NFF owes workers five months salaries

The Nigeria Football Federation, NFF owes workers five months salaries.

Also, the Amaju Pinnick-led NFF is said to owe Super Eagles Technical Adviser, Gernot Rohr two months salaries.

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NFF owes workers five months salaries

Pinnick had boasted last Thursday in Lagos that the NFF could beat its chest anywhere that it is 60-65% self-funded, saying that corporate Nigeria’s support for Nigerian Football had improved significantly over the years, Guardian reports.

The NFF actually celebrated its numerous sponsors in Lagos for their morale and financial support. At the occasion were big wigs and representatives of AITEO Group, Coca-Cola, Nigerian Breweries PLC, Amstel Malta, Zenith Bank PLC, Tropical and General Investments, WAPIC Insurance PLC, Cadbury Nigeria PLC, Emzor Pharmaceuticals, FrieslandCampina WAMCO and Simba Group (TVS: Official Motorycle and Tricycle Partner of the Super Eagles, among others.

However, despite the ‘financial support’ from the companies, the NFF is said to be indebted to its workers and handlers of the senior national team.

The Franco-German coach is allegedly facing financial stress due to unpaid bonuses and salaries by his employer (the NFF).

The development came, just as the Secretary General of the body, Dr. Mohammed Sanusi, confirmed to The Guardian that he is being owed five months salary.

A source hinted that Rohr had been keeping quiet over the ‘unpaid’ salary and bonuses because he does not want any confrontation with his employers that could become a subject of debate in the media.

According to the source, Rohr is yet to get his bonuses for 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification and his salary for two months.

“It’s evident that Gernot Rohr is not happy that the NFF has not paid his 2018 World Cup qualification bonus over a year after qualifying the Eagles for the competition in Russia,” the source stated.

The source added that virtually everybody involved in the Super Eagles’ qualification for the World Cup (assistant coaches and backroom staff), have been paid.

It was alleged that the contractual agreement signed between Rohr and the NFF is gradually being breached by the Pinnick-led NFF for ‘failing’ to pay the coach’s October and November salaries.

Contacted on the issue, NFF General Secretary, Sanusi said:

“Did he (Gernot Rohr) complained to anybody that he has not been paid his salary?“How many media houses have paid their journalists and other staffers in their organisations since seven months ago? Gernot Rohr is paid his salary or not, should not be a public issue.

Everybody, including Rohr has been paid his or her World Cup bonuses. The Super Eagles Team Secretary can confirm that no one is still being owed any bonus.”

Continuing, Sanusi roared;

“I am being owed five months salaries, and nobody cares about my survival. Yes. I’ve not been paid my salary since five months now,”A visit to the NFF Secretariat reveals outright rejection and poverty amongst the staff.

“We have not seen this type of treatment and administration since over 18 years some of us have been working here. The Christmas is a few hours away, and there is nothing to celebrate with our families. It has been so bad and harsh. The popular Glass House is no longer what it used to be,” one of the staff said.


  1. What are they using the money they getting to do? It is just too frustrating staying in this country.

  2. NFF own workers five months salary and somone is fooling us that no country is better than Nigeria does this happen in Europe and America.

  3. That’s the problem of this country, owe owe everywhere, that’s why I dont blame those small boys that choose to play for other country

  4. This is country where workers under #18,000 minimus wages did not get paid fo/r over 8months and the lawmakers of millions naira wages got paid even their bonuses. God help us monkey dey work baboon they chop

  5. How do you want people to survive when you refuse to pay them for there labour. After working for a good 30days nothing to take home why would People not involves themselves in corruption why would People not steal from government account. Nigeria government is the architect of our suffering.

  6. NFF should do the needful please. .they should put smile on their worker’s faces ..this is their source of living. .

  7. This is just too bad there is no sector where they are not owing workers salaries. Please they should pay them.

  8. This is injustice owing worker what they worked for thats absurd.. Thus is their entitlement now please give them

  9. NFF should do the needful please. .they should put smile on their worker’s faces. ..this is their source of living

  10. So bad to heard this because I think government shouldn’t own footballers, until I heard this, this year already pack, they should find quickly solutions to pay their salary.

