NGF calls for emergency meeting over minimum wage

Nigerian governors under the auspices of the Nigeria Governors Forum have called for an emergency meeting over minimum wage.

The meeting according to reports is expected to hold in Abuja tonight.

NGF calls for emergency meeting over minimum wage lailasnews
NGF calls for emergency meeting over minimum wage

It is expected that the meeting, which will be presided over by the Governor of Zamfara State, Alhaji Abdulaziz Yari, will take a definite stand on the amount the governors will be able to pay as minimum wage to avert a strike by the organised labour.

Earlier in the day, labour had warned the government not to propose anything less than the N30,000 they initially agreed on, otherwise the industrial action that was previously planned will take effect.


  1. Let them know the best thing to do ooh. With immediate effect. Because Iam 100% supporting labor. What is thirty thousand naira compared. What the governor’s are earning monthly.

  2. Not this minimum wage again . I thought we done with this whole minimum wage thing . Hope to hear a good news

  3. they are still confused about this wage salary, they should better do something to it, it’s getting late, they have not concluded since all is well in this country.

  4. They better hold it well and come out with a reasonable amount and it should not be less than 30k.

  5. The amount is not too much to pay as minimum wage, if the refuse to pay them Labour has to embark on industrial action

  6. I pray they will reach a consensus. Federal government has more than enough to pay this money, they just made labour cancel their proposed strike and later deny accepting to pay 30k. I support Labour.

  7. Why this vain sitting again over just a minimal wage to be paid? If it’s to be pocketed, there won’t be much ado about it but because this is going out to the masses, it’s biting hard on them. It’s well o. I pray it comes out favorable and save this nation from unnecessary breakdown in her activities.

  8. They should aprove Asap! 1k a day is not even enough.why will they waste time on this matter.?

  9. God will deliver us in this country one person will embezzle trillions of naira..
    And they are not ashemed to be battling for minimum wage 25k for workers whose family is out there and most of them can’t even complete 3 square meal!
    It’s a shame.

  10. They should act fast. pple are suffering.may God touch their heart to approve what labour is asking for.

  11. These Governors should better be wise and not agree anything less than 30k because their children can’t even survive with 100k a month talkless of a family man

  12. Common 30000 they are calling hundred meetings but the senator some don’t even have any certificate earn millions a month. This Nigeria sef

  13. I don’t understand this meeting everyday since Monday, they should settle it, the masses are hungry.

  14. If senators can earn 72million naira as monthly salary, ordinary 30,000 they could not afford to pay the people who are doing most of the works. Anyway, I think rather than fighting for minimum wage, we should fight for increase in naira value… Because if the minimum wage is approved now, cost of commodities will increase in the market. What then happens to us that are not being paid the minimum wage?

  15. Let see what the outcome of their meeting will be, sebi all the political office holder are collecting big money now they feed prisoner 14k per day but they can’t pay 30k minimum wage God punish them if they fail let their be strike

  16. I tot this issue has been resolved . why are they delaying the implementation .it better they start paying immediately of not it will start pilling up for them

  17. I thought this issue have been concluded, this #30’000 minimum wage is even nothing, so I don’t really get it why it should be a problem

  18. This emergency meeting by the governor’s should better yeild positive result o, they should better put head together and come to compromise to pay 30000 as the new minimum wage

  19. You people should deliberate on it and make a decision to implement the 30,000 minimum wage before Nigerian labour Congress, NLC goes on with their industrial action.

  20. Only looking for ways to deceive labour,after the meeting the only thing they will come up with is to cook lies up to whelm labour, and that will be all

  21. Why Federal government still delay the agreement of minimum wage whereas money they Nigeria, all leader here are only embezzled our .

  22. You governors should not reduct anything from that 30k that were agreed because that money is not up what you people are useless on Ladies for selfish pleasure

  23. Federal government has more than enough to pay this money, they just made labour cancel their proposed strike and later deny accepting to pay 30k.

  24. Minimum wage is not poverty alleviation but payment for work done. What is the meeting for after 30k has been approved by Federal Government. The Governors should just comply period.

  25. I guess the point of the meeting is that the #30000 is way too much to pay,considering the nations economy presently.

  26. emergency meeting by the nigerian governors forum is not what is needed now, these people want this minimum wage implemented and not all these. why are they sitting again after NLC themselves already had a one on one meeting with government which the decision was arrived at? workers in this country are taken for a joke and no one seem to be doing anything about it

  27. The reason they are doing this is because they know that that’s money they are about that going to release to the labour workers at the minimum wage is going to jeopardize the money that they put in their pockets or the ones that they will cite line for themselves

  28. Why is it so difficult for them to do?, when they are busy embezzling Nigeria in billions. I am tired of our Nigerian government.

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