Newborn baby abandoned in a bowl, rescued in Edo

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A newborn baby who was abandoned in a bowl, was rescued this morning in Uromi area of Edo State. 

Newborn baby abandoned in a bowl, rescued in Edo lailasnews

The newborn baby who was abandoned in a bowl near the Catholic Diocese of Uromi, caught the attention of the gateman with her cries. An eyewitness identified as Angelita Obehi, said the gateman stumbled on the baby when adoration was going on around 5:05a.m, and she was immediately rushed to the hospital by Rev.Fr. JohnBosco Ezehi.

This is coming few months after a six-month-old baby who was abandoned in the forest in Obosi, Idemili North Local Government Area by an unknown person was rescued. Mr Duff Ibanga who found the baby boy, said he saw him crying helplessly. Ibanga who discovered the baby around 5pm, said he suspects that the baby may have been dumped there not quite long before he took the route.

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  1. You don’t want Baby and you’re going to sleep with your boyfriends to sleep with you and when you got what you want

  2. Na waoooo, what is this world turning too, ladies who do this will face the judgement of God if dey dont repent, y open ur leg wen u cant withstand the responsibilities

  3. Why did she carried the pregnancy if she knows she is going to dumped him. Urnestly she dont know the joy she has left

  4. This is evil and wicked. God will surely punish those who did this act. Johnbosco my boy, thank for saving the baby.God bless

  5. Some women are wicked, abandoning what God gave you. Some are looking for such gift they didn’t get. God have mercy on your children.

  6. Such shameful act…how can a mother be so heartless throwing away God’s gift…God have mercy on her.

  7. Some ladies can be so funny. Why keep pregnancy for 9months, deliver it and now throw it away. May she never no peace. That God the child is still alive.

  8. Why are ladies like this,y not take him to motherless home or since she knows that she can’t keep the baby y living till

  9. Why are some girls so wicked
    She can’t even take the baby to a motherless baby than abandoning the baby just like that

  10. God please stop giving every tom dick and harry babies if they don’t need them. Give them to those who will appreciate them, love them and treasure them.

  11. God is just awesome, some people are looking for while some are playing with it. Life is mystery. God bless Nigeria

  12. Some people cry everyday for people to give them a baby and some people abandom theirs, only God will judge them

  13. Why are some women these days abandoning their child, if they know they can’t take care of the baby, why get pregnant in the first place. Where some other women are praying to God for a child, moving from one doctor to another just to have a child, others are not valuing the opportunity God has given them. Irony of Life.

  14. Destiny child, God has rescue you. considering the situation surrounding the mother that cause her to abandon the baby

  15. I don’t understand why a woman after going through 9months of restlessness carrying a human life, will go through hours of intensive labour pains and abandon the angel in a bowl….it beats me!

  16. Wicked world Where some other women are praying to God for a child, moving from one doctor to another just to have a child you’re very heartless person

  17. There are those seeking for years for just a child. And, here we see girls, who love sex but don’t know how to protect themselves, blessed with children. Because they don’t know the value of children, they throw them away. When they get married and God refuses to give them children, they will begin to question God

  18. Wickedness. When some people are in search of babies, some are abandoning.she for place the baby for adoption…Thank God the baby is saved.

  19. Wicked world, so woman are still dropping babies? Many people are going form place to place looking for baby and some are abandoning their own.

  20. This one has become a new moses in the bible, thanks be to God the mother didn’t kill her, please take good care of her and God will never fail to bless you.

  21. Why are some girls so wicked
    She can’t even take the baby to a motherless baby than abandoning the baby just like that

  22. Some women are wicked, abandoning what God gave you. Some are looking for such gift they didn’t get. God have mercy on your children.

  23. Some mother’s, after going through the pains of labour will now dump the baby. I just thank God he was rescued alive

  24. While others were looking for this precious gift going from one specialist hospital to the other across the globe, here is one abandoned by a heartless mother.

  25. Please is not by force to have children. Wicked women Don’t bring a life to dis world and try to ruin it. Thank God d baby is safe

  26. It’s well that while some women are seeking for the fruit of the womb, some are quickly discarding the one they have. At thesame time, maybe the mother of the said baby couldn’t care and at such brought her to a place she would be properly looked after.

  27. Thank God that the baby is alive but how can a reasonable woman carried a baby for nine complete months endure all the pains ,sleepless night and enter labour and delivered and decided to dumped the child is that not totally madness.that woman needs to be checked

  28. At least she brought the baby to the church unlike some that will dump the baby inside a Nylon bag to die.. Am so happy the baby is save

  29. May God forgive the person that did that forgetting that the innocent child that she left there is free gift from God.

  30. Thank God nothing happened to the baby,may the mother run but one day she will look for this baby but it will be too late for her

  31. Bro people are really really hungry because you are eating daily that’s why u can condemn her, fine it’s wrong but that might have been her last resort, she might have sold the baby, use the kid for rituals and other stuffs but no she did that. Let’s the authorities take care of the child cause we don’t know the total story

  32. This was s really sad… There are many other there looking for fruit of the womb… Thank God the baby was saved

  33. this is bad after carrying a baby with nthe stress for 9month u abandone in a bowl..womeeeeennnn God help us …the devil self no get mind when una get God forbid

  34. The mother of the baby must be heartless, how can you abandoned a new born baby in a bowl. Thank God the baby is alive

  35. Maybe it’s an unwanted pregnancy and the best way to get rid of it is to abandon the child, may God save our girls.

  36. Abandoning what God gave you. Some are looking for such gift they didn’t get. God have mercy on your people

  37. Thank God the baby has been rescued, it is act of wickedness for anybody to dump a baby like that.

  38. Thank God the baby was rescued, when others are begging God to give them even though it’s an imbecile but he did not give them, he gave you yours free of charge you decided to abandon it, may God have mercy on you

  39. What a wicked world, some are there looking for this precious gift. Thank God for saving the baby’s life

  40. why are women heartless and wicked? The mother should have taken the child to an orphanage home.. Not abandoning the child like that…

  41. Abstain from pre marital sex you won’t until you get pregnant and bring the poor baby to wicked the baby,why a bowl? Why not take the baby to motherless home,this is pure wickedness in the part of the mother

  42. Thank God the baby was found on time, how could a normal thinking mother or person dump his or her baby outside in such unsafe manner, children are heritage of the lord, Thank You Jesus for the safety of the baby

  43. People get mind i swear,no matter what condition you might be going through,abandoning the baby you carried in your womb for 9 months is not the solution at all

  44. Thank God the baby is save,some people’s are looking for a child while these one is misusing the opportunity God gave her

  45. time will certainly tell what this child will become and greatness is an option to be considered because he is certainly great

  46. People are getting heartless, what’s the essence of giving birth of you would abandon the child, why not just use contraceptive

  47. Ladies and teenage girls are becoming witches, how will you suffer for 9 months carrying that and also pass through labor to finally abondom the baby, there are mothers out there childless

  48. Thank God for saving the children. But for as many heart that are perpetuating this evil. God will surely visit you

  49. A woman that carry this bay in her womb for 9 mnts now went ahead to do this?? Shameless fellow

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