Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend tattoos her name on his neck

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Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend tattooed her name on his neck as he took their relationship one step further, a show of love that is currently trending.

Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend tattoos her name on his neck lailasnews

Kenneth Petty who just got his first two tattoo,  made it a tribute to the ‘Chun Li’ rapper who has fiercely defended his rap sheet as a sex offender. Nicki Minaj who revealed the new ink in a video shared to her Instagram on Friday night, asked  “Did your tat hurt?”

He replies, “Nah.” Nicki then casually fixes her hair as she stares into the camera.

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Did ya tat hurt zaddy? 😝 his first tat- frontin like it didn’t sting 😩 #Onika #HeavyOnIt 😋👅 #SuperSleezy 〽️🐝💤

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With Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend getting a tattoo of her name on his neck, it seems the relationship is moving at a fast pace since they only recently went public with their romance. He is said to be her childhood lover and they went their separate ways but reconnected recently.

Nicki Minaj's boyfriend pleads guilty to driving offense

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  1. Hahaha, why will he do such a thing when very soon they’ll breakup. This is just inviting pain before and after the breakup, because soon they’ll breakup

  2. Hmmmmmmmm, show of Love. Good for them, i just hope they don’t go the way of other hollywood couples who split up afterwards

  3. Good to know that,thanks God they reconnected again,that seems that they love each other very well

  4. That’s sounds good, which means she care about him. Asking may be the tat his hurt. Care is one of the things that make relationship longer

  5. is all about hw long they will last in the relationship. Writhing her name on his bother is cool. Pray they will last

  6. Lol only if this pain gotten from.d tattoo will.make him stay,then let him draw more,doing crazy things for love

  7. Tattooing his neck with her name when we know that they will soon break up, anyway the love is still sharing them.

  8. Its not a bad idea though, but I hope their relationship last long. Happy relationship to you guy!

  9. Fake love that is all they give each other, tomorrow they will breakup and go their separate way, he should have asked Nicki Minaj what caused her breakup with Meek Mill before he went ahead to remove tattoo her name on his neck.. Bros if you like use her name to bath in tattoo of you do anyhow she will walk out on you the next minute

  10. They have taken their relationship to another level then, hope they finally kick up their marriage stuff, wish them the best

  11. This is foolishness, soon we will hear both of them broke up, and he will go through the pain of wiping the tattoo off his neck, some people have been in mad love long enough without having to tattoo names so bodies. I wish them luck though

  12. Love love in the air. Congrats to them. I hope it last. Nicki is a pretty woman with a wonderful soul, she deserve the best

  13. Oh he is just wasting his time very soon you will here break up because these celebrity do not last in relationship

  14. Love is so much sweet n romantic in the begining , but later now we will be hearing different story.
    Celebrities relationship is bullshit, how MeekMill, upon how they showed themself love how far now?

  15. Some people can be crazy.. Hahaha.. I pray the relationship works.. Because even marriages do break up.. Moreover having Nicki’s name tattooed on your neck is not what love is all about..

  16. This really shows that the guy really loves Nicki Minaj that is why he had a tattoo of her name on his neck.

  17. Am happy for her it’s not easy to find someone that loves you genuinely and wants to be with you. I really hope that their relationship lasts for good. Wish them the best.

  18. Hope their love will last long, tatooing the name of the person you love on your body does not signify true love to me but it may be different to Nicky and her boyfriend.

  19. Keep saying my mind I love Nicki like mad,but her boyfriend is whom I don’t like I pray they breakup very fast

  20. All of this is for a moment because soon they will break up and what supplises me is that celebrity relationships don’t last too long

  21. Could this really be love?This is not the best way to show Nicki that you love her.You can do better than this

  22. In my opinion, I think it’s foolish to tattoo someone’s name on your body because it will give you untold headache if the relationship doesn’t eventually work out.

  23. All this tattoo they put on their body to show love so if they break up what would happen.maybe thats the best way he knows how to expess his love.

  24. That guy has really entered one chance.. That tattoo is forever.. Hope they remain together always..

  25. Finally Nicki has gotten a guy that is madly in love with him. Wishing you lasting relationships that leads to marriage.

  26. Show of love?…. What happens when they break up? Any way hope this your hellish show of love, lasts forevermore.

  27. Funny because the celebrities relationships i know don’t last so he will be looking for a way to clean it up soon

  28. I want this to lead to marriage. I’m happy for the lovers, hopping things works well in their relationship. I don’t expect breakup.

