Newly married woman narrates how husband abuses her daily

An obviously distraught newly married woman has taken to social media to narrate how her husband constantly abuses her despite being a serial cheat and manipulator.

The woman who seems to be at a cross-road, is quite disturbed and even scared to even seek for help as her parents discouraged her from getting married to the man in the 1st place.

Newly married woman narrates how husband abuses her daily lailasnews
Newly married woman narrates how husband abuses her daily

Read her painful story below:

I’v only been married for a year and my husband is emotionally abusive…became physical once and when i confronted him he cried to me saying he dont wanna end up like his father… The emotional abuse never stops.. He’s soo manupulative,he cheats, lies and its always my fault

I can’t bring myself to tell my parents because they warned me against marriage and i dont want them to see me as a failure…but he calls his mom everytime i mess up

He wounds me during the day and expects sex at night… When my body doesn’t respond he blames it on my past(i was sexually molested as a child) he says um sick and should seek help

i feel suffocated everytime he’s around but i dont have the courage to deal with the consequences of making a decision to leave…numb, depressed and suicidal

He says he dont feel man enough because i work and he doesnt.. So i cant confront his extravagant behavior aswell

He’s forbidden me from seeing my bff bcz she is always there for me…he says she’s a bad influence…i’m also not allowed to go to my own church and when i do i am “unruly” says in his house the only church to be attended is his.



  1. Before getting married, it is important to know what you are going into. Marriage is not what you can jump in and out at any time. Pray that God should change your husband.

  2. You are scared to seek for help from your parents because they discouraged you from getting married to the man in the 1st place, so what ? Do you know that if you die that your husband will not waste time to remarry; but your parents will loss a daughter? Pls talk to your parents fast

  3. There is high rate of this act of husband abusing wife, just few minutes ago, I read about a husband who is a pastor abusing his wife.
    Those kind of men need serious prayers and deliverance, cos it’s not ordinary.

  4. Its better you to be tagged a failure than staying in an abusive marriage. Leave that place before depression kills you.

  5. You are not meant for each other and retrace your step so as not die young more so that your parents are not in support of the marriage.

  6. be prayerful all day, check your character if it pleases your husband.after doing this if he behave the same then learn how to manage his character then the two of you will become friend.

  7. The husband needs counseling on marriage matters. They should remember that marriage is for better for worse, the no matter what must try to amend his ways for peace to reign

  8. So sad about your case please u really need help try a still talk to him if he refuses, talk to ur family even if they warned u, they can still be of help coz God forbids u die, he’ll go ahead to marry a new wife. May God not let us come in contact of such people in d near future.

  9. See eeh! You are not a failure because you don’t want to be in an abusive marriage. Take a bold step and live. The truth is most of the men tends to realise their mistakes once you call it quits and mean it and live in regrets. Better choose to live than to die there, cos abusive marriage is worse than divorce.

  10. My dear, there’s no need to die in shame or claim a failed marriage. Shit happens and we just have to move on. If he continues to molest and abuse u, pls leave

  11. See eeh! You are not a failure because you don’t want to be in an abusive marriage. Take a bold step and live. The truth is most of the men tends to realise their mistakes once you call it quits and mean it and live in regrets. Better choose to live than to die there, cos abusive marriage is worse than suicide.

  12. This is has been the major issue in the world, please ladies before u marry check very well the can of man u re getting marry to

  13. You have to be patient and wait to the end keep praying to God so that he will talk to your husband in his own way

  14. my dear u better save ur life before someone kills u,life don’t have duplicate don’t look at what people will say cos they will always talk and ur parents must know abt this

  15. Its better has you have spoken up seek help and confide in your parents if its continues my dear please walk away marriage is not suppose to be abusive

  16. Why marriage is to be enjoyed not endure this is what is making so many people to get scared of getting married.

  17. Marriage is a together forever affair, one should get to know their partner very well before going into it.

  18. The fly that refuses to listen will follow the corpse to the grave. You just said that you were advised not to marry him and now you have started crying for help… Endure it, that’s what I can tell you.

  19. My dear you better leave now that still can Becks if u die today u are gone forever like my mum would say life has no duplicate

  20. Please pack out o now that u still alive do not leave your life on what people will say if not death is what may end u

  21. If I were you, I would leave the marriage. You said this is making you suicidal, its better to quit with your life than stay and loose your life.

  22. Its a good thing he allows you attend his church….why not meet a marriage counselor in his church…….

  23. Say no to domestic violence. Leave the marriage with ypur life still intact than loose your life and the marriage as well. He will still get married to someone else a month after you are dead. Be wise girl

  24. That’s why the Bible adviced us to obey our parents. If you hard obyed you wouldn’t be saying all this by now. Just put it in prayer, and trusth in the Lord he will help u.