  11. I still believe that NFF is no longer were it use to be and I’m also of the hope that NFF will offset this debt as quickly as possible to avoid media battle which will end unsettling the team.

  12. NFF should do the needful please. . They should put smile on their worker’s faces. …this is their source of living of course. .

  13. NFF should do the needful please. .they should put smile on their worker’s faces. ..this is their source of living of course.

  14. Mr.Pinnick why didn’t you pay your workers when you have enough funds at your disposal? This is bad…

  15. Its too difficult to believe that Nigeria football federation is actually owing workers for five months. Every sector in this country is messed up . People can’t work effectively when they are not paid.

  16. Hence they’ve worked, they ought to pay the workers.. Please try to pay up to avoid protest and all of that.

  17. Please try and pay, everyone has something to do with money besides things like this can weaken mind there by make them not to perform well.

  18. Yesterday a politician was spraying money from the upstairs of his house. When a lot of parastaltas including the Nff are being owed 5months salary. This country na waoh

  19. This is unacceptable, do you want to staff them? How could own your workers 5months while you are paying yourself. This is wickedness

  20. How do you encourage players to play their heart out, knowing fully well that they will still be owed after everything.

  21. This is Nigeria where you can do anything you like
    Why on earth will you owe them that much
    I know they are starving already

  22. This is really bad how can you be owning someone five moths salary how do you expect the person to survive

  23. What are they thinking owing workers with the conditions of the country’s economy, this is so bad,they should ease stress for their workers please,they need money this festive period

  24. Das too bad, what did dey want does people’s to be eating when dey dont pay them for 5 month das not good at all

  25. Money and blood share a common Bond, it’s when you pay your workers that they motivated to achieve more…..

  26. Nigeria can whole ehn!!
    and not as if there is no money,’ its just that some people have embezzled the money

  27. For the love of God what do you guys use the money for…….. Why not pay people who work for you and stop spending there money traveling the world………

  28. I think having pinnick there is a wrong choice because he I not doing enough to stop owing of salaries. Nff should have investments by now

  29. Five months, they should go and see how other countries adores and treats there football officials …..Nigeria needs growth in all sides…but they pay the footballers themselves heavily

  30. they should not just pretend like there is no money to give to them ….they should pay them their money and stop being greedy…

  31. NFF under Amaju Pinnick is faced with so many challenges ,of which funding seemed disturbing. But the head man looks capable.

  32. They should try and pay up their workers, i don’t see any good reason why they should be owing their workers

  33. From Sanusi bold statement I don’t think that he is denying the fact that they are owing some of their staffs, OK Rohr is not complaining to anyone but what about the man crying out with loud voice, like seriously is it becoming a way of life to owe workers and still proud to defend themselves.

  34. This is very good news,government are wasting workers time,they want money, but can’t pay workers,they are bad,this is good news

  35. Implore Amaju and other directors of NFF to pay up the salari Es. Workers deserves to be paid.its their entitlement

  36. It’s a normal thing, owing of salaries has become part of almost all the establishments in Nigeria, and I don’t think it’s going to change anytime soon. It’s all at the expense of the poor masses.

  37. Corruption is deeply rooted everywhere in Nigeria, what are they doing with the money they get from sponsors.

  38. Amaju Pinnick must go, NFF must grow. How can he show a fake life to the world when all is not well at home? Before you know it, Gernot Rohr will get tired of the owed salaries and resign, Pinnick will claim he was sacked for underperformance.

  39. This is very unfaire, does it mean Pinnic has not collected his two month salary? The workers should be paid please to avoid industrial action

  40. NFF should try and pay those bonuses they are owning their staff before then year runs out , five months is too much now

  41. The guys at the top are eating what they shouldn’t be eating.. The NFF isn’t just made up of footballers and coaches

  42. It’s very bad that NFF is owing, even the coach according to this report is being owed his allowance. How do you want them to be encouraged?. Very bad.

  43. What are they using the money they are earning to do? It is just too frustrating staying in this country how can you deprived them of their own sweat.

  44. I still believe that NFF is no longer were it use to be and I’m also of the hope that NFF will offset this debt as quickly as possible to avoid media battle which will end unsettling the team.

