.


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  1. Idiots. If its to task Nigerians now you fools know how to be progressive. Incompetent self-serving buffoons. Why not apply such stamina to healthcare, education and security etc. This revolution willcome to your doorstep too.

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