  29. Her tatoo her name on the neck, he should have married her before doing that na, what if the relationship past away.

  30. Am not suprise. Small time we hear that they are no more together. Then what will happen to the name on his neck

  31. they have started
    I dont want to hear breakuo tomorrow o
    Wirh you looking for how to clear or cover up the tatoo

  32. that is a stupid thing he has done if they want to breakup then what is he going to do with her neck, clean it off

  33. I pray you guys don’t split o. Removing that tattoo will be the most painful felt ever. Wish you guys all the best though

  34. Hmm…this might be really hot….it must be going on fine with them…I hope they don’t desperate because it might be a be mock…after he has tattooed niky’s name….good luck to them tho

  35. Thas good, what he did to her showing us that he really love her, and he does not want anybody to collect it from him

  36. Comment*hmmm what’s the essence of drawing a tattoo of another person on ur body? well that’s love for them as for me ,,, I can’t try this kind of thing.

  37. the world belongs to the right full owners. it your time to shine but make sure you use it wisely

  38. I believe when there is love any thing is possible. I celebrate you both nice one. But we know say celebrities relationship nor day last

  39. I just hope this love and relationship lasts longer as the not duo are into one another what a good way of expressing your love

  40. I just hope this love and relationship lasts longer as the duo are into one another what a good way of expressing your love

  41. I think he did it just to prove to her that he really love her. Despite all this anything cab happen at any time. You can’t really tell the reason why he did it.

  42. Hahaha, why will he do such a thing when very soon they’ll breakup. This is just inviting pain before and after the breakup, because soon they’ll breakup.let wait and see.

  43. For Kenneth Petty to tattooed Nicki Minaj’s name on his neck shows that the relationship has been taken to another level. No doubt, this is the modern way of expressing a deeper form of love because the story says it is a show of love that is currently trending.

  44. This is not love it’s called lust,,,,many like this happen but have have bad ending I pray you guys end well sha

  45. I can’t stop smiling. That’s love speaking. Ride on with the beautiful relationship. Wish you guys a strong relationship.

  46. This is why she can’t see. Women and their inability to work with their brains rather than their heart

  47. This is why she can’t see. Women and their inability to work with their brains rather than their heart. The tattoo can be removed but can the pain of his seria killings life style be erased

  48. This sweet love should continue and lead to marriage…o I don’t want to hear any news about break up and problems.

  49. Na love that makes him to do it and he want to shows that he love her with all his heart and for me I can not .

  50. Haveing a tatoo of her name on him yes is a show of love, but it needs more than that to keep and maintain a relationship. All the best to them.

  51. This is good news,this is real love,this is what he can do for her love,they are cool,but what if they break up ?,what then will happen ?,love is in the air,don’t take it for granted, you can carry love in your head,put it on your shoulders, girls are not to be trusted,they can disappoint you at anytime, this is good news

  52. Love is sweet ooo when money enter love it sweet ,because money dey that’s why he Tattoos her name on his neck.

  53. Love a step forward indeed. After breakup Kenneth Petty will be looking for a way to erase the tattoo.
    Nicki minaj enjoy your relationship

  54. I pray this their Love last longer than we expect..bcuz in not less than months we will b hearing another story

  55. Using her name as a tattoo on his neck is not a guarantee that the love will last. Anyway, I wish them the best in their love life.

  56. Is her choice, really showing the level of the love, this is serious , very hard to do, if the high level of live is not there

  57. I don’t think Nicki is as madly in love as he is to her. …..I heard he is currently in custody though

  58. Oh please. He can tattoo her whole body on his for all we care. This relationship won’t last and I’m willing to bet on it. I’m not a hater, just being sensible

  59. True love never dies but let wait and see if this relationship will last, to the extent of drawing Nicki name as tattoo on his neck

  60. If the relationship doesn’t work out nko??? How will he remove the tattoo?? Nonsense

  61. Wow our petty have tattooed our momma’s name on his neck lol… Can’t this ever get better. I love it…. Keep the love flame on

  62. Love in the air.i hope the love will last…bcs they always break up even b4 they start somthing serious.

  63. Hahaha, why will he do such a thing when very soon they’ll breakup. This is just inviting pain before and after the breakup, because soon they’ll breakup

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