  45. This is very bad and should not be acceptable, the government that could have look into it are bird of the same feathers

  46. That’s the problem with the Nigeria government, they hold onto the money they are suppose to pay the worker. Please them their money so that they can concentrate on the pitch.

  47. Why are you still owing this people 6month salary are you telling me that you are not getting your own monthly salary. This is bad please pay up their salary so their hearth will pray for you.

  48. This is really sad. How did they expect these people to celebrate the season with their families.. This is one of the reasons crimes are increasing in the country.. This administration I tire..

  49. This is not a good development coming from NFF after all the sponsorship deal they have gotten in pas few years

  50. They should try and pay them their salary, their is nothing bad like after working at the end of the month u won’t be paid, so let them pay them

  51. Chaii, this Is wickedness i Must say, 5 month? What will They use to feed their families? They should have concience, and pay them

  52. What are they using the money they getting to do? It is just too frustrating staying in this country.

  53. Its a huge shame to Pinnick if this is really true what the staffs are saying. He should quickly make amends

  54. This is a general problem in the country… but it is good to know that among every other sports in the country..NFF has done very well although they are not totally financial independent.

  55. This is disgusting and a slap on the country’s face. Imagine the country’s football federation owing her staffs salary. Something tangeable has to be done to curb this salary issue.

  56. It’s not right when workers won’t be paid there salary just because of one reason or the other it’s painful to work and not get paid please something should be done as touching salary payment.

  57. This is unfair. They should be paid At least for the sake of this festive period so that they will able to take care or themselves.

  58. That’s the problem of this country, everytime we hear stories of owning, that’s why I dont blame those small boys that choose to play for other country.

  59. That is very bad how do they expect the staff to feed their family and also they want the staff to do better please pay them their salary

  60. This is very bad, What is this country turning into? When will NFF stop owing salaries, does that mean there is no money to pay them.

  61. In almost all the cooperations in Nigeria, they owe their workers salary. I’m suprised about NFF. This is a disgrace to the country.

  62. See them always owing their staffs, You people want Nigerians to die of hunger and misery. You all know what you are doing o.

  63. Withholding their salaries is not the best atall it shouldn’t be said outside they have their worked and they need to be paid

  64. Corruption everywhere. So where is the “financial support ” and what is it been used for if they are owing workers. That’s not fair.

  65. These unpaid salary is now in every government sector except when it comes to politicians in offices
    Even the national assembly workers are owed
    This is too bad

  66. Please if man due payment, he should be paid. He has responsibility and he should not be deprived of his salary

  67. Government should try government should try to look into the matter. It sounds unreal but the writing has to be done

  68. This is one problem with, Nigeria they like oweing their workers, it is very bad, knowing the situation of the country.

  69. Everywhere in Nigeria, you hear about owing of salaries and senators are making millions of money just from seating and talking. Na was Nigeria

  70. A whole 5months ??? All other countries we know how much they are paying not to talk of owing them

  71. I have always commence and praise his administration, I’m sure this will be resolved as soon as possible and also stating how wrong and bad this is for their image and what they represent

  72. So they are not owing some but a few. As far as they are still owing one person even if that is the case he shouldn’t have been boastful about their finance.

  73. What are they doing with all those money they have been getting? NFF you guys are not trying at all. These staffs worked for you people for five good months and yet no salaries, honestly its unfair….I know most of these staffs are family men and women who worked hard to see they feed their children, but you kept frustrating them, its unfair.

  74. I see no reason why NFF should be owing its staffs when they are receiving support and even boasted of being self funded. They should please pay their staffs.

  75. This is so bad,they should ease stress for their workers please,they need money this festive period, NFF shouldn’t have owed salaries at all to its staffs.


  76. Imagine,5months salary owned and Xmas is approaching,how did they want them to survive? This people are heartless ooo.please try and pay them there salary,they worked for it

  77. I trust Amaju Pinnick to look into this as soon as possible cos he is so organized. And this has translated to NFF. But look into this case

  78. Am just tired of this problem is that the money is there any some greedy personnels will be embezzling the money alone later they will the you that there is no money… NFF pay ur workers ooi

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