Nigeria is building a generation of illiterates, Wole Soyinka blasts youths

Nigerian playwright, Prof. Wole Soyinka has said that Nigerian youths are full of spunk abroad, but gas at home.

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He urged the youths to stop posting irrelevant things on social media. He said this at the official launch of Solution 17, in Lagos.

“Nigerian youths are full of spunk outside but when they are inside Nigeria, they are full of gas. We are building a generation of illiterates. They are the first to comment on the internet on issues they are ignorant about. When you talk about education, I get texts from the New Generation and can’t believe these texts are from the youth.’

Soyinka tasked Nigerian youths to be proactive in asking their civic rights from the government.

“The Nigerian youth schooling outside the country reminded me of what it was like to be a student in racist England in the 50s. You always wanted to have a Jamaican with you when you were in a fight because Jamaicans never understood the term, ‘surrender’.

“When I decided to build my century in the forest, I bought a second-hand diesel generator and asked someone to dig a borehole. I wanted it to be self-sufficient. What I want to pass on to you is that I thought of the possibility of being self-reliant. This entails that I can come to cooperatives with others and demand things from the government by any means necessary.”

Concerning the aspects of Solution 17, Soyinka remarked that specialists have studied the model and it is essential that we concentrate on the details. Quoting the popular phrase, he recalled that “the devil is in the details”.

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  1. Well…..I think you’re right,But who can you blame
    The Universities are on strike most of the time&when they’re back to the classrooms The students just cram their Lectures notes&are off to the next year without knowing what the Course entails

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