Nick Young being investigated for robbery in Los Angeles

Nick Young is currently being investigated for robbery and allegedly punching a man in his testicles in Los Angeles, TMZ reported Thursday.

Nick Young being investigated for robbery in LA lailasnews

An unnamed individual is said to have phoned the Los Angeles Police Department on Friday, claiming the former Golden State Warriors guard had assaulted him after he tried to take a photo of Young at a local car wash, police sources told the gossip site.

Authorities are said to be investigating the incident, with Young, 33, reportedly being named a suspect.

The alleged victim is said to have recognized the former Lakers star and wanted a photo with him. Young reportedly declined, but the fan went ahead and took a picture of him, which got Young pissed and he attacked him by punching his testicles before taking his phone along with him.

This is the second time in less than 12 months that Young has found himself on the wrong side of the law. In August, he was arrested for refusing to cooperate with police during a late-night traffic stop in Hollywood.

He is currently an NBA free agent following a brief stint with the Denver Nuggets last month.


  1. The security agents should carry out proper investigation to ascertain if young is guilty of the accusation

  2. It’s shows that the are accusing him and if really what they are saying is true then he should be punished

  3. A thorough investigation should be done concerning the matter. The authorities should leave no stone unturned until they get facts to avoid wrong accusation

  4. Proper investigation should be carried out. It’s a dispute and I trust it has a way of solving it

  5. He maybe guilty or not guilty…… Its left for the authorities to carry out proper investigation to find out. A times people accuse people wrong in a bid to tint their names.

  6. This can’t be true they are just trying to lay allegation on him , after the investigation they wil find out he is innocent

  7. But come to think of it, doesn’t he have a right to refuse, autographs or photos?
    Investigations should be done properly, people can cook up stories sometimes just to tarnish someone’s image

  8. Investigation shouldn’t be bias but full of fact from right source to help give the right judgement.

  9. American celebrities with their bad records and negative way of life. If found guilty, he should be punished.

  10. Punching a man in his testicles?
    Is he trying to kill the man? And even taking his phone when he could have just deleted the picture. Some rich people self

  11. How would he punch a man’s testicle?
    He should be warned seriously if not he’ll still repeat it.
    Police should also do their best to settle the case.

  12. Let him be properly investigated for this kind of action and other once too, check his past records so that he would not suffer what he don’t know about or so that he don’t go free for committing crimes.

  13. punching your fellow man just because of an ordinary picture.That’s really so unfair of him.The police should investigate this properly and prosecute him if he’s guilty

  14. There should be proper investigation
    According to what I read Here, if someone said that he or she doesn’t like something, that thing should not be done in other not to bring quarrels

  15. This year is too early to be fighting, both people should settle between them self and stop punching each other.

  16. There should be proper investigation
    According to what I read Here, if someone said that he or she doesn’t like something, that thing should not be done in other not to bring quarrels.

  17. He shouldn’t have gotten to the limelight if he doesn’t want people taking picture of him in public

  18. I don’t see reasons why young would be charged on that cause , for Go sake No is No now, so the guy is very much guilty

  19. The security personnel should ensure that the righteous is not punished in place of the guilty one.

  20. He always find himself on the other side of the law…. Some of these celebrities are just annoying. They should just settle it amicably

  21. Proper investigations should be made, since he refused to take a photo with the fan, the fan shouldn’t have taken the pics against his wish, they should settle them up and do the right thing

  22. With his kind of personality I doubt it if he is the, well proper investigation should be carried out so we can get to the bottom of the story.

  23. Hmmm the matter should be investigated properly and most fans should try and respect the wish of people especially in the areas of pictures.respecf people’s privacy

  24. Proper investigation should be taken by the police to know if young is guilty of assaulting an unharmed individual for taking pictures of him in a local car

  25. The law should look into the case this way that he didn’t want to take a shot the fan but he did it by force. Is it a must to take a pic?

  26. No one is above the law.. If Nick found guilty let him face his punishment. News flash being a celebrity does not make you be above the law

  27. The victim should also be charged, when someone says No, let them be. Why taken his photo without consent, he didn’t hit that testicles hard enough. Nonsense

  28. The accusation might be wrong but thorough investigation needs to be carried out to know the truth about this and if found guilty should be prosecuted

  29. But the man did not want to take a photo with the fan, na by force to take picture with person, they should investigate well o

  30. Proper investigation should be done to ascertain what actually happened so that an innocent person won’t suffer for what he didn’t do

  31. He maybe guilty or not guilty…… Its left for the authorities to carry out proper investigation to find out. A times people accuse people wrong in a bid to tint their names.

  32. Police should investigate properly to findout if the accused is totally guilty then he should face the law

  33. Well, I think the fan is at fault if we still consider the rights of individuals. If he says his pictures shouldn’t be taken, I think that fact should be respected but the manner in which he reacted turned the finger to him. I still feel things can be fixed and corrected amicably.

  34. The fact that you are a celebrity calls for you being more humble Mr young,stop harassing people anyhow,he loves you that is why he wanted to take picture with you

  35. It might be false accusations because some people love to extort money from celebrities, proper investigation should be carried out, and the authorities needs evidence before accusing him of theft

  36. If I may say..Young has no fault in this he deserves the right to take selfie with whoever he likes and also decline anyone

  37. Am not saying that Young was right to do such a thing, yet most fans should learn to respect their celebrity decision.

  38. He should have respected his wish and not force it, but then proper investigation should be carried out

  39. He said no is it by force nii. why is all the people acting as if they see jesus. if it was me i will smash the phone on the ground

  40. well this is a strong allegation on the former superstar well the police should do their investigation well before going public

  41. I don’t encourage violence in whatever form, but why would you take someone’s picture by force even after declining your request for selfie. And for Young to attack him is so so wrong.

  42. they call guys like them young blood… his cant control his anger. and if it keeps on going, he will continue to be friends with the police

  43. Pride goes before a fall. He is too full of himself. He should come down from his high horse. He knows what it means to kick a fellow man’s down below. He should be investigated thoroughly to know if he is well upstair.

  44. I see nothing wrong with what young have done,he said he doesn’t want to take photos with fan while did the fan disobeyed him and went ahead even when young refuse,pls let’s say the truth here,young is innocent in this scenario

  45. It good you really doing that for the county you love that your city your country I pray God help you in it

  46. It’s incredible that Nick Young can be involve in robbery case. Please proper investigation should be carried out

  47. A proper investigation should be done am sceptical with whites investigating blacks am always of the notion that racism will cloud their good sense of judgement

  48. This issue should not be done just by believing what the complaint has said. Rather, a thorough investigation should be carried out

  49. There should be a thorough investigation of this issues, someone should not be jailed for something he did not do.

  50. He should be thoroughly investigated .he is a suspect and must be convicted by law once found guilty

  51. I hardly take to the side of these white guys because they have proven themselves not to be trusted time and time again.

  52. He actually have choice of people he takes picture with… but the aspect of punching and taking the phone of the other guy that wanted to took a pix with him is condemned

  53. Proper investigation should be conducted before tagging him with something that he is still under probability of not being guilty of…

  54. This is good news,I hope they investigate nick young for the robbery case to know the true,this is good news

  55. Alot of people are saying he should be punished, how will you feel if you are a star and one of your fans requested for a picture with your and you declined yet the forced a picture out of you. I know I would have done the same, the fan was just playing smart

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