Nigeria ‘ll be delivered from oppression – Oyedepo at Shiloh 2018

Winners Chapel General Overseer,  Bishop David Oyedepo at Shiloh 2018, has said Nigeria and the whole of Africa shall be delivered from the grip of economic hardship and all oppressions.

Oyedepo made this declaration on Tuesday night while delivering his message at the Faith Tabernacle during the opening session of the 20th Shiloh, an annual programme of the church, The Punch reports.

Nigeria ‘ll be delivered from oppression - Oyedepo at Shiloh 2019 lailasnews 2
Nigeria ‘ll be delivered from oppression – Oyedepo at Shiloh 2018

Speaking on the topic:

‘Heralding the dominion era of the church,’ Oyedepo said God would give so much authority to the church to stop bad politicians and bad policies.

He said:

“Africa shall be delivered: Nigeria shall be delivered! Every occult power that holds sway on the continent of Africa shall be messed up this year!”

He said there were too many deceptions in the world today, but said he was the pillar and ground of the truth while saying the authority which God would give to the church would be so renowned that it would attract envy.

“Authority shall be domiciled in the church in last day and if anybody is angry, it does not matter. Let all political gladiators hear this if the church says no, you are going nowhere.

“The time  comes when the church says, you die, and you die; run mad and you will run mad.”

According to him, the church will begin to teach people in every sector to the best way to do things to get the desired results.

He said the Covenant University which was established  by the church had left  behind many public varsities that were established many years before it came on board.

He stressed that that was how it would be in many areas because God had decided to decorate the church with wisdom to excel.

Oyedepo said despite the lingering problem in the power sector, the CannaLand, the international headquarters of the LFC, had never suffered power outage since 1999.


  1. A big amen to this word of prayer and prophesy ..we need to start enjoying the dividend of democracy.

  2. May this come upon Nigeria and Africa urgently.we as the church need to stop any ungodly action by the government.

  3. Christaindom playing politics with politicians and fulfilling the scriptures as recorded in the book of revelation. The great day of Jehovah is coming.

  4. Amen! Pls kip praying fr d country n kip preaching to d leaders,we really need God’s mercy upon d land

  5. That is a good and positive message of hope for Nigeria. Nigeria will surely be delivered in Jesus name.

  6. Christaindom playing politics with politicians and fulfilling the scriptures as recorded in the book of revelation. The great day of Jehovah is coming

  7. Praise God and so shall it be. Any man that wants to disrupt the peace of this nation God will visit such person

  8. delivered from men like you to.

    Men who encourage religiosity and take from the poor to build institutions that the poor can’t afford.

    Okay bye!

  9. God will help u. God will hear our prayers and our supplications, may He deliver us from every plopprrssoins in Jesus name, Amen

  10. So shall it be in Christ’s name! Oppression has ended! We’re saved by and through Christ!

  11. Am papa i believe you Sir. that is the heart desire of every right person in Nigeria o that God should sent us a deliverer o in our government houses o from FCT to all the state o

  12. I pray so as this is the heart of every citizens the evil is just too much we need God to arise on our behalf

  13. Only god kingdom can deliver the whole world from proverty not one goverment not one pastor.. But it is jehovah god and his son jesus christ dat can do such things

  14. Amen papa.this people are ehn jeez they just got exactly what He said. Amen! Nigeria is free and free for life

  15. Amen oh!!!!! I claim it, I receive it, I declare it. It shall be permanent through Christ our Lord Amen oh!!!!

  16. I don’t agree with the kind of power Oyedepo is praying to be given to the church. It is too autocratic and can be easily abused.

  17. It’s not about praying. It’s about acting according to what we pray for. There is a saying “heaven help those who help themselves”

  18. Amen. God will give quick answers to your prayers and declarations. We all craved a better Nigeria and African continent.

  19. Hallelujah…….Nigeria shall be delivered from all oppressive forces that has been pulling the nation down wordy………it is time to dominate..

  20. I pray so. But that will happen when all this bad leaders both in politics and churches are wiped out from this surface

  21. God is the only solution we need to be delivered from the captivity this nation finds herself. Wish all renowned men of God will come together and pray for Gods mercy on this nation and save us from this evil men destroying this country. The slavery is too much. God help us.

  22. Thank God for that prophetic utterance from bishop David Oyedepo, God has heard his children’s cry, and he has come for our rescue.

  23. AMEN, i believe it and Nigeria shall be totally free from all forms of oppressions and glory will be restored to this nation Nigeria in Jesus name Amen

  24. AMEN to the prayer and hoping all spiritual fathers come together to pray and fast for our dear country Nigeria

  25. We all hope for a better future but according to 2Timothy 3:1 we are leaving in d perilous time and things are bound get worse, he should teach people that.

  26. Amen o. Am not a member of Living Faith Church,but I attend their programs when invited. In fact,I was present when he made this declaration.

  27. Amen ooooo
    I too believe that if we can all join hands together and pray for Nigeria definitely our country will be a better country

  28. Shiloh 2018 what a great privilege again to celebrate that occasion, indeed I believe our country will be delivered

  29. I pray God will deliver us from poverty in this country he should just overlook our short comings.

  30. May God Almighty hear our prayers and let this country be free from oppression in Jesus Name, Amen

  31. Hmm that is a positive word there and I hope this prophecy would be fulfilled soon because I can’t wait to see another Nigeria society

  32. Amen, Amen and Amen!. Nigeria shall be delivered and her enemies will run mad and be relocated to the desert.

  33. The man of God Oyedepo said God would give so much authority to the church to stop bad politicians and bad policies.Amen it should be so

  34. Amen oooo, because God really need to intervain into this country matter,becaus the way Nigeria is now….only Gos can help us

  35. Very true, cos we are supposed to have dominion as Christians, cos that is our God given right and a time is coming when that right will be fully exercised.

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