  25. This is usually the story when you think you know and use your head to marry a man. All pray and ask Godnto give youna man that you will be happy with

  26. My dear what is going on is too much for you to bear alone you have to let your parents know about it and if he refuses to change the best thing to do is to seek for a divorce

  27. Congrats for finding a new home and I wish you all the best but be of good character to your man and his family.

  28. You see now assuming you have listing to your parent you won’t find your self in that mess, i pray God will deliver you from him

  29. Any man that have not reached to get married shouldn’t force himself, they beat their wife’s because they are not matured enough to raise their own homes without mum and dad

  30. In fact report him to the church, parents, if he doesn’t change then live the house for him so that he Won’t kill you

  31. Some men are just animals
    How can u even beat a woman
    In the first place talk more of your own newly
    Wed wife

  32. Is too early for you now before it turns to domestic violence, tell your mother and ask for her forgiveness

  33. You had better speak up if it becomes u bearable for you because you alone knows what is going on in there and you have right to be happy

  34. The Earlier u make ur own decision d better for u if not the beast may end up killing u one day

  35. Sister, leave everything for God, put trust in God, countinue praying to God he will settle your home.

  36. my dear if you ask me I will advice you to fire a divorce because of you continue like this you might loose your life at the end

  37. You better swallow that pride and run for your life or you will leave in a coffin. If that marriage is uncomfortable for you, you better run marriage is meant to be enjoyed not endured.

  38. Please my dear I will advise you do something about this cause he won’t stop, an abuser is an absuer. Please go and get help, may God be with you

  39. Yeye man who force him into marriage when he knew his little boy ass wasn’t ready for a commitment? My dear marriage is not a do or die affair oo if u know ur life is in danger pls and pls work out of it , it doesn’t matter what friends and family will think or say. Many have reach their early graves because they stayed when they are supposed to leave; ur life matters

  40. The truth is most of the men tends to realise their mistakes once you call it quits and mean it and live in regrets.

  41. Your parents need to be in the know or else someone may end up dead&there may be blames&counterblames
    Pls involve both families if possible,the fights are too much

  42. Marriage is sweet when u marry a person that understand care an love you, a man that loves an care for a woman will never abuse her despite what pls ma just leave that marriage sometimes we love people that don’t feel a thing for us or pray to God for a change God can arrest DAT man DAT don’t no d value of a woman

  43. This is serious, but I can’t continue like this. Marriage should’nt be a cross and if it is you can’t be in this life to share your testimony. My dear tell your parent before it is too late.

  44. Tell your parents, the battering is too much now.
    You need to run for your life, I don’t care if the marriage 8hours old. What offence have u committed to warrant this beating???

  45. Hmmm I will advice u that you should call your parents and even inform your pastor of what you are passing through or else you will die by his hand

  46. God have mercy, buh why are men behaving like this, u claimed to love her, where is d love now?

  47. My dear my advice to u is that u better speak out to your people before u die in it

  48. This is the reason why courting before marriage is import because you should have experienced all these terror diring courtship and then give your decision whether you are pressing on with the marriage or backing out
    Well, all these abusers should be given the punishment they deserve

  49. You are scared to seek for help from your parents because they discouraged you from getting married to the man in the 1st place.

  50. Madam, you better tell your parents the whole truth or quietly walk out of that thing you call marriage, except u want to die before your time.

  51. You are already married to him, so divorce is not an option …its better you both seek the help of a counselor, psychologist or anyone in position to tender help to your marriage

  52. It’s obvious that that man is a beast, don’t let him kill you. Stay away from such a man. It’s better you leave than die.

  53. If am to suggest, i will say is better you open up to your parents. Ask them to forgive you of which they will. Then you guys should put head together and decide what next.

  54. This woman needs to see a counselor. She needs help. This is what most women pass through in their marriage. It’s so sad. She needs to speak out and talk to people

  55. Sometime or is good to follow your parents advice. But the best thing to do is to leave the house if he continues I can’t I advise you to stay there and die

  56. The only way out is to inform your parents about the situation, even if they see you as a failure, they will still rescue you from this mess. This is not marriage, its total bondage. Speak up before depression kills you in silence.

  57. You better speak up to your parents otherwise you will just die in your silence. Help yourself married is not bondage of death.

  58. Sweet heart I think I have two options for u number one is that ur husband can change by prayers or u just let him bee pack ur things and leave but u dont have to get married again as far he is alive killing him is not an option thou so just chose the one u think u can well but u would have listened at first now it is late u guys are married for ever until death depart u guys

  59. My dear save ur self first the media would not help u open up to ur parents no matter what they would say

  60. Broken relationship better than broken marriage,go an meet your parents and explain what happened to them.

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