New Zealand mosque terror attack: See faces of all 50 victims killed

Photos of the 50 victims killed during the New Zealand mosque shootings, have been released.

They include a three-year-old boy, heroic parents, a talented sportsman and refugees who fled war-torn countries for a peaceful life.

The terrorist targeted Muslims attending Friday prayers at two mosques – Al Noor and Linwood – in the city of Christchurch.

Survivors hailed victims who died confronting the killer, shielding their loved ones or fellow worshippers from gunfire, or shepherding children to safety.

Police have charged a 28-year-old Australian man with murder.

Police say 50 people died.

Fine below the names and brief profile of some of the victims:

Mucad Ibrahim, 3

Three-year-old Mucad Ibrahim was shot at the Al Noor Mosque and is believed to be the youngest victim.

Mucad was with his dad and brother Abdi Ibrahim for Friday prayers.

It is believed the youngster tried to run from the gunman while his father played dead after being shot and his brother ran out as fast as he could.

His father and brother both survived.

Abdullahi Dirie, 4

Abdullahi Dirie, four, was at one of the mosques with his father and four older siblings.

His uncle, Abdulrahman Hashi, 60, a preacher at a mosque in the US city of Minneapolis, told the Washington Post that the youngster was among those killed.

Mr Hashi said his brother-in-law Adan Ibrahin Dirie, who was in hospital with gunshot wounds, called him after the attack to deliver the heartbreaking news.

The father’s other four children escaped unharmed.

Naeem Rashid, 40s

Dad Naeem was praised as a hero of the attack after he bravely tried to wrestle the gun away from the shooter at Al Noor mosque.

Tragically, he was badly hurt in the attempt and later died in hospital.

The teacher had moved to Christchurch from Abbottabad in Pakistan where he worked at a private bank.

Talha Rashid, 21

Talha Rashid also died in the mass shooting after attending the same mosque as his father.

He was 11 when the family moved to New Zealand.

Friends said he had just started a new job.

Junaid Ismail, 36

Shop-owner Junaid Ismail leaves behind his wife, three little children, mother, and twin brother.

His twin reportedly managed to escape the shooting with his wife, his cousin told Stuff.

Friend Nathan Daly wrote on Facebook, that his family in Christchurch own a dairy (corner shop) and it is their only source of his income for his family.

He thanked locals for the flowers and beautiful messages written in chalk on the pavement, and urged locals to give the Springs Rd shop their support.

“They are an incredibly strong family and even in times of mourning they are continuing to operate the corner dairy, the Ismail family are loved by the community,” he wrote.

Haji Daoud Nabi, 71

Daoud Nabi was killed as he threw himself in front of another worshipper to protect them, his sons revealed.

The 71-year-old had attended Al Noor mosque when the gunman stormed in and opened fire.

Son Omar said his father helped refugees start their new live in New Zealand and he felt it made sense that he would have tried to save another worshipper.

The grandfather-of-nine founded a mosque and had become the president of a local Afghan association in Christchurch.

His family reportedly moved to New Zealand in the 1980s from Afghanistan after the Soviet Union’s invasion.

Sayyad Milne, 14

Year 10 pupil Sayyad Milne, 14, was at the Al Noor mosque with his mother, Noraini, who managed to escape alive.

His brother was on a school trip at the time, while his sister was in class.

The teen loved football and had dreamed of becoming an international footballer one day.

His father John Milne said: “I’ve lost my little boy, he’s just turned 14.”

Atta Elayyan, 33

New dad Atta Elayyan, 33, was a goalkeeper for New Zealand’s national men’s futsal team.

Mr Elayyan, whose wife Farah had just recently given birth to a daughter, Aya, worked in Christchurch’s tech industry.

The Palestinian man was born in Kuwait.

Lilik Abdul Hamid, 58

Dad-of-two Lilik Abdul Hamid was originally from Indonesia, and was working as an engineer for Air New Zealand.

He had been living in Christchurch for 16 years.

Air New Zealand chief executive Christopher Luxon said: “His loss will be deeply felt by the team.”

Suhail Shahid, 35

Suhail Shahid was reported missing after the attack.

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry later confirmed he was killed.

Haroon Mahmood, 40

Haroon Mahmood’s death was confirmed by Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry.

Quaid-i-Azam University said Mr Mahmood completed his Masters from the Department of Biochemistry there.

Ansi Karippakulam Alibava, 25

Ansi Karippakulam Alibava, a 25-year-old woman originally from India, was at the Al Noor mosque.

Syed Jahandad Ali, 34

Syed Jahandad Ali, 34, was confirmed dead by Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry.

His wife, Amna, revealed how she last spoke to him from Pakistan on Friday morning, just hours before the shooting.

A friend later told her he had left work at 1pm to head to the Al Noor mosque.

Husna Ahmed, 44

Husna Ahmed’s husband told New Zealand media the mother-of-one led women and children to safety in Al Noor mosque.

Farid Ahmed is a paraplegic and had already escaped the massacre in his wheelchair when his wife came back to look for him.

He told the NZ Herald his wife, whose name has also been reported styled Hosne Ara Parvin, was shot as she came back for him: “She was busy saving lives, forgetting about herself.”



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