Nigeria can never be fixed, I’ll leave and never return – Nigerian man says

As more Nigerians continue to agonize on the purported ‘drowning’ economic situation of the country, a Nigerian man has said Nigeria can never be fixed.

Nigeria can never be fixed, I'll leave and never return - Nigerian man says lailasnews

In his rant on Facebook, the man with the name Somtoo Okwueze wrote that it will be a wastage of one’s time and effort claiming to be patriotic while the country is not getting any favorable for the citizens.

He mentioned that no matter how patriotic an individual thinks they are, they can never make any positive change about the situation of the country and that Nigeria can never be fixed

“No matter how patriotic you think you are, you can’t change anything in Nigeria. It wasn’t meant to be fixed!”

He then made his intentions known of his plans to travel to St. Kitts and Nevis, which is a small Island in the West Indies, where he will be able to establish his company and enjoy tax-free businesses.

I wouldn’t lie, I’m hustling to be able to buy St. Kitts and Nevis passport, register my company head there to bypass taxes and kick my ass off Nigeria for life!

Staing further, he revealed that he will never live in Nigeria and will only be visiting once in a while

I might be visiting, but I’ll never live in Nigeria for real!


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